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  1. Agree with Lami, Knipex is the way to go. My 5 yrs old still look new and sharp after many cut and sometime i cut screws and nails with it.
  2. Ok i will take them please pm.
  3. If Barmmer does not want them. I would like to offer $50 shipped? thank you
  4. Assuming price includes shipping and PP fee right? thank you
  5. Big stripers caught during the trophy season in late April to early May in the C. bay, are they mostly female or they are just fat? Thanks SOL...
  6. Fyi, you may get more lookers if you move your items to General Buy/Sell/Trade Forum
  7. I will take if for asking 30 shipped please, thanks
  8. If any available I would like one ship to Va 22153 for $27 thank you
  9. Hello Buck, does he shed a lot? thanks
  10. I will take all for a total of $42 shipped right? thank you
  11. Would like to offer $17 shipped? thank you
  12. Respectfully offer $95 shipped?
  13. Yes sir I am good with $55 shipped please PM thank you
  14. Would you do $50 shipped?
  15. Would you take $40 shipped ?