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  1. Hello SOL, Starting with with Kayak fishing and just want to get some nice rods and reels appropriate for it. Generally, what are the sizes that you would get to use for Kayak for bay, river, back bay fishing? I am not going for any particular fish. I have access to Chesapeake bay and all the river near southern Maryland/Va etc. Budget $400 for 2 rods and reels. thank you SOL
  2. With you on that shipping rate, I will take them for asking price. thank you
  3. Would you meet me in the middle at $28 shipped? thank you
  4. Would you do $23 shipped? thank you
  5. I will do $75 shipped for the lot pls.
  6. I stay with $70 shipped pls.
  7. Would you do $70 shipped for the lot? thank you
  8. I got 2 elites myself 11 and 9,6 and rods cast real well with 2 to 3oz plug., very good with diamond jigs.
  9. Tran fyi, getting in touch with Bill W. is not as easy as folks mentioned, give it a shot.
  10. I will take it for asking, thanks
  11. Hello SOL, what do recommend for wet muddy back bay knee hi rubber boots? Comfortable and 100% waterproof are my main concern, been looking at MuckBoot Wetland model, thank you
  12. OK done pls PM..
  13. I can do $60 shipped PP if you are willing thank you
  14. Would you do $15 shipped? thanks
  15. I am in thank you