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  1. Brilliant thank you
  2. Hello folks, I have to reinstall the bail back on my VR to do some jigging from boat. Put everything back but not sure if the roller supposed to spin freely on the bail? and there is no way for me to check to see if it spins freely, any advice is appreciated.
  3. Picture was taken at Hatteras lighthouse on sunday.
  4. any mono line color that local uses there?
  5. I will have a second rod in case we run into Spanish M run.
  6. Knowing the locals dont like seeing braided line when the Point gets crowded. Since it will be my first time there and I want to make friends, what size of mono do you suggest to put on VR175 reel for general surfing there or with Carolina rig etc.? People been saying 25# with 50# leader. thank you
  7. I do have a ORV emergency sand kit now adding X-bull, thank you for that suggestion
  8. First time in OBX Hatteras and I am planning to drive my AWD 2017 toyo highlander all the way to Cape Point. Will I have any issue with this SUV? it is about 8 inches off the ground. thank you
  9. Hello SOL, just got my Outback and planning to launch it in the park, is there any kayak access for back bay areas? and any things i should do or not to do back bay? thank you
  10. Hello SOL, 2019 Outback is 85lbs, what is the best way hoist this thing to the ceiling? any DYI or kit advise is appreciated.
  11. thank you, been thinking about the Teramar to go with Penn 4500 Spinfisher
  12. I am thinking about getting Hook2 tripleshot for my Outback. Without Navionic map is 400 and 650 with map. Do i need the Nav. map since I always know where to go and close to shore? if i can get it without map, can i add it later? thank you for any info
  13. Hello SOL, Starting with with Kayak fishing and just want to get some nice rods and reels appropriate for it. Generally, what are the sizes that you would get to use for Kayak for bay, river, back bay fishing? I am not going for any particular fish. I have access to Chesapeake bay and all the river near southern Maryland/Va etc. Budget $400 for 2 rods and reels. thank you SOL
  14. With you on that shipping rate, I will take them for asking price. thank you
  15. Would you meet me in the middle at $28 shipped? thank you