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  1. The family and I are heading to a Casco bay island this Friday, and I'm wondering if I'll have any late season luck? I will be without boat and like to bring home something for the table so I'll usually just go after Macks, Can they still be snagged from shore this time of year? Not asking for any specific spots, just curious what you guys are seeing, as we aren't usually up that way this time of year. Thanks everyone.
  2. i agree that those causing these issues should be punished. strongly punished. much more strongly than most people would call "reasonable". and in a perfect world with a perfect system, that'd probably be possible. i'll wholeheartedly support any of your efforts to make that happen, but right now, i know that's not my fight to lead. what i can do is continue to take my 6 year old out to these spots and set the example. and it's not only anglers that come to a lot of these spots. i refuse to believe that every person seeing me doing my part will go on to take advantage of it. briefly bringing it back to my son: he's currently at the age where rocks and gems are all the rage, i'm always finding pockets full of them. so, early in the season, we're in a breachway parking lot. i'm casting. he was looking thru the dirt. and without my knowledge or provocation, he went and collected more than 50 cigarette butts and threw them into our bucket. 4% grossed out. 96% proud as all heck.
  3. god; grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can, and wisdom to know the difference?
  4. can only speak for the one soco spot that we go to but they are in abundance. honestly, like fish in a barrel. my son and i have been going once or twice a week for the past month or so.
  5. kinda late to the topic and kinda new to the sport but still.... so. many. feelings. here. i came home a couple weeks ago venting SO HARD about this, threatening to turn and become a proponent for restricted shore access; to my girlfriend, my work mates, my family, whoever. i'm not a particularly outspoken man but that day, i got into it twice at two different locations about these exact issues. the lack of respect for the environment, the fish and the access itself; i wish one of these offenders or former offenders would speak up and give me some perspective because i just cannot grasp it and it's driving me mad. ranting over and done with: i've realized i'm not doing enough. a large trash bag now officially has a permanent spot in my plug bag. my average trip out is like 3-6 hours? what's 20 minutes of picking up? in an attempt to end this on a positive note: anyone interested in hunting/fishing with an emphasis on stewardship should be listening to the podcast Cal's Week in Review. he's part of a larger podcast network, but his show really resonates with me. this guy absolutely walks the walk. check it out. it helps motivate me to be a bigger, more positive part of the cause.
  6. yea, good point. like he said, they’re all closed.
  7. since i deleted the last of my social media a couple months ago, i’ll now be taking it out on y’all.
  8. can only speak for weekapaug, but yea, it’s been open this whole time.
  9. and for the record: on the occasions that i did buy a piece of fish, it would never, ever be farm raised fish. BUT ... a farmed fish raised on a whole grasshoppers diet would quite possibly be an exception to that rule. it sure as heck is a better diet then the hyper processed, pro inflammatory, junk they're fed now. i'll have to go back and check out that thread, sounds like a pretty decent idea to me.
  10. FINALLY! we're so quick to assign ourselves the responsibility of managing every other ****n animal but then it comes time to look inward and it's ****ing crickets (no pun intended op).
  11. Think it's possible to use a deadly dick / crippled herring / etc for tog when you're shore-bound like myself? Or better off just sticking with rigs?
  12. If that really is the only change in language, sounds good to me. Quick question: "occurs on a sandy or rocky shore" Is that wording in the current law, and if so, Does anyone know if a seawall made from large boulders that abuts a residence is considered a "rocky shore"
  13. have had good luck with Sanford farm down in Exeter; high quality, all grass fed and fairly priced. He even set me up with another farm up in Coventry when he didn't have the organ meats that I was looking for.
  14. I was listening to my favorite hunter/angler podcast this morning and a point they were hitting on caught my ear, thought I'd share: So, Doug Emlen is an evolutionary biologist and was plugging his new book. Most of the book is about how different species go thru an expensive and cyclical evolution to produce extravagant weaponry, the toll producing these weapons take on the species, and also the parallels this evolution has to human military. One of the points that came up in the discussion was "human-induced evolution". For example; the frequency of elephants without tusks in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, increased from 10% to 38%, apparently brought about by poaching of elephants for their ivory. Similarly, trophy hunting for bighorn sheep in Alberta, Canada, caused a decrease in horn size because rams with larger horns had a greater probability of being removed from the population by hunting. And the trends continue, especially within selectively-harvested fisheries. And all the while; I can't help but think how this echoes the resounding sentiment of the 2019 season: the lack of size. and how striped bass may be evolving away from the monsters of yesteryear, and even IF we do figure out a way to stabilize the population, will 30 inches soon be the new max that we see from the species. I know there are plenty of other issues with the state of today's fishery, but I'm interested to check out the book, which will hopefully dive a little deeper and offer some applicable insight into the striper population.