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  1. Fighting gators and fighting with the queen go hand in hand at my castle. One I can easily throw back the other I can't. Nice to hear of my some bent rods.
  2. Hoping so.
  3. I'm all for a NJ saltwater license which may help pay in getting more enforcement out there as well as beach cleanup along with createing some local jobs, etc. Many beaches, areas we fish look like f'ing landfills and everyone and there cousin keep every fish that gets landed! A handful of officers per county, who cover all fishing as well as hunting poachers just isn't enough.
  4. Shout out to Greg, who is the first SOL member I have met out fishing, after over three years of being a member. Keep the vampire hours and stay safe, there are monsters out there. Best of luck.
  5. They're outback there.
  6. Late report from yesterday...3am - 10am, skunk. Several spots MC out back. Water flat, slight stain. Bunker scattered and beaching themselves by the hundreds. Maybe next time.
  7. Trout fished on Saturday where the googan hordes to my left and right as well as in front of me knew nothing about how to work together when fishing current flow in a stream. Needless to say it was a line cutting, re-tie fiasco. Awful. It is nice when everyone is on the same page.
  8. OC, incoming, gin clear, only stick out. 2 hours worth of casting, nada. Maybe next time.
  9. Congrats! Follow your heart.
  10. Both dishes got me an interview for Cooks vs Cons on the Food Network...didnt "pan" out though.
  11. OC 6am-10am nice rolling swell. Slight sweep south to north. Very slightly stained around the bar but mostly clean clear. Steady pick of a wide varying size from 12" to what looked to be close to keeper. About 10 in all. Letting A17 sink to bottom and then lifting the rod with steady slow retrieve. Fish were on it first few cranks coming off the bottom. Few sticks out around me with most getting a bend or two. Merry Christmas to all. Stay safe.
  12. 2/0 KVD Triple Grip on the belly and a 1/0 on the back, barbs crushed. I also nose weight so that the plug sits flatter in the water. I see no loss of action.
  13. 5am to 10am. OC stained water. No swell, pretty flat. Lots of fish rolling in close. Threw the bag. I had high hopes for the stretch I was on but it didn't pan out. Next time. Glad to cast today. Stay safe
  14. Wait, what?? On a teaser and not the MC ' Hammer' (55) you were sorry for losing? Looks like a Vision Eel to me! Mike, cut him off!
  15. Hmmmm, you were stalking MC55 since losing your last swimmer.