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  1. From my family to yours, during such a difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  2. Caught the same fish twice?. The markings on each are exact....
  3. Leading into 2016 the fall/winter of 2015 was very mild, especially December which was 10 degrees higher than any other year's avg. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Avg 2014 35.9 39.0 45.2 62.7 72.9 81.9 85.6 82.5 79.6 68.2 51.4 46.5 62.6 2015 36.0 31.6 46.0 64.1 78.6 80.4 87.3 88.6 83.7 67.0 60.6 56.6 65.0 2016 41.4 46.5 58.9 64.2 71.1 82.7 88.9 87.8 81.9 67.5 58.2 45.8 66.2 2017 43.6 49.9 47.8 66.6 69.4 81.6 85.7 82.1 79.6 72.0 55.2 41.4 64.6 2018 38.8 47.2 46.7 58.4 75.3 80.5 87.2 86.7 78.4 65.4 51.4 46.1 63.5 2019 41.1 43.0 49.0 65.2 72.0 80.5 88.8 84.6 80.8 67.9 52.0 Mw Ma
  4. I was about 3 or 4 guys north of you north of you wearing a red hat. You had waded out a bit farther than everyone else. I caught the first skate...ugly creature. Never saw it that crowded there. Ended the day at 11 with about 10. Hope you fared well...
  5. Thanks. I've been fishing the area from beginning of November, but during the week. Shhh, let them believe that.
  6. Saw that this morning. Was he wearing khaki pants?. OC. Flat. Arrived at 5am to be tenth in a line up. Total sh!@ show. Once light 30 guys and I was right in the middle. Caught 4 in a 10 minute span no one else doing much and the guy on my left moves arms length from me. I mentioned he was a little close and he said, "we had a long drive this morning so I'm getting in on this action". Every time I hooked up he would reel in and cast across me. Saw a guy chasing his friend trying to slap him with a fish. Never again will I fish on a weekend. Wasn't fun today.
  7. Please don't get me wrong, I'm all for top gear, beginners, fair weather fishermen, experienced casters, etc. but the poor kid next to him had a hose clamp holding his reel to the rod at the bottom, electrical tape on a few of the eye seats, plus the fact that he bellied right in amongst the muggers...just be a little considerate that's all.
  8. i caught 3 shad in 3 casts last week on an AVA and in 5 minutes i was mugged by trucks and guys that seemed to teleport right thru the sand 3 feet away from me.. LOL The third time someone snagged my line I was done and walked off. Gets crazy out there for some fish. A comical moment was a mugger right next to me had a $1000+ set up, Van Staal with 10.5ft custom, $600 waders, and that's all he bragged about. The crowds have thinned here in December, finally.
  9. Thanks for your commitment. I like using Windy.com for condition reports. It has been pretty accurate.
  10. My 2 cents....2012 Sandy event had the greatest impact. 378,000+ gallons of diesel fuel into the Authur Kill 1 billion gallons of raw sewerage into Raritan Bay significant loss of aqautic habitat and forage species heigth of striped bass, bunker, peanut bunker, sand eel and bluefish migration substantial change to coastal basin impact to the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 striper hatch Lowest LBI Classic surf catch per angler from 2012 to present of striped bass and bluefish...% catch rate per angler was significantly higher for both species in years prior to Sandy from 1993 to 2011 Perhaps a spring mortatorium would help the spawning classes to do so without pressure fortifying the surviving hatch classes post Sandy. Sandy impact on coastal environment assessment https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1409/ML14094A367.pdf
  11. wave direction/current thing if it were points...
  12. One definite fact is that fish catch declined per fishermen for all categories of spieces post Sandy. From 1995 to 2011 striper catch rate was pretty high per fishermen on average. I would certainly say Sandy had an impact, to begin, on the coastal migration of bait/stripers or possibly killed a huge portion of the bio mass at this peak stage. Just some thoughts
  13. Interesting....data analysis... The percentage of striped bass per angler, aside from other events like Sandy, from 1977 to 1990 is the lowest and the main factor I see is the showing of the yellow eyed demons...
  14. 5am-11am MOCO Fun morning. 15+ lost only 2 and a few more hits. Fish were solid 20" to maybe keepers. caught first on second cast with needlefish then dead until first light. Once first light illuminated the water you could see them rolling on the bar. Threw green tail AVA 17 and burned it back. Fish were top layer and for a time it was cast after cast. Best 3 fish came at 11am once we had a little wind and lost some water.
  15. Heading out for a 3am start. My spidey senses are tingling....