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  1. Those are huge lures you are using!!! they make the fish look so tiny.
  2. NICE!!!
  3. That's a plumper! nice!
  4. Part time!!? I know a low life that "works" at the Robbinsville facility just for the holiday 2-3 month push to make some cash so he can get back on unemployment! Probably told other people in his circle that he has the perfect set up for them too! Amazon buses them in from the State Capital free of charge!
  5. The Amazon warehouse was the entire reason I moved from Allentown NJ two years ago. The face of quaint, quiet, historic Allentown quickly changed. The traffic jambs on main street and the ramps off 195 started to become not only frustrating but also dangerous. Often, 18 wheelers blocked Main street as they couldn't make the turn near the lake holding up traffic for sometimes 45 minutes. Property theft picked up along with speeding, running red lights and accidents. Over 6,000 workers converged on the town during the holiday season gridlocking the entire area. Just wasn't for me anymore. Sad, I loved living there 7 years ago.
  6. Here are some of my favorites... Spring: Maryland: Susquahanna Flats/Harve De Grace area. Maryland: Potomac River/ lily pad fields towards back of Matawoman Creek. Chicamuxen Creek. Connecticut: Candlewood Lake Smallmouths: early April Late Spring/Summer: New York: Cayuga Lake north end grass beds New Jersey: Greenwood Lake grass beds Fall: Hands down the Hudson River from Poughkeepsie Bridge to Catskill Bridge tight lines
  7. Pic looks like the Asbury area by the bouys offshore. Could be sand fleas and crabs that where dug during the replenishing.
  8. Hey boat guys, how we troll from the surf
  9. Mid OC out front... hoped the easterly would be a charm, but not for me. First cast in the dark was like I bellied up to Salad Works. No birds, 2 pairs of boots, no bites. Next time..
  10. 8'9" steelhead rod, Abu 5601 baitcaster, 20lb braid during the rat race.
  11. ..now I'm really worried about getting mugged.
  12. Aye! Feel for you. Don't even wish that on the muggers...well, maybe them.
  13. Lots of guts! LMAO! Saw one on Monday had coffee cup rings all over the front of his jacket.
  14. Found this guy last night at about 4am. Hit right in the wash.