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  1. 4:45am-10:30am. MOCO. No wind. No wave action, very skinny water to start. Two 12" bone white stripers on a sp minnow before light. Felt like it was dragging bottom on retrieve. Once light, water clear. Calm as a lake with the only wave action coming from boat wakes. Felt fish were scattered and roaming. Threw my seagull caller (topwater) for solid hour, nada. Switched back to sp once tide changed an added 1 more bone white 12" off the lip. Definitely not my favorite conditions.
  2. MOCO out front 5:30am-11:00am Water clear. 100yard stretch of beach a little better protected from wind. Peanut bunker and what look like sand eels pushed in close. 9 total all relating to the lip. A few right at the wash. 3 in dark and rest until about 10am. All about same size. Wave sets are tight with the ESE wind.
  3. Agree, disgusts me to see that. Story buyers. Lazy. It's not about eating them. It's a "Mine is bigger than yours", mentality.
  4. Thanks for the info. Full moon Sunday, out front stabilizing, should start seeing some slobs caught next week
  5. MC55, thanks for the update! Your dedication is unsurpassed! stay safe
  6. KABOOOOOMMMMMMM! Nice fish.
  7. Had this happen to me last fall and found a small nic on the top inside edge of the spool. Line would shear right there and the rig would fall into the rocks/sand. Once or twice it sheared at the end of my cast and in the dark, frustrating. It took a while to find it but once i did I sanded with 1200 them 3000, burnished of most of the anodizing, but hasn't happened since. just a thought
  8. Piranha, a very large specimen
  9. I've been dealing with a feral cat issue for at my house three years now. Neighbors put out a 25lbs plastic container of dry food on their porch. They come by the hundreds to eat then use my mulch beds as their toilet...awful. 2 times to court and nothing. F'ing cats have more rights than me. So angry
  10. Happy New Year! Hit OC yesterday from 6am-10am, not a touch. Large flock working about a mile out. Solid hour of diving. Lots of guys out and no bent rods. Hanging it up until the spring. Be happy and safe.
  11. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy, healthy and prosperous new year! As a newbie I enjoy the entertainment and company. Cheers!
  12. Man, nice job with this crudo! Looks amazing! Fluke is one of my favorites as a crudo, seviche or sashimi. I have yet to try tog raw. I would definitely expect that just keepers would be best served in those ways.
  13. lol...I hear you but most ramen purists would think differently. Create what you like I say. Looks delish. I appreciate your own signature.
  14. Dish looks Asian inspired but the thyme is throwing me off. has my mouth watering though.
  15. Man, that's dedication. Thanks for the report. Looking to get out next week even if its just to watch the sunrise. Thinking there may be a few pipsqueaks still around.