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  1. Bravo!! Can't wait to hear about the Emperess catching a few next. Thanks for sharing your, and their, excitement. Cheers1
  2. I'm in! Last night 2am -7am, MOCO, outfront zip, zilch, nada aside from the piranha sized boofish I foul hooked with my bottle plug and a blueclaw on an SP. No cars, trucks or googans. I was the only dumbo out. Cheers!!
  3. Mike, nice! Having fun doing your thing! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Strolled into what must have been a swing party...caught six on three casts. They were pairs locked up doing their thing. The first pair I hooked were just off a current edge at about 3am. Just dead weight. I was scared to death I had snagged a body.
  5. Took the Mrs for a quicky. The Mrs attention span is about 45 minutes before I get the " how much longer?" question. First outing with shorts and no waders. Water is freezing out front!! Clear and cold. No life where I was. Looking forward to warmer water.
  6. I thought it was over so I headed out Snipe hunting and caught 3 stripers....would ya go figure. 43" was personal best from the beach until I caught the 45". Lol. Bent down to unhook her and my hand was shaking a bit. It's been a while since I had that loving feeling. 4 bites, 3 fish, added one more at about 30".
  7. 2 giants tonight. 43 and a 45. Bunker moved in with the tide and a few mamas followed along. Still at it. Only 2 bites.
  8. Sponsored? Good luck with that. Can't by gas for your truck with a pack of hooks and a logo hat.
  9. Cinder worm spawn. Huh. This Goog just learned something new. thanks.
  10. I can tell by you profile pick you're a Goog. Most sharpies lip boofish that size.
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