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  1. I used to set a small HavaHart in my back yard when I was a kid, baited with peanut butter on bread. One morning I showed up to find a skunk. The trap was too small for it to get its tail up, a prerequisite for spraying. I was able to get the trap open and release the little beast without incident. After that I would come back most mornings and find that same skunk waiting to get out. Never had a problem releasing it. One night I set the trap and forgot the bait - I think someone distracted me in process. The next day the skunk was in there looking for its sandwich. I let it out, gave it the piece of bread with peanut butter, and it stood there and ate it very nonchalantly while looking at me as if I had failed in my duties. Sometime after that I stoped setting the trap :-)
  2. FISHERMAN'S WORLD 2 Fort Point Street,Norwalk, Connecticut 06855 FISHERMAN'S PARADISE 38 BRIDGEPORT AVE. MILFORD, CT 06460 Bobby J's Bait & Tackle 354 New Haven Ave #5, Milford, CT 06460 Captain Morgan's Bait and Tackle 21 Boston Post Road, Madison, CT 06443 River's End Tackle 440 Boston Post Rd, Old Saybrook, Connecticut J & B Tackle Co 25 Smith Ave, Niantic, CT 06357 The Surfcaster 360 Sniffens Lane, Stratford, CT 06615 Fisherman's Headquarters Inc. 280 West 9th Street, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008 The Saltwater Edge 1315 W Main Rd, Middletown, RI 02842 Bounty Hunters Custom Baits & Tackle 129 South Main Street, Newtown, CT 06482
  3. Hmm. Probably not appropriate in these day of heightened awarenes and concern for aquatic stocks. But a properly weighted small explosive (M80, etc.) tossed over the side from a boat in a school can in fact cause them to jump into the boat. Very naughty, and somewhat impractical, but it did work with remarkable consistency (years ago).
  4. Got my first schoolie of the year in Western LI sound last week. About 18-20" Got it from shore an hour or two after sunset. Just the one fish, but it hit on what was going to be my last cast of the evening. Got it on a Madd Mantis Duck which I picked up at the RI show. Swims a lot like a 1.5 oz SS Little neck popper. Maybe a bit more wobble. Looking forward to better things as the water warms up.
  5. Thanks, I did find a few suppliers with suitable 3" square tubing, and originally hoped to go with that. Unfortunately, the shiping would have just about doubled my cost, making the Lexan surprisingly cheaper. There is an industrial supplier sorta close that I might try the next time I cross the Tappan Zee. If that works out I may be able to try something with a combimation of 3", 2", and 1" tubing - that would be interesting and less fabrication intense. It might also be more reconfigurable. I'm doing this as much out of curiousity as anything else, and I did enjoy the fabrication process. If I come up with anything else I'll post it here.
  6. Thanks, I'll give Kydex and ABS a look. I just need to locate a good supplier, hopefully local. One reason I used Lexan was availability. I can pick it up locally with no shipping charges. I did find some other options online but by the time I included shipping, which was usually comparable to the material cost, they didn't make sense.
  7. Striper Maine-iac was another builer at the show. Nice, guy, very nice looking plugs. I bought one of his metal lip swimmers.
  8. Actually, I dont think longevity will be a problem for decent ammo pouches. This one was purchased in 2006, spent most of 18 months carrying a farily heavy and sharp edged load, has been used on and off since, and still shows no major wear. But I agree with your idea that replacing a pouch after a few years as needed makes good economic sense. The real downside I see is the propensity of regular balistic nylon fabric to pick up hook points. But if the tubes are long enough to keep the hooks shielded that becomes less of an issue. And you hit the nail on the head concerning economies of scale. I love my Gear-Up bag with multiple layers of sailcloth and phenomenal stitching quality. But I don't want to buy 3 or 4 more premium bags if I can do the job almost as well with this solution. Ammo pouches and plastic bottles are just cheap. And who know, maybe somebody will come out with a fishing vest that takes PAL compatible accessories :-)
  9. I know Lexan is probably overkill in this application, but I wanted durability. The sheet I used was about 25$ at HoDepo so not outrageous for a large 4 tube insert. I'm pretty sure an original replacement round tube unit would cost more. I'll probably try the same thing with acrylic as well. Probably good enough and half the cost. Removable dividers would be nice, but I'd need to figure out how to fabricate them and fix them in place. This construction method is essentially cut, fit, and weld, Not impossible, but would need some thought. Then again maybe I could just fill it with folded acetate dividers. Unfortunately I have more ideas than I have time :-)
  10. Why are the tubes in plug bags round? After attempting to source 3" square extruded clear plastic tubing this winter, I've concluded that it might be a matter of availability and economics rather than utility. I can easily find 3" diameter round extruded plastic tubes, but not square tubes in 3" size. However: I ran across a guy on YouTube (Fishman) who builds aquarium filters out of acrylic. The same technique he uses works for polycarbonate, AKA Lexan. This stuff is just about bulletproof, and available at HomeCheapo as window glazing at a reasonable price. With a table saw, some Weld-On #3, and a few blunt needled syringes I was able to produce this insert for my 4 tube Gear-Up bag This fits more lures than the round tubes, and I can (barely) get my hand to the bottom of a chamber. Also - I could fabricate this in pretty much any size I want, with any configuration of dividers. Let me note that this was a bit of a "proof of concept" rush job, and not perfectly square. However, the fish probably won't notice, and the next one will be much pretier :-)
  11. Thanks for the inspiration. This is a great idea. I have a bunch of 6 mag pouches from a previous life that will take two 6 inch cut-off sections of water bottle for tubes. I had the pouches and the bottles so all it cost me was the effort. I can even swap out the tubes with pre-loaded alternatives for a quick reload for different conditions. Cheap and configurable :-)
  12. They were at the Rhode island show. I grabbed one, told the gentleman at checkuout that I hadn't been sure they existed anymore and was glad to see them. He apologized for low production and seemed to indicate that they were starting back up. Hopefully they start showing up in shops.
  13. Acme Sidewinder. Available from 1/8 to 3/4 oz. It is an asymmetrical spoon so it just rotates on one direction - you need a swivel 18 inches or more ahead of the lure to avoid line twist without killing the action.
  14. Thank you! This is great information. I've been looking for a source for rings like this and some first hand info on the process.
  15. Carrying the "save the stocks" argument to a semi-logical extreme: Everyone should be restricted to pulling 60 Lb monel wire behind a boat in deep water. The rod should be a broomstick with carbide guides, and the reel a winch. Lures are single hook leadhead squids that almost never foul hook a fish. Fish can be hauled in quickly and thrown back with minimal damage before they even know they've been caught. I know this works because my father helped feed my family this way during the 60s and 70s in SW Long Island sound. I also know that I have little desire to fish like that anymore. These days my daylight fishing consists of walking and wading beaches and back bays with a 9' 6" surf stick with 300 yds of 20 Lb fireline. I also stash a 7 foot, 1/8 to 1/2 oz rated, travel rod in my pack with a BG 2500 Spooled with 8 LB braid. Depending on conditions, that rod comes out for shad, small blues, or schoolie stripers. I have never been required to tire out a 50 LB striper with my light outfit :-) . Or even a five pounder. Other bonuses - the ability to throw light lures exposes me to more species in any given area, providing me with a clearer view of the current bait population. As for the "into battle under-gunned argument" - most troopies go into battle with a nice light M4, not a 240B or a SAW. If you want to piss them off make them carry something heavier. But I suspect that's a subject for a different forum :-) At any rate: There is nothing wrong with ultra light tackle in the salt when used responsibly under appropriate circumstances.