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  1. * Seeing as this thread pretty much outlined all the ones I was looking at, went to my local store today and played with a ton of reels; slammer, spinfisher, few daiwa, few shimano (I love my tranx 400 on my fluke \ sea bass setup.) decided on the slammer iii 4500. I love the solid metal feel it has. The bail has a great “mechanical” feel you know like a well made shotgun receiver. Just had that “feel”. Spooled it up with 30# suffix 832. Doing 30 as I do plug around jetty’s often. Can’t wait to try her out this weekend!!
  2. You guys make a good point, the best thing I did for my fluke game was going lighter tackle across the board. Lighter rod, tranx 400, and 17lb braid. It's helped me really dial in the fluke last few summers. This setup I'm talking now is strictly surf. I'm currently using an older Penn Battle 2, but it's served me well. I'm watching some tackle advisors reviews right now! thanks!
  3. So I just picked up a new TFO 11' .5 - 2.0oz rod. Looking to pair with a nice, relatively in-expensive, reel. My head is spinning. Every time I think I've narrowed it down, I find something else. This being my first lighter weight setup for throwing sp's and stuff, I'm also torn if I should go 30# or 40# braid route. The rod is light, 11.4oz, so I want to keep the reel under 16oz max. Slammer III 4500: 14.7oz : 250yds 30#: 30 drag Daiwa BG 4000: 14.3oz: 280yds 30#, 200yds 40#: 17.6 drag -- I like the 4500 better, but 22oz weight: 22 drag Spinfisher 4500: 15.40oz: 200yds 30# Anything else in the sub $250 range?