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  1. Trump periodically makes his “supporters” re-pledge their loyalty. That’s what this is. Very common tactic, he just does it publicly.
  2. Looks gay. That was all the action right there in the trailer. Another Dunkirk dud.
  3. To “forget” a device on an iPhone click on the blue ‘i’ just after your truck’s entry in the list. Your truck must be in pairing mode at this time and then select your truck when it appears in the list of Bluetooth devices your phone can connect to.
  4. No doubt, had Garner played it cool he’d be alive today. The same would be true had the officer not strangled him. iOS typing suggestions have gotten way worse.
  5. Why doesn’t Red’s dog lick his ass like every other dog does?
  6. The hold was in violation of NYPD procedures - why do you think he got fired. I not saying that Garner didn’t deserve an attitude adjustment. They both were wrong. My issue is with people that defend cops that did wrong. That’s all. If if you can’t admit your mistakes, you can’t learn from them. BTW, my father and first cousin both retired from NYPD. I have nothing against the police. I praise them when they do good and accept the fact that they also make mistakes, but I can’t tolerate coverups and the “Blue Wall of Silence”.
  7. The hold the cop had on Garner is banned by the department. He broke the rules, killed a man and deserves more than he’s getting. Have some pride, don't stick up for a punk thug.
  8. I hope your wife gets well soon. Hang in there.
  9. Is this the parrot or your vape cig?
  10. Actually, I told HR to go to the Ford Modelling Agency and find someone, and get creative with the compensation. Thats what Bear Stearns did for all the women that worked in the lobby, when I was there. A nice smile and a healthy young woman always puts visitors in a good mood.
  11. Ha! The husband of an employee. He was a little weird, the DJ was winding down and no one was on the dance floor but that guy dancing and singing to himself. Believe me, he did not go unnoticed.
  12. Sorry to say the Flushing gang couldn’t make it, but Bobby Nystrum stopped by for a couple pops. No one pays any attention to a two-bit hockey player.
  13. I don’t get it, why are you dragging furniture around, do you take it in when it’s going to rain?
  14. I shouldn’t have posted these pics. boB will be along soon to admonish me because Brian was having a BBQ and I inadvertently stepped on him. The hottie in white is Heather and she’s not my wife. My wife was much better looking at her age - although Heather is a very fun person, good sense of humor - she’s also very smart and can sell snow to an Eskimo. The new receptionist is the one in gray yoga pants. I think she’ll work out well. There were a few other stunning women that didn’t go near the dance floor, so I didn’t want to look like a perv taking their pictures for no reason. Of course three here cop cars showed up at 11:30 pm to ask that I turn down the music. No one was shot or gazed, so that’s good. Don’t tell Seal that I talked to them and offered iced tea and water as a bribe.
  15. Hats off!