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  1. I didn’t realize you were a fan boy. It makes sense now.
  2. After reading Frank’s posts in this thread, I accept the DOY Award.
  3. The Black Hebrew Israelites were nothing but uneducated trash talking racist hate mongers hiding behind the 1st Amendment. The one guy did have an impressive fro. Buchof losers looking to blame everyone else for their pitiful lot in life.
  4. HPDE is heavy, heavier than plywood with very little structural strength. The only thing that I can think of, off the top of my head, is a lattice system of stainless steel cable, eye bolts, and turn buckles. Cover it all with a light weight plastic mat or 1/8”-3/16” marine or pressure treated plywood. Don’t forget... Keep your dick in a vise.
  5. My point was that I cut my own trails, I don’t follow the pack, etc., etc. Nothing gay about it. Here’s one for you, the Iggles won’t play in the post season next year, sorry sarge.
  6. The ski destinations needed this. Helps us too, keeps CnR happy.
  7. Be careful with the fancy words, boB is going to label you a “show off” or something.
  8. What a tragedy, may he RIP. My condolences to his family and friends. Duffy sounds like he was a great guy.
  9. TimS wanted me to define the obvious, “what is the side of a turkey”?? I’ve been at a loss as to how to do that without being “Captain Obvious” and offending Dinghy. Thank you Bernie, this is exactly what I meant when I said that I shot it in the side. Obviously real turkeys would just laugh and run away.
  10. Oh snap! I was trying to be a topper for boB’s amusement. I dont listen or watch any sports shows, so it’s good to see that my assessment was valid. Yesterday two games was the first football I’ve watched since the 2016 season - I was late th both, does anyone still take a knee?
  11. I’m a Jets fan but I do believe that Belichick / Brady NE Patriots may be the best football team of all time.
  12. Oh boy, I wish it weren’t true.
  13. I don’t smoke dope, my body is a temple.
  14. Hopefully, he stroked out, and is a ball of jello. Is that DOY enough for you boB?
  15. I’m giving you the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. I guarantee you that I hit the turkey on the side on it’s folded wing and it walked away. My buddy, who was with me on the trip did the same the next day, and it too walked away. Im not saying that you can’t kill a turkey with a 300 mag, but you’re not going to do it shooting it on its side. Im done.