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  1. Regardless of how Trump acted, Nancy Pelosi and her accomplices have done nothing positive for this country, much worse than anything Trump did.
  2. Are you kidding, I contributed nice coin to his defense fund. The guy is a hero in my book.
  3. I saw the first Farewell Tour at Shea Stadium in 1982, I prefer to remember them as young men, not the geezers that they are now.
  4. GOOD, and I emphasize GOOD, mental health care is not accessible to the masses, even those with medical insurance. Most of the few good psychiatrists, don't even take insurance. That adds up to $1,200 /month out-of-pocket. The average family or individual can't afford that.
  5. I heard a senator on the radio this morning saying that we need more gun control legislation even if it does nothing. His justification is that at least it makes you feel better. Where do these morans come from? Of coarse it will do something…. like inconvenience sane, law abiding gun owners. Lets address mental health.
  6. I don’t like vinyl, especially white, it looks fake. I like either a wide-board teak or mahogany fence for wood. My favorite is a stone wall.
  7. I think I'll call you Jimmy or Jimbo, I don't like Jim, it's too plain. Thank you.
  8. I watched Apple TV last night, it was about the ocean dinosaurs. I didn't know that the T-Rex was a good swimmer due to its hollow bones.
  9. 1972 Impala, my father had a blue one when I was young.
  10. I've got many relatives in Kristiansand, last name is Volstad. Enjoy, nice town. Will you visit Bergen or Stavangar?
  11. Who's buying up the real estate - black residents or white investors?
  12. There will be another $100B to help them rebuild. BTW, like Kissenger, I said two months ago that you have to leave Russia with an out, you can't back them into a corner so that they can end the war without losing too much face with the Russian people.
  13. who thought that raising the minimum wage to $15 /hr, and let's not forget the Covid money injections, coupled with extended unemployment benefits, and foreclosure protection, and free rentals, would trigger this inflationary spiral.
  14. You're right, I forgot to include the cost to charge the vehicle at home before I leave, so add another $16.