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  1. Maybe we need a bipartisan supported audit that everyone can get behind - why doesn’t the DNC suggest that?
  2. The best thing for all parties is that they cooperate fully, which will go a long way to trust the results of the audit. Or, maybe it’s Karma that Joe’s presidency be mired in illegitimacy. How ironic for the guy that got the most votes ever, my ass.
  3. Wait a minute, there is no such thing as an illegitimate audit. An audit is what we do to make all parties assured that things are being done as specified.
  4. I think you’re the one who’s stuck their head in the sand. Who cares if they do an audit if everything is on the “up and up”?
  5. Yeah well, their hoping to uncover the fact that he did a lousy job, what would you expect him to say? Next TDS moment in history, brought to you by Depends...
  6. I went into Stop & Shop without a mask today, you know the store with one way isles, because COVID can’t get you if everyone goes the same way. A couple non-salaried employees signaled me, but I just gave the “so what” look. I made it out with my goods without confronting a Karen. Just figured I’d share. I don’t plan to wear a mask, as much as possible from here on out.
  7. That was me the first time I saw TimS lip a tog.
  8. Damn, I was going to comment that I look forward to reading the rest of Liitle’s manifesto. On topic, I ignore DEMedia. Haven’t watched a single show since Obama in 2009.
  9. I wish everyone who voted for Biden was this woke on the 10th Amendment back in November. ....Oh that’s right, DEMedia purposely omitted the fact that it’s States’ responsibility to formulate a pandemic policy, the Feds job is to aid them in carrying them out. Thus is why I laughed when anyone said that Biden could handle it better. Yeah right, Biden has the negotiating skills to get multinational pharmaceutical companies to cooperate - we’d still be here waiting for a plan, like those poor kids stuck in tents at the border.
  10. Mel Brooks was another unfunny comedian. Let’s not forget our very own FnM. I believe he was booed off the stage more than once, at least to the point where he’s stopped talking about it.
  11. They lose leaves all year before they drop in the fall. One of the dirtiest trees out there. You’re lucky it’s dying. Oh yeah.... they drop those itchy bombs in the summer.
  12. My Hillary voting neighbor cut off his ponytail because I told him he looked like a fag. Now he just looks like a feeble old man.
  13. I could care less what other people do. I had my family vaccinated because I have a 92 year old MIL living with us. Well, to be honest, it really was my wife’s idea, as it is her mother.
  14. Yup, that’s why having voter ID is too much to ask to have a fair election.