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  1. Maybe you should have posted this before he died, you know, give the prayers a chance to do something. RIP (I forgot his name).
  2. And a pat on the back to make him swallow.
  3. Tribute to Whitney on her death. Check out the entire song. https://youtu.be/5bW5Wf_dH7Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bW5Wf_dH7Q&feature=share
  4. Good point... Cher sounds more like a male than Bieber.
  5. Hey Belmo, you get laid yet?
  6. I’ve got pictures of the flag on the surface taken with my own telescope - who put that there?
  7. I laughed.
  8. I’m surprised no ones mentioned that fat Brit, what’s her name? Oh Belmo, a little Google, Please. It it may be a while, wasn’t he going to be shampooing his carpet and manscaping for the big weekend showing off his beach cart.
  9. Sudsy’s got a hard on for Ms. Krause - nothing wrong with that.
  10. I saw Fleetwood Mac at MSG when I was a wee lad back in 76 or 77. Stevie was so high that she climbed up a stack of speakers at the front corner of the stage and couldn’t get down. Up went the house lights and some Union guys ran out with like 30’ stepladders to get her down. I was hoping they’d call NYFD and hose her and crowd down for a wet t-shirt contest.
  11. No one has given credit to Whitney Houston, she may have the best pipes of any female singer, ever.
  12. That dog’s got more schooling than you.
  13. In that case, make sure you’re sitting in the vehicle, Belmo.
  14. One last thing Ballmore, tell those guys to take their underwear with them when they leave the truck after those Park n Ride hookups.
  15. Please keep my ass out of this, thank you.