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  1. You’re wrong. Obviously you didn’t read it or just couldn’t understand it. There should be a test to become an admin on a fishing website.
  2. Boy, you are sensitive. You sure can sling it but get all bent out of shape when you’re on the receiving end. And to think that all I did was suggest that someone like you shot a flare. We all know that either MikeMc shot a flare or Gadwalls moved it on his own, for no good reason other than someone mentioned the name of an ex president. I love it when the posse shows up to protect one of the crew. You guys are so predictable. Carry on ladies.
  3. Let’s not kid ourselves, the reason the thread was moved is because some butt hurt member (i.e. Bospa747) shot a flare.
  4. What political crap? I don’t see why the topic of war and it’s effect on the populace is political.
  5. So this is your logic to justify kicking another member around. Well done, your are as biased or more than Seal, but because the people with buttons agree with you, you walk around with impunity. Wow, just wow.
  6. If I tell you to shut up, it’s me trying to censor your speech. What don’t you understand? Nowhere did I say it was censorship of your First Amendment rights.
  7. Most of Seals posts are about govt/police abuse. Granted, it’s repetitive at times but so is all the stupid gay threads in here. If you can’t admit there’s a problem with police brutality, then you’ve got your head in the sand. The overwhelming majority of cops are good people, but there are pockets of bad in any profession. Sorry RPC, but you’re part of the problem by trying to suppress facts.
  8. What rule is that - step all over any thread posted by Seal? Thats how I see it.
  9. Seal started a thread on the wars the US has had since Vietnam and it was moved to the PG without explanation, why? The typical anti-Seal crowd instantly disrupted the thread with impunity. It’s downright censorship.
  10. Is the topic of “war” considered political? It would be nice if we got an explanation by the admin that moved it, otherwise how are we to learn and prevent this from happening again. Do the right thing and let us know, otherwise I ask that it be moved back.
  11. Maybe we can start a Go Fund Me to come up with the value of the treasure they seek, with the condition that they go off the air.
  12. You should read it before you shoot your mouth off. Dismissed.
  13. Good read. Not sure there was any other way to deal with the Mid East since 1991. Many generations of of youth have never known peacetime, just not American youth. That said, I’m not sure what the effects are or if it even matters when there’s no direct impact (i.e. rationing).