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  1. Excellent point.
  2. Belmo Sandflee Landru ... you can shut it down now.
  3. The one detail that could be useful to me/us, he doesn’t elaborate on....
  4. Are you afraid ya gonna be raped?
  5. Where I have rental units, common charges cover insurance for water damage twice. I had a unit that was damaged by a water leak above me and it was covered. Make sure they fix it properly, in my case they didn’t the first time.
  6. My all time favorites......
  7. Google failed you There’s shakedown money in almost every construction trade union, sanitation/carting, concrete, etc. No one wins a municipal contract without the mob having their hand out for their vig.
  8. Proof positive that affirmative action has done its job - time to shut it down so that everyone is equal, including the white “man”.
  9. When I had my right knee replaced last year (Dec 2017) I drove the next day and walked into the pharmacy on the way home to pick up my meds. I was in in the hospital a total of 10 hours, 3 hours in surgery. Never went to PT for either knee, just kept bending it to get mobility, walking, biking, and climbing stairs. i attribute my outcomes to a very good doctor and his ability to program the robotic cutter that was screwed to my shin bone and femur. You can’t get the same precision cuts doing it by hand - it makes a big difference.
  10. We need an update boB. When did you stop wearing that Eagles shirt last year?
  11. Why would you buy a 2WD vehicle with mudders? Thats a major red flag. Nevermind about the anemic light bar. BTW, did I tell ya about the time I got out of my vehicle on the highway to tell the idiot behind me to turn off his light bars or I was going to shoot them out?
  12. I guess she pushed too hard on the baby thing. Too bad, they seemed to be made for each other.
  13. That Bill Clinton, is it not?
  14. I had both done one year apart. The second knee was done the week before Christmas. Both times I was back to work in a week, walking with a cane. The only pain was the the incisions in the flesh, muscles, and nerves - the knee felt great from the start. I never dit PT for either and I walk now with no pain or limp. I climbed stairs and walked every chance I had, that was my PT. Riding a bike works good too. Kneel and putting weight on the knee that was done 3 months ago is uncomfortable, and that just in the nerves, not the knee joint. It will fade over time, nerves take years to completely heal.