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  1. My Tarpon flies box, usually on 1/0 or 2/0 Owner Aki.
  2. A true 9 wt rod would be my choice, enough to cast medium to heavy weight permit flies, enough to fight small to medium (50lbs ) tarpon size, great for bonefish on windy days.
  3. Sardainia and south France
  4. Hello Which part of Mediterranean sea ??
  5. This is a good news, thank you JonC. After do some research on the web,I found this: http://www.tribune242.com/news/2018/apr/23/fishing-regulations-suspended-after-40-booking-fal/
  6. This is could be a good news but after speaking 2 weeks ago with my house renter in Exumas, you still need a fishing licence. On the other hand there will be well a change in the law, but this concern the fact of being more than 1 person per boat.
  7. This is not include paddle boards, canoe and kayaks.
  8. Yes, you need to buy a fishing licence now for Exumas ,for all the islands in the Bahamas too, I think that you can buy this licence at the airport, +/- 30 $ for the month. From shore you dont need a guide. If you want to go on some flats with a private boat, the boat must be register in the Bahamas and you have to be alone on the boat to have access at the flats.
  9. Exuma (2 times) and Long Island (1 time) for me. The DIY flats are more easy to find on Exuma, you need to rent a car to have access at the different flats too. We go back to Exuma end february, if you need for infos....?
  10. Personnaly I use the Orvis zippered flats bootie, they are light weight, the sole dont have the rigidity of the boots like the simms flats sneakers but protect very well the foots from sea urgin or volcanic rocks .
  11. Oh,ok,I understand now, thank you for the explanation.
  12. Whaou, BIG BIG Fish and very nice pictures. Congrats.
  13. 590 grain for 9/10 fly rod....... in my opinions is way to heavy, it's usually the weight used on 16 wt fly rods.
  14. On the sand beach like Corralejo,you can try the spots with rocks in the water. On the exposed coast try to find a place more quiet, fishable, this places are usually the more productive.
  15. Spotted sea bass take relatively big flies , n°2 hooks are good for this specie. For sea bass dont hesitate to use 1/0 hooks, 10" sea bass length dont hesitate to eat 5" flies.