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  1. Ran into a blitz while fishing at a federal installation on a rock belong to a senior member of the Christian clergy this afternoon. Bagged six 24"-26" stripers and 2 cocktail blues.
  2. Some dude caught one late Friday afternoon on some home made mackerel rig with bucktail tie at the end.
  3. No problem, that's the least I can do. It just infuriates me that those bozos has the balls to do something like that and trash the place at the same time. We probably seem each others before, I've been there a lot for the past two weeks. I'm the guy with the red VS hat.
  4. Can't be 100% sure but, coupe of them swam by and they don't look anything like blue by the looks of its dorsal fin. In some instance I can see a group all sync up in same direction and semi-surfaced while chasing baits. Just like the pods of orca chasing seals in some of those nature show on TV but in a smaller scale!
  5. Fished at a long jetty this morning and was lucky enough to have stripers blitzing up and down the jetty within casting distance. I pretty much threw every lures in my bag in front, behind, and around them but they absolutely show no interest in them. What am I doing wrong?
  6. It didn't take long, the sign was ripped and tossed aside. I was able to retrieve the board but the rope was ripped in pieces. I placed it on the same rock but I don't expect it to be there when the usual crowd shows up in the afternoon.
  7. Aerial photos of Newport Dec. 1941. Notice the certain "rock" on the base.
  8. Sigh....I was just about to pack everything up till next season. Now I have to force myself out tonight after work and freeze my butt off only to get skunked again!
  9. Wow 42"! Only if more of them would swim up a bit to the gazebo! Fish there on Mon - Wed late afternoon and pretty much got skunked!