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  1. Thank you all - aquaskin or supreme it is, thank you!
  2. I use SIMMS and Stormer on the nice and not so nice days. Simms has a mid weight hoodie that is both wind and water resistant - tackle direct had them on sale (good buy) I’ll post the name.
  3. Busting at the seams - Yeah I have a tackle problem - want to stuff as much variety because you just don’t know. Need a therapist to instil confidence in my tackle decisions :-).
  4. Hi all - does anyone have any experience with the Shimano Bluewave surf bags? They seem to have a bunch of tackle options like the folding jig compartment that the others don’t, pricing is similar to supreme - just wondering if they are worth the time.
  5. So curious if you all can help - how can you tell if a plug is actually a Gibbs or not. Are there markings that one should look for ? My apologies if this is a repeat. Thanks!