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  1. Heading to Block early June this year with the fellas. Like usual we will be surfcasting the beaches by night. This time around we'll have access to a shallow draft skiff and a push pole during the day. Has anyone tried their hand at fly fishing / sight fishing in Great Salt Pond? If you've got any stories or tips I'd love to hear 'em. God I love Block Island.
  2. Smell of a 2-stroke motor on a cold spring morning. Wet wading at night when the air cools below the water temp.
  3. I was about 17 when I started to fly fish and my first tie was a chartreuse over white Clouser. Fished it from a jetty in Western LI Sound near home and after a couple of casts came up with an ugly unknown beast croaking at me. Later found out to be a Sea Robin. Of course it wouldn't be my last. Cheers to pretty flies that catch ugly fish and vice-a-versa. Thanks Bob. Still might be the most productive pattern in my box ten years later.
  4. Good stuff. Glad I could help. See that they are currently out of stock on their website... I'd give them a call and see if you can track one down.
  5. Can't wait to read this book! Surfcasting Around the Block is required reading for our squad. Great mix of tactics and island lore. Stoked to hear from some fly anglers this time around. My 9wt has many a trip to the pork chop but sadly has seldom left its tube. Trying to change that.
  6. I just got Douglas Sky 9'5wt. I've fished it only a few times on the Farmington in so far since I spent most of my Fall fishing in the salt. It's a fine rod. Very fast action. I paired it up with their Argus reel which has super nice classic looks. Quite heavy though. On a separate note, I think I'm through with spending $800+ on top of the line fly rods... the mid-line rods from these manufacturers are really nice at $450-500 and I don't the extra $400 gets you all that much.
  7. The Saltwater Edge in Middletown, RI designed a vice in collaboration with Peak. I own one and I use it to tie everything from 3oz bucktail jigs to dry flies. I would recommend it. My only complaint is that the nut used to adjust the jaws is VERY sensitive and can be annoying to re-size when changing hook sizes. They run a great business out there and I like to support the guys that run the shop too. Good people.