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  1. 8pm-1am Out front and Back, water out front looked awesome, skunk. Went out back for about 3 hours, hit 3 different locations, skunk! The spring run sucks, and that's coming from a guy who's landed multiple 20# class fish this year, not a fan of the back bay bore, and ya can never get consistent action out front other than that one spot.
  2. Love SuperSlick V2, have Jbraid on now because they were the only ones selling 500yd spools, and every shop stocks the same ol baby blue color SSv2. If they had onyx I'd have it on my reel. Jbraid is nicer on the wallet
  3. I don't need pics as long as everything works its good for me. PM me
  4. 10pm-1am last night out front Moco. Water looked good, no weeds. Hit about 6 rock piles with no luck. Threw the Ol bottle plug and some bucktails. Also been using my 10' Evo lately with these higher winds and big surf conditions have to say I'm not really a fan.
  5. I fished a Van Staal for a long time before making the switch this year to a ZB to give it a try. First, I love how easy it is to service a ZB, huge plus is my book. The drag is smoother, and I think it has a better look in my opinion. The biggest thing I noticed and why I wouldn't go back to a VS is my hands are on the smaller side and I used to have to reach to take the line off the roller on my VS150 which is weird considering it doesn't sit far away from the seat. With the ZB I don't have to reach it fits my hand way better. I think a staal has a leg up in ruggedness and reliability but it's probably so marginal.
  6. do you like using feathered BT's? I don't even think the trailers work with feathers they just rub against them.
  7. Cocktail blues yesterday afternoon outback MoCo. Haven't had a decent bass in about a week. Going to take a break the rest of the week and switch to out front. I know I've said this before but this time I mean business.
  8. I've been using the black ones for a year, and I actually like them. Alittle softer so I find they are easier to get on a plug. I have caught hundreds of bass and not once has one failed. I barely ever swap them out.
  9. live in a pretty busy suburban neighborhood, my family including dogs has had a run in with 5 ticks so far this year, two of them being lone star ticks in OC NJ. Yard is taken care of and sprayed a month ago which I don t think helps. I don't get it.
  10. Looking to trade my ODM Surfwave 3.5 for a 2.5. Doesn't have patch, everything else is good and functional. NJ Meetup Thanks
  11. Outback MoCo 5-1030pm cocktail blue galore, couple small bass not what I hoped for.
  12. Out front with a buddy from 4-7am MoCo, clear, calm water. Had a 12" bass choke a 5" shad. Buddy landed a cocktail blue. That's all she wrote.
  13. I've switched to out front for the rest of the year, back bay spots are way too crowded even though it's still the best shot right now at catching decent bass I hate fishing next to a crowd, i'm blaming corona on that one. Went to an OC beach today, took 4 casts and went right back into the truck. didn't realize it switched to a south wind, was nice being on the ocean beach though, I missed it.
  14. Never could get that knot to work properly. Tag end would always slip.
  15. No plans to go to CT, sorry