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  1. Same chocolate milk story that we see every week. I think this year would’ve actually been good if it wasn’t for the ****** luck with the weather.
  2. I caught one about 2 weeks ago around 7pm on a small white bucktail. It was dark but so I assumed it was a bluefish as I didnt have a head lamp. I turned on my phone flash light and something just seemed off, the skin was really sparkly, the mouth looked different almost like the teeth were more visible. He was around 15 inches. Nice fish. Only weak fish I have ever caught or seen in person.
  3. I think the availability has something to do with it. I had to order mine from their website this year. Surprisingly the shipping wasn’t that bad bought enough to last me a couple seasons. There are a lot of imitations in the tackle shop.
  4. Red Gills. It's amazing how much they catch.
  5. That's why I fish spots that don't allow me to see the water until I walk over the dune's lol. I can have my waders on and pole ready to go in 5 minutes not worth being uncomfortable on the ride there. 99% of the time I take a leak there before I put my waders on so I can go longer without needing a break.
  6. Fished OC from 9am - 12pm water was the fishiest I ever seen in my life. Covered a lot of beach guy in front of me was hooking up pretty steady on shorts. Was about to call it a day and continue my 10 day skunk streak when a 26” bass hit it 5 feet in front of me on a bucktail. Threw SP’s, AVAs, bucktails. Worst fall run I’ve ever seen. Hope this is rock bottom and it’s only up from here.
  7. I see a lot of guys saying they don’t catch on a full moon. Is that strictly because of the light factor or does the tide it produce also factor into it? Wouldn’t it be darker on a full moon than during the day hence increasing the bite better than the day?
  8. I have my own rules when it comes to harvesting stripers that helps me sleep at night, 1 fish a year, 28-32 inches and I probably won’t even do that. Every year I have more and more respect for these fish I get pretty upset when I see these big fish taken home, some of them are like 15 years old. How do you take something that’s been surviving that long out of the population. Crazy.
  9. I think this morning was the last of my night fighing effort for awhile, the skunk is bad. Going to hit the day time for awhile and see if anything changes. On a side note I was walking the beach last night at 3am and there was a black garbage bag moving up and down. Nearly **** my pants it looked like some night creature standing up looking at me and then ducking down back into the sand, started walking pretty fast out of there until I realized I was wearing a head lamp lol.
  10. Delete
  11. Today 3am to 630am OC not a tap but that water is beautiful. If there isn’t quantity caught today in MOCO or OC I’ve lost hope.
  12. Yeah I think I'm going to give it a good shot between 3am and sunrise the next couple of outings. Have been trying dusk lately and nothing.
  13. Fished OC 5-7am and 4pm-7pm both yesterday and today with not even a tap. Did better in October had 12 schoolie bass, this month I've fished 6 of the 8 days and haven't landed a bass. This sucks.
  14. Is there a time of night you don’t like? I’ve fished a lot this year the first two hours of darkness and give up because I never catch or see anyone else catching.
  15. I fished again at night a couple days ago and really tried to focus on what I didn’t like, I don’t like not being able to see where my lure is landing, during the day I can walk the beach and hit the structure and cuts I feel like at night I’m just blindly casting into the water and definitely don’t move as much. I can remeber I few cuts that I marked out during the day but it’s kinda hard to see a remember when you’re trying to cover a half mile of beach. Its amazing how much confidence has to do with fishing. I haven’t caught a single fish at night this year, and I’ve caught about 8 bass during the day. They are pretty even as far as days fished.