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  1. Ughh I needed this.
  2. Brand new in box. $90 Shipped $80 picked up Ocean County, NJ comes with Klingon and felt soles.
  3. Teasers are a lost art nowadays, barely ever see anyone use them including me, but as soon as I put a nightshade red gill on my catch percentages definitely go up.
  4. I actually like this solution alot.
  5. Outgoing 12-3am outfront MoCo, awesome conditions, 1 20" inch fish. I'm retiring from the season. Time for the flat ones. See you guys in the fall!
  6. My first fish was a 32incher at the end of April, thought it was a sign of good things to come. Been down hill since haven't seen any bait either off the surf.
  7. I've caught bass, but I've had to put in unhealthy hours in and only come with one fish here and there. My patterns and logs are not matching up. Haven't heard of anyone getting into a decent bite. One bass here and there. I hope the big blue fish is the reason, maybe the fall will be stellar but I remember saying the same thing in the fall about the spring, atleast I caught numbers in the fall.
  8. Does anyone think this was a good season? Jersey beaches have been getting shafted.
  9. 110$? pick it up today.
  10. Thats what Im asking, if you take measurements and release would that be good enough? Or would the records forever be unchanged.
  11. What happens when the regulations are put forth to the idea of catching the next world record fish? I would never keep anything over 34" but if I caught a 55" it's going to get weighed. I dont think this would actually ever happen but it could happen to someone.
  12. Looking for a light rod for the ball and chain 9' I have a DNA and love it so something similiar. Prefer pickup near ocean county.
  13. Let me know what you got. If the belt is ODM that would work out well for me!