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  1. Can I do double rollers with this rotor?
  2. $675 is my highest, if not glws. Not trying to lowball I would just need to buy a new rotor to make it bailless.
  3. Offer $650 shipped.
  4. yeah I agree I have never had any one do anything to me personally that pissed me off, at least not intentional. I'm sure the hotspots bring more a chance for confrontation though.
  5. I just got into hunting 2 years ago and I’m just going to say it, the hunting crowd has a ridiculous amount of low live, thief, pieces of trash. They steal, they vandalize, it’s terrible. Coming from the fishing community where if you leave a plug bag on the beach you have a really good shot at getting it back. my advice is to spend the extra coin on cell cams. Never once had one messed with, buy a mobile set up, take out what you bring in.
  6. If you're fishing shallow hydro minnow cant be beat. sp will dig deeper in rougher water.
  7. Took a walk in OC to waste some time for the dusk bite. Saw a couple people connect, mini blitz before sundown that moved very fast. I saw people run a mile and never catch up with them lol, I stayed put in a hole and had some smacks on the smaller little neck, nothing would connect. Nice to be out at the end of december.
  8. Post pics please
  9. Very interested. Let’s meet up when ya can.
  10. Looking for super bread needles, darters and poppers. Fishable or unused. Thanks.
  11. It's yours.
  12. "Researchers with the Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR) at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences found that more than 3 out of 4 (76%) U.S. adults with at least a bachelor’s degree have already been vaccinated or plan to be, compared to just over half (53%) of those without a college degree. That’s a change from earlier in the pandemic, when level of education played less of a role in people’s willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine." You're in the minority brother. Good luck, hope it works out for everyone.
  13. I agree, I'm one that literally could care less if someone is vaccinated or not, so long as they don't take the hospital bed from someone that is, unless directed by the doctor to not take it. I just cant stand this crazy narrative that all these politicians and government officials are in on this scheme. I mean human's cant keep a f'in secret if their lives depended on it, yet every country's government all around the world are fabricating this story. Bonkers. Come with research based facts and then we will talk. Someone last week I was talking to sent me a tiktok ( I know ) of this ex vaccine scientist guy that claimed that he "invented' mrna vaccines. Saying all these things about how dangerous the vaccine is, he knows the truth, it's so dangerous for woman. I was actually thinking "huh that's weird, lets look into this". Well, the guy and his wife both got vaccinated. Makes sense.
  14. 8 1/2 W x 7 H x 3 1/2 D
  15. The market was supposed to crash a year ago, you can't lose if you don't sell, why would I be forced to sell?. I don't believe in perpetual welfare or the way the system is scammed...why does me believing in covid preventions automatically put me in that category? Only time will tell. I will say that the dumbest people I know, including some people in my own family are on the side of the unvaccinated. Yet, I don't know one person in my field of work where a college education is the standard that isn't vaccinated. Dumb people are easily manipulated.