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  1. Whoever or whatever that is farther from the fulcrum will ALWAYS have the mechanical advantage. It’s physics and it’s not debatable. The fat kid on the long end of the seesaw is always going to sit on the ground until 3 fat kid sit on the short end. Third graders on the playground know this. Why don’t the grownups here get it? Science, unlike politics, doesn’t care about opinions.
  2. Put a one pound weight on the floor. Tie a string to it. Now tie the string to the end of a short pole. Pick up the weight while holding on to the pole like it’s a fishing rod. Now repeat the procedure with a long pole. Guess what? The weight is harder to lift with the longer pole. It’s not a theory, it’s physics.
  3. Not a strong opinion, but I have really come to like my 7 to 8 foot rods. I seem to have to work harder when using 10 foot rods. They give more leverage to the fish during a fight and take more effort to cast. It may just be the areas I fish, but I don’t feel I’m giving up many fish due to any loss of casting distance.
  4. I’ve caught some good sized bass on the smallest size SP. I’ve also caught some dinks on the largest size, so who knows? My sense is, it would take a huge dataset to figure this out.
  5. 1) you’re entitled to your opinion, but that’s all it is. If people conduct their fishing according to the applicable regulations and laws, then what they are doing is none of your business. Who made you an expert? I see no reason why I, or anybody else here should listen to you when you; 2) call other fishermen on the board dumb A$$ mother F’ers. 3) do you often go around calling people you disagree with names, or did nobody ever teach you common courtesy?
  6. I’m probably a Neanderthal, but I’m gonna say shiners.
  7. I think it makes a huge difference if you’re fishing for migratory fish or fishing over spawning populations. Fishing during an active spawn should be prohibited. There’s nothing wrong with fishing for migratory schoolies, as long as you’re careful and take precautions to reduce mortality. Apples to oranges.
  8. Egg sinkers if under 1 oz. Bank sinkers for over 1 oz usually. Pyramids for over 1 oz if the current is on the stronger side.
  9. It would match my cooler!
  10. Sorry, but I have to ask; how much does yeti think a drywall bucket should cost?
  11. I bought a boat and trailer last fall. The boat had a title. Easy to register, even during covid. The previous owner never registered the trailer because he only used it to launch the boat from in front of his cottage. He also didn’t have a title, he bought it with only a bill of sale. So I go to register it. No dice. Somebody tells me I can register it as a homemade trailer. I get an RMV1 form from my insurance company stating it’s a homemade trailer, then go back to the RMV. They say “where’s all the receipts for the parts”? No dice. Somebody says “register it in Maine”. I looked into it and I don’t see where you can pull that off without a title/previous registration. Plus, as far as MA is concerned, it’s an unregistered vehicle. I finally bought a utility trailer kit from northern tool. It came with a certificate of origin. I stripped the bunks, winch stand, axle, etc off the old trailer and used them to turn the utility trailer into a boat trailer. I also got a square aluminum tube and extended the tongue. Basically I only used the new frame-everything else was salvaged. Cost me about $500 total, but I was finally able to get a plate. So, based on my experience, I guess that’s what I’m sayin’. Maybe somebody else knows how to beat the system, but the system sure beat me this time. Good luck!
  12. When I was younger, I knew some old guys that could do some serious damage with those old tarred hand lines. It might just be their fault we have a cod problem!
  13. I don’t want to make anybody’s head explode, but...sometimes I spike a bait rod and cast lures with a second rod at the same time!
  14. If we all worried more about what we do, and less about what other people do, the world would be a better place.
  15. Slowly... Or mindlessly if it’s the back half!