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  1. Glad your pops is doing better.
  2. Why would I wish any harm to your father? Why would I not be happy to see him prevail in the face of some really terrible s**t? Coumo did what he did, I’m not denying that. He F’ed up. I’m not the one who’s being a dick here.
  3. No problem with your father. I wish him the best. I gave thumbs down regarding your blaming Coumo. While sending sick people back was a definite f-up I don’t think it was intentional. I don’t think it would happen again knowing what is known now. So thumbs down to Monday morning quarterbacking. Best wishes to your dad. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
  4. I’ve done this with a casting egg and small jigs (1/8 to 1/4 oz) when fish are on small bait. I’ve never tried it when conditions are particularly nasty. My initial reaction would be not to, but who knows?
  5. Fake News

    Yup, that’s me. A petulant child. I’m not the one lashing out, I simply disagree with you. You’re the one who has betrayed your underlying insecurities by responding in the manner you did. I simply do not believe any prosecution will materialize regarding any of the “journalists” you mentioned. I also understand that some people don’t want to hear my opinion, they just want to hear their opinion coming out of my mouth.
  6. Fake News

    So “they” will eventually go after everyone who ever questioned them in an unflattering manner? If you believe this you are a little off-balance. Grow up.
  7. About an ounce. I’ve tried to go lighter, but do most of my fishing in tidal rivers. Too much current for lighter stuff except at slack tides.
  8. That’s what a marine can do with his rifle!
  9. Thanks for posting this. I use siwashes a lot and this is good to know.
  10. I will answer as best I can. No matter where you go, red state, blue state, where ever, there will always be people who can’t take care of themselves. Sometimes the need is real, sometimes it’s people who are just losers and sponge off the state. You might not agree with me, that’s okay. I believe most people sucking at the tit of society actually need help. Some of them commit fraud. Is it right to shut down all the welfare because a minority of the people collecting it are scum? I say no, but you are free to say whatever you want. I’m just a victim of northeast Puritan brainwashing and too old to get fired up about some scumbag stealing money from the public coffers. The government wouldn’t give the savings to me anyway; they’d rather give it to some millionaire.
  11. Bottom line; just my opinion. Not a red or blue issue. We need to reopen commerce for the vast majority of people, while protecting the vulnerable members of our society. I just hope that lots of people don’t get ahead of themselves and kill grandma. And screw the “survival of the fittest” people. I have no patience for people who care only about themselves. Sorry that their mommy’s didn’t love them enough to teach them common decency.
  12. I always thought they got that money by overtaxing me!
  13. I have lived in several states, but always in the northeast.
  14. Please. I live in a blue state. If I wanted to freeload I know I’d be much better off in a blue state. Everybody knows that. Believe me, people don’t leave Massachusetts and go to Mississippi in order to cash in on welfare, get better healthcare, better public housing, or just generally sponge off the state.