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  1. Used to be lures. As I get older and lazier (or more beat up) I fish bait more often. I get about a dozen casts out of a bad shoulder and spine. If I want to fish any amount of time it’s bait these days.
  2. Maybe tin? A .50 oz tin jig head is the size of a .75 oz lead one. Not sure if that’s better than steel or not.
  3. It was from On The Water magazine. Don’t know where it came from before that!
  4. Glad to help!
  5. I have it. Sorry, won’t let me post photo. PM me if you want.
  6. Is this it?
  7. Another vote for the Fierce II. I’m halfway through season 2 on one. Used for schoolies up to 20 inches, and fluke in the salt. Also largemouth, smallies, and stocker trout in freshwater. 10 lb braid, 2000 size, used 2 - 3 Times weekly. Maybe I got lucky, but this reel has been flawless for me.
  8. It’s a good mile or so from the above mentioned lot to forth cliff.
  9. I’ve never owned a Penn reel that could hold as much line as was claimed on the spool. Always figured it was their way of throwing a bone to shops who fill reels using bulk spools.
  10. The nine foot ugly stick is a noodle. It’s good for river shad, but I’m not sure it’s what you’re looking for. I’ve landed bass up to about 24 inches on mine so it’s strong enough, but it’s real whippy.
  11. I found wood eggs at hobby lobby. They have 2 sizes. The ones about the size of a large chicken egg weigh an ounce and a half. Drill um, paint um, wire um and you’re all set. Pack of 4 cost $4.
  12. OK, somebody’s got to be the hack. I use an overhand knot and make my first few wraps carefully. Been fishing for 50 years and have been spooled exactly one time*. I couldn’t turn the fish in 300 yards; nobody will ever convince me I lost that fish due to inferior knot strength. *not counting the water skier, but that’s a different story!