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  1. I have the 9'6" Tsunami Airwave elite surf rod 9'6". Lure weight is 3/4-3oz. Do you guys think I will be safe throwing plugs around 3.5oz? Does anyone have experience throwing bigger plugs on this rod?
  2. I called it. I wanted to fish more, but I was falling asleep. I regret not staying out. I took your advice and I found a really nice piece of beach structure I want to try out next time. Looked like it would've had fish! Hope to see you up there soon!
  3. How does everyone clean their surf bags? I usually just spray everything down with generous amounts of water, but it takes forever to dry.
  4. Hey Scooby that was me last night. You told me to sign up and send you a PM. I can’t seem to figure out how to. Thank you so much for showing me the ropes. I never caught anything, but I learned a lot. I hope to see you out soon!