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  1. Agreed
  2. Photo taken from I one of the best plug builders website. Looks like he leave his ends on for drilling.
  3. If your adding weights and hooks, does it really matter, I doubt builders who produce for the masses are hydroing their plugs, too much time, and why add another step.
  4. I think I still have some more room in my surf bag, need to make more.
  5. Keep up the great work, sometimes I think I post too much here, but that is what this thread is for. To show your chit. Again nice stuff
  6. Three for the swap. Spook, Surfster & surface swimmer
  7. you don't do your own research, instead of asking a thousand questions
  8. Really, so there's only one way of doing something, come on, and can you explain Hydro-orienate to the group
  9. This winter is turning into something longer than expected, so I'm back on some baits I typical don't spend alot of time on, only real issue I have ( most important issue) weight placement and how much. Will see once open water is available
  10. Was wondering if anyone has tried or is using this epoxy, and their thoughts on it. Thanks
  11. I personal love the stuff, air bubble are very minimal, and self popping, great finish, dry time around eight hours, full cure I leave over night
  12. ya, you need a few people to do that type of quantity, not something that can be done in ones garage
  13. By far the most productive saltwater fly there is, it's all I use. I've caught more stripers than I could possibly count, I've also gotten smacked in the back of the head, more time than I can count ( that hurts ) I've also snapped the tip off my favorite Sage 9w, when a clouse made a direct hit. But I still would use no other fly.
  14. I have an 11' Lamiglas for sale on the buy, sell or trade gsb 2 to 5 oz
  15. Your not a true fisherman
  16. I just ordered a new Century Surfmachine to go a Surfmachine elite I just got - Wife will never know, will just look like another rod on the garage wall.
  17. It's what fisherman do, they collect rods, reels, lures etc... I still have rods from when I was a kid, you build memories with your gear, and it becomes hard to get rid of.
  18. Great condition, a couple of minor blemishes/scratches asking $375.00 Located in Plymouth, MA. Shipping not possible
  19. Hi Jay.

    Paypal is Larsonfence@verizon.net

    What's your address

    Thank you


  20. Jay, you got it, pm coming. Thank you and SOL
  21. Looking to sell two Norcalkat and Pluglab. Sell as group. Pnut Slimxl Pluglab $140 Price includes shipping. Venmo/Paypal
  22. all new unfished
  23. let me reload pic
  24. Love Lisa and Ed's Pearl colored animal eyes
  25. Hard to get a good picture to really show off the color shift paint