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  1. 7" 2.5 oz swimmers
  2. Seed you've been busy, very nice work
  3. 1st attempt at a metal lip 5" 1.8 oz
  4. very nice eel
  5. It's always the ones that got away, you remember the most.
  6. Thank you sir
  7. When clear coating the body of metal lipped swimmer, whats the trick keeping epoxy, or in my case uv resin out of the lip slot. Thanks for the help.
  8. Thanks
  9. Some 9" 3.3 oz spooks, should be hitting the water real soon
  10. thanks Jig Man
  11. Winch, I disagree with you, I've been trying my hand at plug building for a couple of year, and would love it if guys critiqued my work, though that is hard to do just looking at picture posted of work just turned, or clear coated. I test my designs and ship some to friends to test, and hopefully they're all giving their honest opinion on how they perform. So next time I posts a plug, please trash it please lol, it will only make me want to do it better.
  12. what wood would be best to make Danny plug, thinking of try to build one.
  13. 9" 4.3 oz bomber
  14. Very nice eel, really like the shape of the Mac
  15. Another foiled Wacky Mac