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  1. Has any tried, dyeing epoxy. Instead of painting and using it as the plug color and top coat. Pictures would be great if you have.
  2. What determines the size and weights of your plugs., and can a plug ( Pencil Popper ), be too big. I'm guessing most of the builders are using stock that is 1 1/2 x 1 1/2, not matter the type of wood, and as far as the weight, that is determined how you want it to float ( or sink ) in the water. I've been buy Eastern Red Cedar blanks that are a Full 2" x 2" X 11" and when turned, dressed and epoxied, the final plug weighs in at just over 5 oz, and 9 1/2" . Is it too big, or is bigger better.
  3. Wire, very nice work
  4. Made this from ERC, full 2 x 2 blank, comes in at just over 5oz 9.5 "
  5. throwing my two cents in, I have two 9w's and an 8w, hardly ever throw the 8. I'm throwing in the NE catching schoolie stripers to 25+ stripers, you never know whats going to hit the fly. 9w is better when the wind is blowing, and you can get in a larger fish more quickly.
  6. Home depot, tool department- pliers, I've been smashing barbs for years
  7. Thanks Wire, I kinda thought adding poly. Maybe a little overkill. I don't expect my plugs to last forever anyway, if they did, I'd have nothing to do in the off season. I've been using ERC full 2"×2" real nice wood to work with, makes a heavier pencil, close to 5 oz., than normally made.
  8. If I heat/bake the wood, then epoxy, is there still a need to dip into a polyurethane.
  9. If I do the bake and epoxy, what do I thin down the epoxy with paint thinner ? Thanks for responding
  10. Does anyone use the minwax wood hardner to seal their plugs, the can says its a sealer, and dry time is only a few hours.
  11. When you epoxy with the plug all assembled before epoxy, how do you plug up the hook holes, with the swivels attached.
  12. I bought that $80 kit about a month ago, compressor great, airbrush gun junk, I bought a Badger Patriot 105, great gun for the money, easy to clean and maintain.
  13. Go Pats
  14. That may be the problem. So I should build the lure complete - grommets, swivel, and thru wire ? with all that handling I'm afraid of screwing up the paint job.