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  1. I guess I've never heard you can only use certain baits at certain times of the day or night.I realize some baits may work better depending when used, as does the color used, but its a fish, if you can fish, you can catch
  2. t-man, night is night, any dark colored plug, fly ( if fly fishing ) work great at night
  3. Not weighted, had a very small piece of that wood left, it's just over 2", not even sure if it will swim, though could be a nice key chain ornament.
  4. Black, purple and a little color shift, makes for a spooky spook for night
  5. Cocker, Chip, he loves to go fishing, gets very disappointed when I don't catch
  6. I bought some today, will give it a try
  7. Was wondering if anyone has tried or is using this epoxy, and their thoughts on it. Thanks
  8. Wire. Its all I had left, after turning this guy
  9. Had some Flaming Boxelder left
  10. I know Mike wants his plugs fished, but unless he starts making that style again, it's not getting wet, I'll build one with exacting spec's, and let you know.
  11. I know, lucky to have it
  12. Mike's Plugs are Special
  13. I leave square ends on, thru drill, then drill for weight, all done on the lathe. As Capesams said, I tape drill bit for depth.