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  1. No good news....Third year in a row below the Index... Maryland Department of Natural,long-term average of 11.4.
  2. Pho

    When I was working at The Miriam a Vietnamese colleague put me on to Pho Horn's. Little spot in a strip mall on Callyer St (I think). I'm not a connoisseur by any means but it was some of the best I've had.
  3. I use a twist lock 4/0. That's the size hook recommended by the manufacturer.
  4. Declining. Been going there with my wife to celebrate (anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc.) since we moved to RI in 2014. Usually 3/4 times a year. Went last summer for our anniversary and it was absolutely trash - both food and service. Sat down at 6, pulled out of the lot well after 9. Stuffed lobster which is normally overflowing with sea scallops, crab claws and U15s was "filled" with bay scallops and salad sized shrimp. And I'm not a snobby eater but don't charge me 50 doll hairs for a chicken lobster stuffed with seafood meant for cold salads. If ya cant get the items, take it off the menu. Hoping it was just pandemic related and they straightened things out because we really do enjoy it.
  5. Google "Dave Anderson WIRING A WOODEN PLUG"
  6. I've got a pair of Frogg Toggs ANURA II that I bought in 2016, the sole of one of the feet finally wore out to the point they were leaking toward the end of last season. As a reference I fish in waders ~40/50 times a year. Used a wetsuit repair kit from Gear Aid (really simple iron on patch). Have used them 5 times since with no issue.
  7. Blount's > Quitos ...Take the 10 min drive to Warren
  8. Same.
  9. Dinghy Smalls
  10. Not sure if posting another forum on this one is acceptable but check out There are usually up to date ice reports.
  11. ProJo had an article Friday that they cleared the town beach in Gansett because of a fin sighting. Ended up being two dolphins.
  12. First go at it plug building. One is a re-do of a Creek Chub Pikie
  13. Not sure how they are planning to enforce it but keep an eye on Mass DPH website. Just received a notification (currently working at a MA hospital) this morning. They are implementing a mandated quarantine for anyone returning back from any state (unless to receive health services or for work purposes) that isn't considered "Low Risk" Currently all of New England, NY, NJ are considered low risk RI falls into the low risk category, but based on the data they are using to determine it -- were close to losing that designation
  14. Fished out front through some boulders 3-830 on Sunday morning. Threw rigged eels until a little after daybreak. Landed 3 stripers (23", 25" & 28"). Switched to an A27 with a black dressed siwash, no takers except for a giant sea-robin.
  15. I fished out front Sunday Morning 330-830 (have a parking pass on my vehicle). Wife and MIL drove down at 830 and I drove her vehicle home. They went to the beach for the day and drove mine home when they were done. Parking lot at East Beach was already at capacity by the time I left at 845.