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  1. Was down there last Tuesday morning, seal was sprawled out on the beach. If he hadn’t rolled over as I got close I probably would have stepped on him, eyes were on the water. The seal barely moved and I was <10 feet from it. Rolled back over after giving me the “hey a$$h0!e, I’m sleeping over here” look.
  2. Been out twice this week, ~7pm-12am on a beach out front in SoCo. Handful of decent sized schoolies, but definately worked for me
  3. Gonna pick up a roll and give it a try. Grabbed a pack of braid aid at a local shop, peeled off within an hour.
  4. Out Front & In The Bay
  5. I fished out front in SoCo this morning couple of schoolies(20-22 in) over a few hours. Hit a spot up in the bay on my way home, half a dozen or so chunky schoolies (24+) and one keeper. Shouldn’t have even brought the bag, 1oz JS bucktail didn’t come off the line.
  6. Thanks for all the input. I’ve got an old pair of rain golf gloves Think they are made of felt(?). Slippery as hell when dry but add a little water and they are like glue (with a golf club at least). Gonna give those a try
  7. Penn Fierce 4000 w/ 9ft Big Water UglyStik – 3 seasons of use as a backup, professionally cleaned/greased at end of every season, normal wear - Asking $70 + shipping (if needed) Penn Fierce II 4000 w/ 9ft Big Water UglyStik – bought last summer when a friend was up for vacation (couple of trips total), professionally cleaned and greased at end of the season, almost as good as new. - Asking $110 + shipping (if needed) Will sell both rods and reels for $160 + shipping (if needed)
  8. For one reason or another (most likely just a lot more time spent on the water) my index finger was a mess by the end of the fall run. Work in a field that requires a lot of manual dexterity/manipulation (insert joke here) so it made the workday just that much more awful Anyways, anyone have any insight/info on a decent surf-casting glove? Thanks in advance for the info.
  9. Havent done any trout fishing since moving down to RI from Upstate of those goldens are giving me the itch to get a line wet!
  10. Looking at the Penn Spinfisher VI. Will be using it out front in SoCo, RI. Anyone have any experience with it? Is the 4500 enough or should I size up? Will be throwing mostly plugs and swimbaits with it. Thanks in advance for the input
  11. Just got three reels back from Dave at Beavertail Rod & Reel in N. Kingstown. Feel like new. He does great work! Highly recommended
  12. Originally from CNY, had to redefine what a “bad storm” was when I moved to RI half a decade ago. They call those “Tuesday” back home
  13. Short video from one of my last trips out at the end of last season...Enjoy Side Note: Think i need to invest in a GoPro
  14. it's either or, dont think they have a model that has both features.