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  1. All off a boat
  2. I will be fishing rigs I tie for fluke that use 8-10 ounce weights in about 60 feet of water
  3. No
  4. Hey guys I recently got a new avet sx 5.3 g2. I need a rod for it it which I will be using to fluke fish with about 8-10 ounce weights.
  5. Hey guys, I was looking for a new rod. It will be used inshore and off the beach for mainly fluke but there is a possibility of stripers and blues. I would like it to be able to handle at least and ounce and be around 7ft to 7-6ft.
  6. The style
  7. Hey guys, so I just got a new avet sx g2 and was planning on getting a rod for it. I would be using this setup for jigging bucktails for fluke, diamond jigs for blues and stripers, and maybe tog. What rod would you reccomend?
  8. Hey guys, I’m from New Jersey and was looking at the Shimano Calcutta bs for fluke fishing. I was wondering if you guys thought that was a good reel for the application and what size I should get?
  9. Hey guys I was wondering what the best item was that you use to store rigs. I will be mostly storing rigs for fluke fishing.
  10. Anyone sign up for the thing on skinners new video?
  11. I agree, all the reviews of the reels blowing up are just because there used incorrectly with a crazy amount of drag.
  12. I wish they had the American flag color for all of their reels.
  13. So are you saying to replace the bearings
  14. Thanks guys, just wondering if anyone has had any problems with the g2 series of the sx and sxj?
  15. Interesting never heard of a bad review about an avet