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  1. By implying this you are saying that the quota should be lowered to the point of recreational standards rendering commercial fishing pointless as the prices would be next to nothing and the captains can't support for their family,boat and crew.
  2. totally agree with this statement, something about going to catch and eat your own fish makes me feel so much better than having something living in an enclosed cage it's whole life eating pellets then sold for the public.
  3. economically stopping fishing from a commercial and recreational standpoint will definitely not stick and nobody would agree to this, honestly something needs to be done to keep a stable fishery but stopping fishing in general will just not happen.
  4. What do ya'll think of the st croix legend surf 9ft?
  5. how much for the three tube?
  6. Understanding the fish in the area *Finding sandbars and good rip currents and species of fish", Keying in on bait and have an understanding of what the fish in the area want, and finally is putting in time and work into a general spot and learn from experience.
  7. Thx for the info i'm just looking for a rod that is able to handle stripers and blues and the occasional albie. Price does not matter it can be 600+ for all i care but should be able to handle 2+ ounces and mainly just off sand but sometimes off jetty's.
  8. Was a great show but I spent too much......
  9. I have not been down to Sandy Hook since early January and i'm wondering if anybody is still there fishing and waiting for something to happen in the spring. *Side note, are there any discussions on the start of the summer flounder season*.
  10. I recently purchased a brand new Van Staal X-Series 150 and at this point I am just wondering what kind of rod to get for this i have some options but i'm still not sure what to get and i'm looking for suggestions.
  11. Dang that took one hell of a time to read but, that was a great story to read and exactly why ill just stick in jersey
  12. The knots I use for tying leader to braid are probably the FG and blood knot and i still remember hearing the sound of you rod guides slowly get destroyed by reeling to much up on a swivel, otherwise never going back to swivels.
  13. I'm gonna wait until March to fish for em, there's basically nothing out right now on the surf except for some schoolies if you are lucky.
  14. Yes VS did lie on the marketing but ill be using more than 13 pound of drag which seems like a lot but its not enough for what i'm gonna use it for however i will keep the reel
  15. Yea same with ya the VSX 150's drag does feel quite loose almost too loose and when i ran my test with the drag, I locked down my drag and pulled with my Boga grip and only got 13 pounds of drag compared to the advertised staggering 32 pounds of drag.