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  1. Leave them Bluefish ALONE!!!
  2. Sweet setup, my inflatable currently only holds two rings so only good for a single cooler or bucket. Portability and durability was a big thing for me also mine was on sale so it was a great steal! I intend to bring it out in the back bays here in Jersey and maybe that winter trip to Florida but otherwise I'll bring it out to a couple lakes and fish for LMB
  3. I hope it doesn't become too big of a deal, Currently gonna bring it out to a lake later today and adjust to it, With a life jacket ofc
  4. Exact reason I bought, Im gonna be getting wet regardless and it's easy in and out access to a platform. I know it can handle two people fairly good but Im still not sure how big of a problem it might be to hold more than that
  5. I only plan to fish with the board by myself with minimal equipment, I just want to know if I could make a trek back and forth with a load without it possibly sinking. I don't mind if it's slow but rather capable of holding such weight over a small distance.
  6. I don't expect to go far, just want something to transport a load of shellfish about 500 feet from the clamming area back to the launch.
  7. Recently purchased a inflatable 11 foot Stand Up Paddle Board and plan to do just about everything with it. However, how much weight can these things actually take? I remember hearing it was somewhere around 300 but between me and another person can it handle a load of crabs and clams as well?
  8. Plugs tangled in bag in the middle of the night
  9. They are definitely not enforcing anything. I fish on the beach side at sun-rise and then I'm forced to move to the bay, way too many people on the beach that are "fishing"
  10. I have the same problem too, especially around the fall time. Yet, I had so many days where I didn't have the right plug even when I have plugs hanging out my bag.
  11. Idk, the entire point of this forum is a report thread and I still get a thumbs down for doing a report. Heck I don't even say the county anymore!
  12. Ive already seen a rise in catches, I have my own spot for low tide bloodworms as they are crazy expensive but I'm not so much of a bait guy regardless
  13. Hope your holding up well! Most of the ramps should open up soon, the ramps by me opened not too long ago.
  14. DId some scouting and it seems some of the yak guys have been doing fairly decent lately, mostly on bunker they said but some quality fish mixed in nonetheless.
  15. There should be a thread just on sea Robins