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  1. eh, everybody uses literally everything for shark bait
  2. Id believe this to be the remains of a cownose ray or another related species.
  3. Box traps are probably the most common and easiest to do, however I do like to use one big trap and pick it up at the end of the trip.
  4. Straight Braid is easier to be seen by fish, especially by ones that visually feed, Braid is more vulnerable to breakage by teeth and heavy cover. Leaders allow you to have the advantages of mono or fluorocarbon whilst still having the advantages of braid mainline
  5. I personally use a vs 100 with either my ODM Frontier X or, St. Croix Legend Tournament Inshore
  6. Are u joking, you want to spend that good money for some dogfish and skates!!!??????, i can buy the crappiest surf fishing combo at walmart and catch a million of them
  7. Out in moco and pulled one keeper fluke in a fast rip, other than the crappy feeling of losing my boga grip (Most Likely Stolen), there was some snappers chasing after some peanuts
  8. Out in Moco and ran into a blitz of cocktail blues on a mix of spearing and peanuts, probably landed over 40 cocktails on various lures before the weather turned nasty
  9. I honestly have never heard or seen people intentionally squidding here in NJ but, every once in a while ill see a squid lure pop up on the shelves
  10. If your just gonna chunk why in the heck would you spend almost 1500$!!!, ive never heard of somebody baiting with a combo that much.
  11. I don't think ive ever heard of a guy chunking with a freakin stella, especially in Montauk
  12. definitely get korkers, my mother had broken her hand in 3 places when she slipped on these rocks, this incident was believe or not a couple days ago
  13. gear up surfcasting bags are some of the best in the market
  14. As of right now ,the deli store and the little park ranger shack is decimated but generally is very shallow and the whole area hasn't been updated in terms of construction.
  15. ooh and the intriguing and ****** "Rocket Fishing Rod"