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  1. The Tidemaster is an excellent choice iv'e brought this 3 piece from the surf for stripers, blues, and fluke and then later on bring it to a lake for some Largemouths
  2. I have a huge problem with this here in NJ during the false albacore run when you have random boats cutting off the school of albies from the surf guys and then the boats get all the action
  3. Any recipes fro some marinades?
  4. Cold smoke?
  5. I recently been catching quite a bit of trout and have been trying different methods to cook them and do you guy think smoking them is best or other methods?
  6. I honestly would think they would work but I never got the chance to use them because I always use bloods
  7. Doesn't get much better than that!!
  8. As stated above, the vs250 is quite large for a 9ft rod , I personally use my vs150's on a 9ft, but I would recommend going for a longer rod, is their a specific rod you want or just ODM?
  9. The nexus, tsunami airwave, and most st croix inshore rods
  10. I wouldn't see a problem with this other than the fact that this should have been done long before and be done for other states
  11. Yea I can agree that the slammer 3 is great for it's size class and I have abused to the surf to the jetty's and other things and I have caught many albies and schoolie stripers on it.
  12. I would go with the slammer 3 due to the seals and power handle however I do like the manual pickup on the spinfisher vi but it's just how you prefer your reel type.
  13. When you do set the hook, reel down as you are bring your rod tip down to refrain from any slack in the line.
  14. It's not that im waiting for a report and trust me im out at sandy as much as I can but Im still waiting to hear some decent action in the area