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  1. Great to know, never surf lauched but definitely feel confident enough to go on the yak, I'll let ya'll know if I make a trip!
  2. You have me intrigued. What apps should I use and what should I look for to do a kayak launch? I always wanted to do a launch but always have doubts about it
  3. Bonefish would be the best summertime alternative to Albie's. I'll gladly take them any day
  4. Any spots I should look for? Rigs, Jigs, I'll take any type of info tbh
  5. Not my first trip fishing inside the inlet but anything I should look out for? Im still considering other spots atm but most places have been pretty dead.
  6. To update everybody, The hullavator just will not work with the car. Ive basically gone through each and every set of bars and feet with no success. I instead with a yakima JayLow (Dont like how high the kayak sits but it does the job). I'll just wait till I have a new vehicle to put the correct bars on.
  7. Finding them here and there. Some nights are definitely more productive than others but the size is still on the small side but a couple that are in the low 30 inch range.
  8. I honestly was so frustrated getting in the square bars and it being the same length as the previous Wing Bars. I might try a new foot pack to hopefully give me some space to work with.
  9. Do you mind sending pictures of what it looks like? I have the Evo raised rail and my suspicion is that this foot pack is adding too much of a gap.
  10. another thing is with the Square bars, Im not entirely sure how the attachments come on the car. Doesn't seem to be any slots or any other such things to slide attachments on.
  11. Im so frustrated with this whole thing at the moment, The square bars came in and they are the exact same measurement as the previous bars. There is no other resolution except getting a new foot pack for the bars. Anybody have a recommendation for a foot pack that would likely suit me? I don't want to go too crazy in price either as i'm not too sure if the current feet are returnable.
  12. Welp, square bars it is. Turns out I CAN'T fit the 53 either. It's too small to fit into the factory bars.
  13. I was introduced to the salt by my neighbors fishing for fluke, I had stayed a bit later than usual and casted my bucktail into pitch black and hooked up with a bass. First time ever and it put up a hell of a fight, after that I was looking at every vid and interested by every bass fisherman every time I went!
  14. I'll let yall know, If it flexes Bad ill get the square bars. If it's manageable ill just put a cushion, might be snnoiyng but having to keep buying more bars is getting a bit out of hand.
  15. Yea this is exactly what it is. I was running through so many ways of how to get it too fit and was loosing my mind. If the 53 doesn't work ill return it to the store and pick up the square bars.