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  1. I apologize but, Im much farther north of Cape May. So i'd doubt ill make the drive there
  2. Preferably looking for one that is 13 x 16 and above in size and preferably located in Jersey
  3. I had a hummingbird helix 7 that Would turn on but I don’t think enough power to get the lights to turn on
  4. Has anyone tried this with a Nocqua 10ah? would this be enough?
  5. Apologize for the late response, it’s 16 inches
  6. I’ll get back to ya when I have time
  7. In or Around Edison NJ but am willing to meet up somewhere of your convenience if you’re close
  8. Im willing to meet up somewhere if its too far
  9. Slightly used Baitrunner 6000D Asking for $160
  10. Used ODM DNA 8ft Asking for $200 Prefer to meet up
  11. Used very good condition 701 C-H 2-6oz spiral wrap, asking for $110. Prefer to meet up
  12. Brand New Never Used 4 piece 9wt Ll Bean Apex, asking for $350. Prefer to meet up
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