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  1. Went out and pulled out a 23pd 35 inch black drum
  2. Time to release a Great White Shark!!!!!
  3. Just goes to show that the whole "Conservation" of the piping plover is just an excuse for others to get what they want. Such as the concert, major fishing spots. Why does it have to be those spots particularly?
  4. damn birds, Might as well call it a state of emergency at this point!!
  5. haha-mission is a go!!
  6. I always use my Van Staals for just about every other surf fishing situation but the Daiwa BG is awesome especially for the money and the Tsunami Shield does the job pretty well too with the seals on the surf
  7. Tautog- Fishing off Jetty's Spanish Mackerel- A surprise catch off the surf here in North Jersey Fluke- A local special
  8. St. Croix Triumph series spinning rod. Best spinning rod for the money IMO
  9. I personally like using the St. Croix triumph series spinning rod
  10. we had a bunch of these clowns doing donuts in the inlet until coast gaurd came and shut em down
  11. just tell the guys up front that u are fishing and they will let you in for free but DONT make the walk to the rip, and besides they shut down the best section of the rip for the endangered piping plover.......
  12. went out to the beaches and only fished out 12 fluke but no keepers but got a nice gator blue as my bait was going down
  13. Welp this should be the official end of this forum...
  14. inlets are great fishing but the boats, crowds, and the guys that chunk in the middle of pluggers, I prefer the surf though- more of a challenge and more space to fight fish in a large area and smaller crowds (Besides Albie Season )
  15. Sometimes taking breaks is much needed especially when I fish long nights 4-6 times a week, getting back much needed sleep and drawing away from hard fishing. It's ok to get a bit detached from the sport that we love and put our time and hard work in. Don't force yourself to love something if you truly don't have the same feeling as you once had. After taking a break start light and fish for something easy like trout and gradually move into harder and labor intensive fishing