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  1. great to know thanks for the recs ya'll
  2. As I had said on the last thread I highly recommend the ODM Genesis, Great action to it and fits the rating your looking for and is in my opinion one of the best back bay surf rods that I own.
  3. This one of the main reasons why I Don't buy these and just get a pack of soft plastic swim-baits and slap it on a jig-head. Most soft plastic swim-baits are just a one and done use and can get expensive if you invest into the quality ones such as your Hogies.
  4. I have a VSX 150 but of all my Staal's it has the stickiest drag. Anybody know any good grease that I can purchase to smoothen it out.
  5. IMO probably the same as Van Staal pliers in terms of durability, Cuts the same, Both Titanium. The only difference I see is that the Danco ones reduced the amount of titanium making it cheaper (150-190$) instead of Van Staal's (300-360$). I'd say that the Danco's are probably more worth it as it's half the price of Staal's but some would say that the Staal's are probably more reliable.
  6. That's why I switch to single more often nowadays.
  7. I just try to stay away from Tsunami all together
  8. I'd say the lure ratings are fairly accurate but I just love the way this rod reacts and fights when bottom fishing
  9. If you end up going the St. Croix route a 7'6 ft Avid VIS76MHF would be perfect. I have a Legend Tournament Inshore LTIS76MHF for a 1 1/2 years now and i've used it up for almost every application from surf to the bay and it still works as great as the day I purchased it. *even caught a 21 pound black drum on it and it handled perfect* I run a VSX 100 on it but very recently put a Stradic FL 5000 and it's perfect. I'd say most people would have two set-ups, one inshore and the other a surf rod which would run perfect in LI. If your in the looks for a light surf rod that casts small stuff very well I very much recommend the ODM Genesis NXG-93, Great backbone and I use it for fluke fishing and big blue-fishing all the time and handles it's rating fairly well. I always like to get a feel or even test casts on rods before I purchase one so it fits well with what your looking for. As for line I mainly use Super slick power pro v2 but I have come to like Spiderwire and Suffix 832 (20-30 pd braided line should be perfect for your setup). -AC
  10. Without a doubt sea robin is underrated. A lot tastier than what you'll hear majority of the population say about them.
  11. Personally a 7 foot is probably the perfect size for most boat situations
  12. Mentioning the 7 foot, yes even I would recommend this rod!
  13. I think the fact that even hinting a area especially during a good bite just makes more and more people come out to that general area but yes I understand where your coming from.
  14. Lol had to clarify before someone made the drive to AC!