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  1. It's been a while so I wanted to update all of you fine folks: I did get the 6500 bail LiveLiner. It is an excellent reel. Mated it with a nice 10ft fast/med heavy rod and been catching mackerel with it. The retrieve rate on it is so good I don't have to to rabidly turn the handle like in other reels I've used. It gets the right speed for terminal bite fish with little effort. Took it offshore fishing on my 6ft uglystik heavy jigging spinning rod and got me some nice grouper and snappers. The drag power on it is impressive... when previous reels, even casting/trolling reels I've used before, when a grouper bit it took some effort to pull it up from the bottom to avoid them getting into rock... with this reel this is achieved with satisfyingly low effort... you crank that B*** a few times and the fish ain't getting to any rocks. The reel has a feature that surprised me and it fixed my previous issues with bail reel... it doesn't automatically snap close. Dont know if its a 'defect' of a feature actually but I love it. I manually have to close the bail after casting. +1 wins. Only 'bad' thing is that it is slightly heavier than other reels...but with the rods I put it on it balances out nicely. The 10ft rod you barely feel it even when mackerel fishing and with the 6ft rod for offshore you ain't really swinging the thing anyway and the center of mass being closer to your wrist is quite useful for jigging. Overall very happy with it.
  2. Yeah... I ran outta line . Either way, ill try it tomorrow and see how much improvement it does. By next month I should have enough free time to unspool all that and respool some cheap thick mono to fatten it up then put the 300yds of braid on top to reach that line.
  3. put the 547yds of 12lb braid on top of the 20lb braid ... before and after pics (on the 7.6ft rod): (yeah have to clean them a bit more ) .
  4. @ work now , when I return i'lll post the pic. I have two rods for the reel... 7.6 ft long, Penn Allegiance II (medium power, extra fast action, max 1oz lure rating, max 50lb braid) and 10ft long, Penn Batallion (medium-heavy power, fast action, max 5oz lure rating, 80lb braid max). I have no issues with the 10ft rod but I rather wanted to use the more sensitive and shorter rod for jetty fishing for mackerel.. the 10ft is for surf/bigger fish using bait. The braid im getting is Sougayilang 12lb braid 547yds. I was just wondering if there'd be any trouble just using a line to line knot linking the 20lb to the 12lb braid and not have to remove the 20lb (pain in the neck) given I would not be getting even close to ever having the 20lb line going out of the reel at that point.
  5. Ill post a photo tomorrow. Thank you all for the info. I didn't know a half empty reel could affect casting like that. HMMMM Until then... will linking the 12lb braid to my existing half-full reel of 20lb braid be ok? Or is it better to just remove all the 20lb and put only 12lb in there? By putting 300yds or so of 12lb I don't think the 20lb line will ever leave the spool honestly... but it will fill it up so that the 12lb goes to the edge near max capacity.
  6. Hello, I have a Penn Allegiance II rod (medium power, extra fast action, max 1oz lure rating, max 50lb braid) with a Spinfisher VI 6500LL on it. It's a 7.6ft long rod. Using 20lb braid and a 30lb fluoro leader to cast spoons for spanish mackerel. Using 1.5oz spoon. Issue: My casting distance is too short. Everyone else tossing spoons was getting nearly 4x the distance of mine. I've been told I need more weight to toss further but adding weights to the main line just before the leader results in the spoon spinning in mid-air and the hook grabbing the main line... a lot. I can't put the weight on the leader or it affects how the spoon rotates. Tried a 2oz spoon but the results were not much better. 4 and 5oz spoons are hard to find and they be expensive. Was also told to lower my main line to 12lbs keeping my leader at 30lb... and this should allow my rod to toss my 1.5oz spoons far. I have not tested this yet (12lb braid arrives in a few days!!). Other advice I received was to buy 4/0 weighted treble hooks (which I did) and to just replace the hooks on my current spoons ... this should add about half an ounce of weight without affecting performance. So my questions are: 1- This rod says the lure rating is 1oz max. How does one set up a 1oz spoon to cast far in this rod? 2- My planned spoon rig setup: 12 lb braid Main line ----------50lb swivel----snap on swivel connected to the 50lb swivel at the snap on end ----- 4ft 30lb fluoro leader line connected to the swivel end of the snap on swivel -----------1/2 oz bullet weight----1oz to 2oz spoon using weighted treble hook. This I think would have the swivel and snap on swivel unusual connection allowing me to change leader and its attached hook/lure conveniently while at the same time allowing me to connect the line directly to lure/hook and avoid mackerel being spooked by the presence of something other than the lure. The bullet weight should not interfere with the spoon rotating action and the weighted treble hook should add a little more throw power behind it. Of course, all swivels and snap ons are black in color.. nothing flashy or bright. 3- Does lowering the main line lb rating really help? If it was mono I'd understand but braid is so thin I can't see how going down from 20 to 12 lb makes any difference in this scenario. 4- My reel currently has: about 10yds of 14lb mono at the start (used to provide the braid line with better grab on the reel) and 300yds of 20lb braid. The reel still has a good 300yds worth of space for braid .... would there be any problem if I connect the new 12lb braid via a line to line knot to the 20lb and just spool the 300yds of 12lb line over it? Or should I just remove all the 20lb braid off the reel and put in the 12lb braid instead? Any advice appreciated! Thank you!
  7. "The reel you are looking at is like 25oz which is way too heavy for what I would do with it. Would never use that for mangrove snapper or mackerel, because those applications are light line casting applications and overall weight matters the most when you casting multiple times a day and it has to balance with the rod." Ah, you meant heavy as in literal weight wise... ok. I was interpreting it as if the reel was too powerful or something of the sort. So... its more of a 'your hand gets tired from casting with that reel/rod because its heavier' type thing then. Its not going to affect casting distance or cause a problem when having a fish on the line. All this information has been very helpful thank you again. When I get the time to head to the inlet I'll let you know!
  8. I was under the impression that the rod is what made the setup either light/sensitive to fish biting and such....not the reel. Would not mating a 6500 to the 7ft medium/light rod (ar a more light/fast action rod) have the same effect? I'm not understanding what the reel has to make it 'heavy' ... the smaller reels like a 4500 have 20lb drag while the 6500 has 30lb drag... wouldn't having the higher drag max (while you can still lower it via the mechanism) be something more desirable? Not arguing just trying to understand how the reel size / drag of reel interacts with the rod type selection.
  9. Thanks that would be appreciated. I take my old man to fish when I can... maybe next week if the weather is right (waiting for cooler weather!). If I may ask, what's the aversion to the 6500? Isn't it for all purposes just the same reel as smaller models but with more line capacity? Drag is the same as the smaller models.
  10. Thank you this is most informative. Would you say the Penn Spinfisher VI 6500 live liner combo would work for south jetty? For bait or lure use? I could also maybe match that same reel with a 2nd rod for beach casting, the one used in another Penn Spinfisher VI 6500 combo... its a 10ft rod, moderate fast action, heavy power 15-30 line rating. ? Spinfisher VI 6500 Live Liner Combo: REEL SIZE 6500 MONO CAPACITY YD/LB 390/12 345/15 205/20 BRAID CAPACITY YD/LB 485/30 410/40 335/50 BEARING COUNT 6 MAX DRAG LB 30lb | 13.6kg GEAR RATIO 5.6:1 RETRIEVE RATE 42" | 107cm ROD LENGTH 7' ROD ACTION Fast NUMBER OF PIECES 1 ROD POWER Medium Heavy LINE RATING 15-30 GUIDES INCLUDING TIP 7 GUIDE TYPE Dura-Guides
  11. - Right! Sorry I should have been more clear ... I am not new to fishing , I have fished before but not regularly.. up to now I've only been able to go fishing like once every 4 months or so....this is the first time I will own fishing gear. Well, I do own a sabiki rod but I don't think that counts... I just used it to catch live bait when fishing from boats. I've been using rental gear or borrowed gear when going out with family on the rare coastal outings. Now I live close to the coast and I expect to be able to go fishing more often and spend many of my days off throwing bait in the water. ... so its time to buy some gear. - I choose bail-less because I abhor bails and how they screw up my casting. I have tried one before and within the hour got used to it and it works wonderful for me. - I do have a very thin glove I use when fishing to protect my fingers. - I'm choosing the 6500 because it would allow me to eventually use it from a boat or surf (switching rods of course) and the new PennVI has brass pieces starting from 6500 onwards...which I like. Overall I think this one is the most versatile of the bunch. Thanks for the LiveLiner description.. I do like that and I do use live bait when possible so I will be getting that one then. The main part of my post was to ask what rod to match to this reel for pier fishing. I see a comment that a 7ft rod would be too small for the 6500 reel yet Penn matches the liveliner 6500 to a 7ft rod. So.. for pier fishing (primarily) would the 6500 live liner mated to the 10ft, 15-30 line rated, moderate-fast action, heavy rod power rod would be good? (the rod is from the penn website, standard spinfisher VI combo 6500.... id just be changing the reel to live liner) Or should I stick to the 7ft live liner rod that comes with the penn combo? (7ft, 15-30 line rating, fast action, medium heavy power) ? Too bad Penn doesn't state what rod type model they are matching to the reel..that would be super helpful.
  12. I'm sorry this has happened to you. There is no greater sauce than soy sauce The only alternative to sodium based salt flavor is Potassium salt. There are no products like soy sauce made with potassium for the simple reason that the human body tolerates much larger amounts of sodium than it does potassium... and too much potassium will wreck your internal organs far worse than too much sodium in any one given day. Soy sauce flavor comes from the saltyness of the sodium based salt and the umami overload from the fermentation of soy. There is a recipe to make something that tastes similar to soy sauce but has no sodium to speak of and a very low amount of potassium yet its enough to give it a salty taste: Here's the link to one recipe: If you want it saltier to match soy sauce more closely, you can add Morton's Salt Substitute (potassium based salt) ... but be sure to ask your doctor first about how much potassium you should be taking per day.
  13. Never owned any fishing gear but always hear good things about Penn. Been reading a lot about how to match rods and reels and... it is quite confusing to say the least. Some info on my needs: Where I'm looking to fish at: Sebastian Inlet, FL. Jetty/Pier fishing . Target Species: Redfish, Mackerel, Grouper, Snappers. Been advised to use Braid in this fishing location due to the strong current when the tide changes and rocky bottoms that fish cut lines with all the time when hooked. So braided line with fluoro leader. Initially was thinking on purchasing: Reel: Penn Spinfisher V 6500 bail-less Model Gear Ratio Mono Line Capacity (yd/lb) Braid Line Capacity (yd/lb) Max Drag Inches per Turn Bearings Retrieve Weight SSV6500BLS 5.6:1 330/12, 300/15, 210/20 430/30, 340/40, 280/50 30 lbs. 39" 5+1 Interchangeable 23 oz. Rod: Ugly Stik Tiger Spinning Rod Model Rod Length Power Pieces Line Weight (lb.) Lure Weight (oz.) Guides USTB1050S702 7'0" Medium 2 10 - 50 1/2 - 6 6+Tip I admit I do not understand what or how the reel's max drag stat should be matched to the rod's line weight/power. This is most confusing. I thought this rod and reel combination would allow the widest range of flexibility. Then I went to the Penn website and browsed around for a day... After looking at the Penn Spinfisher VI video, visiting the Penn website and looking at the rod/reel combos I am leaning towards getting the new Spinfisher VI .. because, why not get the latest tech? Should help the clueless somewhat no? Anyways...I don't understand what the heck 'liveliner' does (website doesn't really explain and the video obviously assumes the audience knows all the terms used). Could I have a layman's terms explanation of its features/functions please? Following that, I looked at the Spinfisher VI rod/reel combos .. both for liveliner and standard (could not find bail-less in either format) at the 6500 size. A short 6ft rod or a 10ft rod option for the standards and 7ft only option for the liveliner. Very confused now. Since you are the experts... which would be the best fit for my fishing location / needs / target species? Thank you!
  14. Hello, I could use some advice on rod/reel and hook type for Sebastian Inlet. I usually fish from a boat so I don't really own any rods or reels per say. Been looking at: Reel: Penn Spinfisher V 6500 bail-less Model Gear Ratio Mono Line Capacity (yd/lb) Braid Line Capacity (yd/lb) Max Drag Inches per Turn Bearings Retrieve Weight SSV6500BLS 5.6:1 330/12, 300/15, 210/20 430/30, 340/40, 280/50 30 lbs. 39" 5+1 Interchangeable 23 oz. Rod: Ugly Stik Tiger Spinning Rod (looking at the 2-piece model as it has widest line weight range and its easier to transport..and seems the most versatile overall) Model Rod Length Power Pieces Line Weight (lb.) Lure Weight (oz.) Guides USTB1230S701 7'0" Medium Light 1 12 - 30 1/2 - 4 6+Tip USTB2050S701 7'0" Medium 1 20 - 50 3/4 - 6 6+Tip USTB1050S702 7'0" Medium 2 10 - 50 1/2 - 6 6+Tip I will admit I've no clue how the reel's drag is supposed to interact with the line weight so any advice/feedback is appreciated. For Sebatian Inlet I read a 2/0 hook should work for snappers/mackerels (my primary interest) ... this be accurate or should I use a different size hook? Thank you!