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  1. Over the last few years hairline and others at fly shops have gotten shorter and shorter where I've looked. Ordered a bunch of 4 to 5+" hair tails on ebay last winter from wolf customs. great quality and relatively cheap. gone now but bet there are other sellers like him.
  2. HAHA! yeah. In the last poll 100% of us $^@#* surfcasters think a 10/0 treble with an ounce of lead is pretty cool in the head of grandmother or child on any party boat within range. actually worth double points! This guy was trying to snag lines as they drifted over the blitz (don't remember which party boat), shortly before they drove the school off the tip with half a dozen other boats. I can understand drifting or anchoring around a bunker blitz within casting distance of shore to put their customers on top of fish. It's their livelihood and I respect that even if it ruins it for the guys on the jetty or beach. Regularly running past within casting distance for no apparent reason just seems inconsiderate. Will need to look for him and mention it next time I'm down there to visit Bernie's. Hopefully Tony and other guys will be more receptive if I say Billy suggested it.
  3. This! and putting them on the back of your hand under gloves. I've tried stormr and a few other fishing gloves and always go back to good merino or rag wool. Several pairs to swap out when they get wet and extra hand warmers. Also make sure your gloves fit well. If theyre not big enough theyll restrict circulation and make it worse. Same thing with a small diameter grip on your rod or too tight a grip. Best advice I read on SOL a while ago was to make sure you have enough layers to keep your core temp up. theory being as your core temp drops your hands and feet are the first thing to go and it becomes harder to warm up your hands. maybe its psychological but definitely works for me... easier to unzip and cool off than warm up.
  4. I’m sure the captains and crew are good people and great to their clients but I’ve been tempted to rip a sinker at these boats every time they run over the outgoing rip off breezy. Always seems like they need to cut it close around the tip when there’s a good bite, lots of bait or as soon as I get a plug 150 yards out on the perfect arc with the rip. Mostly bitter about the Marilyn Jean running straight over one of the only two albie bites I found this fall. Honestly can’t understand why they do it. to save maybe 30 seconds tops? If anyone wants to mention it next time they’re out, there will be some very appreciative jetty guys. If not, keep your eye out and duck! One of the regulars narrowly missed with a big bunker snagger during the early November blitzes.
  5. Should've double checked. They are 60/40 split 1165 - 9.75oz. 1167 - 10.4oz. Just used my gf's baking scale so no guaranty. The 1165 is more moderate fast. 1167 is fast. Wish they had better customer service but love all 4 of the blanks i've ordered from them.
  6. Don’t know how you’ll be using the rod and only brought it up because I used kb and kt 6 running guides on the 1165 and love the way it feels. I got much better distance using lighter braid and havent found a need for anything heavier than 20# plugging the open beach for south shore LI bass and blues. Casting leader or shock leader is for extra insurance against breakoffs with heavier sinkers and plugs and for me extra peace of mind for abrasion resistance and landing fish. If my scale and notes were right the top 70% of the 1167 blank is only 3.7oz but its capable of bombing well over 5oz. I’ve only used it chunking and a few days with heavy plugs and bunker schools way out. If you search “braid leader” or something like that there are a bunch of good threads and posts on it. KW 30 25 20 12 is all double foot KW 30 to single foot KL 20 12 works since the KL 20 is taller than KW 20 Maybe I’ve put my foot in my mouth and will learn something new! Haven’t tried that layout with the reel sizes you’re using and might have accidentally opened up an unnecessary can off worms. but there are probably several threads that have answered the question.
  7. Thanks guys. Grumpy’s seems like the best bet.
  8. Any suggestions for surf blank shopping in the greater NYC area? I’ve searched and called around and most places nearby seem to have limited options and/or only carry a single brand. Have a list of higher end 9’ M/H blanks I’m considering and would love get my hands on. Don’t mind taking a drive up to CT, out long island or to NJ if its worth the trip. Or should I just just wait until I can see them at the winter shows?
  9. I built on that blank and think you’ll love it - very light for all the power. Used KW 30 25 20 12, to kt 8s with 30# braid and long 40 or 50# mono leaders. Also built an 1165 with KW 30 to KL 20 12 8 choke to 6 runners and like that layout more with a mono leader outside the guides to 40-60# FGd braid casting leader to 20# braid mainline as recommended by ZA. don’t like casting a mono leader through anything smaller than 8s. Im new to rod building but might be something to consider if you want to keep the tip feeling lighter.
  10. Hi Dan, I’d like to place an order. Bullet head 3/4oz - 5 long, 5 short 1oz - 5 long, 5 short 1 1/2 oz - 5 long, 5 short Shad head 1oz - 4 long 1 1/2 - 4 long Could I add some bare forward balance bullet head bucktail jigs? 1oz - 4 long 3 short 1 1/2oz - 4 long 3 short 2oz - 2 long 2 short 2 1/2 - 2 long 2 short Also any chance you have eel squids / wobble head tins? lost my last PJ wobble head the other night and can’t find any nearby. Think I remember you posting about the ultimus tins a while back but I couldn't find it. Thanks
  11. 2nd and 3rd small supreme and surfcaster bag. Supreme bag has a separate double sided tin and bucktail slot pouch. I cut the tubes across on an angle. 2” shorter on the left up to full height in case I want a few minnow plugs. nice to have a small bag for summer fluke albies etc. take the tubes out and add some gulp bags to that pocket too
  12. An effort to restock and study stripers in rivers that have been cleaned up and had dams removed would be really interesting. Started reading The Complete Book of Striped Bass Fishing by Lyman and Woolner (1954) this morning: ‘435 striped bass seined from NJ and transported to California in 1881 increased there numbers to such an extent that the net catch alone in 1899 amounted to 1,234,000 pounds. In 1915 the peak was reached with a market total of 1,784,448 pounds.’ They also write about strong populations in New England rivers and distinct ‘races’ of bass up and down the coast believing some are local and others migrate further depending on bait availability and weather patterns. They don’t cite much evidence but there are some really interesting stories like wintering bass in the Parker river MA being wiped out by commercial fisherman through the ice.
  13. Giant Striped Bass in New Brunswick | Fish'n Canada just popped up in my you tube. They have some beautiful fish up there.
  14. I know there aren't many people who fish it and I've spent a lot of time trying to figure this out so figured I'd throw it out if anyone has insight. I have a handle on the basics from checking the NOAA current speed and water level predictions nearly every time I fish a spot here, but am looking to learn more on the variations from the predicted times and levels. Under calm conditions they are usually consistent, but any big wind changes the water levels and current speed in ways I sometimes wouldn't expect. For example yesterday at a spot near a prediction station, slack low tide (when the current switches from ebb/southwest to flood/northeast) was nearly 30 minutes late with a much longer slack period. Makes some sense with the strong northwest wind. What I don't get is why the water level predicted to hit low 2 hours after slack was higher than expected and came up slower than usual. I figured it would be the opposite with the wind holding back the water level as it did the current. Know the current and water level are influence by the tide in LI sound NY bite and hudson/harlem river. Any ideas on how wind effects those influences? Might be a fools errand but it makes a big difference for if and when spots set up. Any resource to learn more about whats going on?
  15. On the beach a 5. Never seen bigger schools of bunker and only had snag and drop dogfish
  16. Fall treated me well - lots of skunky nights mixed with big booms of big fish. Looking through the log trying to figure out why they popped up where they did and find more windows for next year.
  17. the few i've found have been golden. especially off a shelf Was missing this part and should have put it together sooner. Remember 9' east river tides on the last new moon while they were only 6' when I fished out the south shore. Water really piles up here. What really got me thinking more about this was a charter I keep seeing on the east river. Looks smaller than some of the 6 pack boats i've seen but has a full cabin - never get a good look with the two blinding lights off the back. It's always around drifting off some of the spots I fish as soon as they set up. Then I watch him run to another rip or eddy about to setup. Spent Sunday evening on Randalls Island and watched him stem drifts up one side and down the other as the current swirled around there. Would go out in a heartbeat to pick his brain if anyone knows who it might be.
  18. That’s awesome. didnt have a single one in the river this year. One cocktail size tail bite off a paddle tail was it. Would be a blast in that current with any decent size blue. This has been working best for me too. I’ll go heavier in some deeper areas I know are relatively snag free but usually easier to pop it out of a snag if I’m using lighter weights. Found the same thing with the wind too. Any cross wind over 10mph with the current and it’s nearly impossible to feel where you are. interesting about high. I haven’t had much luck on that tide - need to put in some more time around it. Definitely takes a lot of work to find fish in this river. Lots of spots look fishy and it’s always hard to read the bottom from all the surface patterns. Im only starting to dial in a few spots that reliably produce fish but know there are some big ones in here even if they’re just passing through.
  19. Really interesting. Experienced the great early spring east river/western sound bite and assumed those fish were leaving fish leaving the Hudson. Also assumed they would would return to the Hudson late fall and early winter to spend the winter. Knew about the spawning run but not that there was a good early fall bite there. Are there bass in the Hudson year round?
  20. Workin on it
  21. I'm checking sierra trading post every once in a while the next few months for fishing closeout season. Got 2 TFO GIS inshore rods last year at 65% off when they rebranded the lineup. Wish I got 5.
  22. Water temp definitely matters and bait definitely matters. Also important to clarify northeast resident/holdover patterns from migratory fish patterns. In my mind, i think of course a bass that travels all the way to the Chesapeake for winter is going to prefer certain water temps and will chase whatever bait is around in those water temps. Similarly a bass that has followed a bait offshore will push it right up on the beach when the conditions are right for that bait to get close to shore. From my experience in two areas with strong holdover populations, temperature doesn't matter as much as CHANGES in temperature. Especially the difference in water temperature between ocean temp and river or bay water temp. You can always catch stripers if they are around and there are definitely good MA holdovers. There will be a ton of bassholes jigging in CT this winter with sheets of ice on the water and water temps under 40. I just think a reaction strike and fight from a dormant winter bass is less than fun and think they should be left alone. Tried it caught some good fish and gave up after I snagged a 30" under the pectoral. Would much rather be there when the water starts to warm up and they start crushing herring in the current and fighting like real stripers. Tonight the water was 47 in the western sound and obviously dropping faster in the rivers and bays. Lots of good bass putting on the feedbag with no obvious big bait around. Short answer. I don't think there's a magic number.
  23. For me it does, but usually because I only do it when I know it will be fishy. I love the night before a front even more.
  24. When I was 12 I sank my grandfather's dingy leaning too far off the back corner to land a fish. Hadn't closed the tackle box that was off limits to the grandkids. He made me knock on every neighbors door, explain what I did and and ask them to help tow it out. Spent the next week snorkeling in the spring NH water to get his rods reels and all lures and other tackle and the entire summer working to pay off the motor repairs. Only highlight was the biggest snapping turtle I've ever seen chomping down all the yellow perch and bass on the stringer.
  25. Also found a great article: “New York City’s East River and Hell Gate by Captbbrucato on the NY tugmaster’s weblog. Tons of information for those interested. Sorry, forgot about the links rule and left it in the last post.