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  1. This is a fantastic idea. It would be epic dumped into a single spreadsheet a la "Line testing, ABS and KBS, a work in progress", and I'd gladly contribute everything in my growing arsenal. especially interested in adding integrated and density compensated sinking head/tip lengths. It would be great to focus on some objective numbers less truthiness. Im learning to appreciate my short heads, long double tapers and everything in between. Everything has its place depending on your mood, but deciphering lines is always frustrating. The impulse buy 25' freightliner is my new favorite head. Loves unplugging big flies basic skagit with an appropriate tip. most versatile line I've fished and first of its kind for me, so I won't make any judgements.
  2. Apples and Oranges for me. IMO weight and gap is more important. Split rings and hooks have come a long way. On some plugs in some scenarios I like a cut hook, for others a heavier fancy short shank with a split ring.
  3. Great to see you're back out there and here. Thanks for putting vevadoo on my radar. I've settled on the beast sling to carry both rods and plenty of flies and plugs.
  4. Awesome. I'll take em
  5. Bump
  6. Thanks I'm interested if that hookr is at least 6"
  7. What size are the hooker and pbau?
  8. I love the design idea but the gap is too big for that wire. The 2/0 and 4/0 didnt hold up to a few small slot fish in current or snakehead thrashing for me. I'm OK with some flex but they opened up way too easily. Ill try and dig up the other ones. they're just as bad. Heard the smaller sizes would have the same diameter as the 2/0 and he teased the SW/big game version but I havent looked into them. I've mixed in more otmds and the owner xl and jungle.
  9. Same here. It's always the way it goes - by the first big moon the trunk and garrage get hit by the plug and fly hurricane. I have plenty of boxes for fussy stuff like deer hair heads, bulky head synthetics and hollows or when I really need to stay organized with weights and patterns. I used to do the same with flatwings. Once I started fishing the really big ones, I didn't like carrying a giant box. I rinse and hang dry right in the car. Just upgraded from paper clips to Gruv jig launchpads on the side of the fly crate.
  10. How much memory does a flatwing have? Every flatwing gets soaked before it's cast. Once it's underwater, it's alive. If it can tell the difference between a box, wallet or sushi roll, I'd be very surprised. The ones in rotation live in vedavoo wallets and get mangled. Sometimes they even get lost in forgotten reel bags. A soak and hang dry and it'll look fresh off the vice. When fished they'll relax just the same.
  11. Hook R please
  12. Any thoughts on price or which you'd be open to selling?
  13. Unfortunately no. CCWs are all heavily used and can't let go of them. too much mojo. Thin on gliders too.
  14. Appreciate it. Not sure how many you want to let go. Open to the others or could move to a trade if I have anything you're looking for.
  15. Thanks MW, I assume the yellow and salmonish pink are the larger size? What's your price? Very interested in the yellow and light grey over white.