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  1. I did! Far more entertaining and made me laugh out loud for a lot of Tom Fote’s time. Maybe he’s a nice guy, but I assumed a basic understanding of the science and agreed facts outlined in ASMFCs own materials would be a prerequisite for representing ones state.
  2. Of all the things I find absurd about the ASMFC scheduling an hour for this conversation goes straight to the top of the list. I'll bet the accountability measure keeps getting kicked down the road with more excuses. Do we know if there will be a live stream for this round of meetings? I've enjoyed pulling my hair out trying to understand arguments from MD and NJ.
  3. Went north to catch up with Larry in some small NH ponds. I decided to leave the conventional gear at home and had a blast sight fishing and figuring out how to fight and land them around heavy pads and grass. Definitely forced me to improve my accuracy and strip set timing. The biggest landed was only 16" but I was surprised to see some true toads coming clear out of the water after mating dragon flies.
  4. Lots of small spanish around western inlet but very short window for when they're in fly range from the jetty. Hopefully bonito soon.
  5. None of these lips have any play but should be able to find something to loosen em up if it's not epoxied. Was inspired by the previous repaint posts to refinish a few. After going through some of the plug building posts on the process I definitely want to give it a shot.
  6. Thanks dblhauler but I found one. Forgot to close this.
  7. Thanks for the ideas. I have several plugs I need to rewire and a few I wanted to repaint so might as well give it a shot. My initial idea was to fill the off center hanger holes with dowel plugs then drill new holes on axis. Might take a shot at planing down one of the slopes if the grain allows. Think I'll only mess with the lips if I can loosen it with some solvents - assuming it's epoxied in there.
  8. On closer inspection and swim test it definitely effects action. Also realized only 1 of my 4 has the planed slope, lip, line tie and swivels aligned on the same axis. We'll see if they catch this fall. They didn't roll out in strong current and I've only seen one bunker swim in a perfectly straight zig zag for 50 yards.
  9. What rod was it? How long originally and how much did you break off? The length action and material will determine how much of the blank is still functional. If you do replace the tip make sure you get a clean cut off near the break point. If not the blank will continue to split and crack under stress. Lots of methods but a very fine tooth hack or coping saw or dremmel works. Tape also helps prevent splitting but isn't always necessary.
  10. I'll keep experimenting. Ive been considering some of the larger sling style packs with rod holder straps but am going to try a belt holder and shoulder strap clip setup. Got the 3rd hand holder for paddle board lake fishing and was impressed. Unfortunately it doesn't hold the surf rod well enough.
  11. You're right it's a blast! I just started this spring. Was on a tight budget so got a TFO ticrx 8wt cheap in the bst, Rio outbound 8wt floating and reddington behemoth. It's been enough rod for schoolie to 34" stripers, small blues some fluke and perfect for big largemouth poppers and deerhair bugs. Rio outbound is a shorter heavier head so easier to load and shoot with less line the air. Might upgrade the reel if it craps out but so far it's held up to plenty of sand mud and dunking with minimal maintenance. Casting lessons and a lot of practice will be the first thing to focus on. Took a while for things to click for me but I've gotten to the point where I can put the fly in front of fish and they don't seem to care about my loops. This dysfunctional fly forum family is awesome. A search can yield a ton of info and you'll always get several completely different and very useful answers.
  12. About to do a search on the subject but... do you have any preferred methods for carrying both rods? I tried using gear ties on a backpack but it's a pita when wading and rockhoping on the jetties and boulders with belt bags and stripping basket and long surf rod butt.
  13. Not yet will let you know when I get the chance.
  14. I started using a drop shot 3-way rig type rig earlier this spring for some deep snaggy spots and heavier weights and love it. I assumed the circle hook would foul and tangle but it rarely happens. Here are a few early experiments. Ended up just using spro combo swivels when I switched over to circle hooks and longer 'dropper' sections. Basically just reversed the proportions of a 3 way rig and change length based on structure and line angle.
  15. One left at Tight Lines.