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  1. Thanks ZA, this method worked really well keeping all the wraps aligned under even pressure. Always relied on the stiffness of mono or flouro tying it with just my hands. With 12 or 13 pairs of wraps of 20# on 50# leader braid, I was able to lift a 20lb dumbbell so obviously more than satisfied. Gonna go rip some some fast sinking little necks with way more confidence.
  2. Second going heavier or lighter. That tiralejo is a great all around south shore beach rod and would try to figure out which he’s more interested in. Lighter for back bay / albie / beach fluke vs heavier for chunking/big plugs /rough conditions and inlet fishing. Also suggest posting this in the rod building forum if you want more feedback. Has some of the best builders out there and a lot of local builders who do rods like these all the time.
  3. I don’t think most are willing to lose enough bucktails to really learn how to effectively fish the piece of structure they’re on - where/what the structure is, where the current seams are where the fish hold on it, or the proper weights to fish it throughout the changing current speed of tide. Same goes for any lead head soft plastic. Recommend any beginner without a mentor watch John Skinner and especially Rich Troxlers videos on bucktailing over and over again. Honestly as many times as possible.
  4. Caught and seen a bunch when bigger bait is around. Shad in October and several 30#s and a 40# on big bunker schools in close this past week. they’re out there but windows are short.
  5. I felt the same way first few times I called. Was worried about what effect that fine or other consequences might have for someone just trying to catch dinner. I'm more impressed that they responded to the call. Don't know where you were but I gave up calling in New Haven unless they were repeat offender or poaching. Had better results just explaining why it was illegal and sometimes embellishing the consequences of getting caught. Also never had NY DEC officer respond to calls in brooklyn or queens. Honestly don't think they will unless we start paying for licenses. Also think they rightfully have bigger fish to fry.
  6. Really appreciate the feedback. Had too many nights and mornings fishing an awesome bite to check this but will definitely take the time to try out these techniques and other knots. Heard about FGing braid to braid a while ago and my interest was mostly about casting a heavier leader through small running guides. Love the way a few of those 5 and 6 running guide rods feel but found myself needing more leader. I think my initial problem was the leader wrapping around the mainline during some of the wraps. will also try doubling the uni to uni and bob sands. I've been really impressed by the strength of the FG braid to mono and fluoro so will report back.
  7. Great review. I've beat the crapolla out of a spheros sw 6000 for 5 years with only basic maintenance and its still the smoothest most reliable reel I've fished. best $200 I ever spent on any fishing gear with spare spools at $40 each. While still a decent value I'm really disappointed to see the inshore doesn't hold up the SW's standard and don't regret waiting for it. Would LOVE a spheros or gossa 3/4k but am really enjoying abusing the saltist back bay so won't think twice.
  8. I'm not a distance caster but my searches about a braid to braid leader FG turned up a lot of mentions here. Can't find much detailed information on it though and my attempts at tying it keep failing. I really started enjoying the rods I have with smaller running guides and decided to try the heavy braid leader on a few lighter outfits where I need the longer leader and abrasion resistance. Currently trying to get the FG to work between 20# jbraid grand and 50# suffix 832. I've tried different numbers of wraps and tension but it keeps breaking as I cinch it down or when stressed above 10 pounds (according to my dumbbell scale). tried other combinations of braid with similar results and my braid to mono fg is reliable. For those of you that fish it whats the secret?
  9. Striped bass historically spawned in all the way up and down the coast before we showed up decimated the population and blocked or polluted nearly all major New England rivers and estuaries. Tons of evidence of this... Check out "A Report on the Historic Spawning Grounds of the Striped Bass, Morone Saxatilis" Michael J. Little for a brief overview. can read with a free account on Jstor. Hope they return as these places keep getting cleaned up and the population recovers (knock on wood).
  10. Thanks again to everyone for all the suggestions. Dug through some old posts and conversations and decided to go with the TFO TIRCX suggested by many. Next up, looking into line options. Have at least 70 tabs open and few pages of notes. Plan to visit orvis again and river bay outfitters tomorrow. Starting to understand the terminology and line characteristics and looking for something versatile so I can jump back in and learn and adjust from there. Any advice on intermediate and sink tip lines also sinking poly leaders? Leaning towards a sinking tip and have a ton of specific questions but figure it would be better to keep it general. Know I'll need to get down 90% of the time to reach fish in these conditions and wondering about tradeoffs casting and working these lines in these steep rocky shore rips and eddies. Thanks again, Jake
  11. Did something like this on one my first attempts to rebuild a rod. Fortunately it was a thick walled graphite composite blank. Tied it off to a post and leaned into if harder than I thought I should. Been fishing it for years and forgot about it until today. Only 1 way to find out.
  12. I'll take it! responding to PM now.
  13. New rabbit hole here we come! was thinking about fly presentations working little sluggos around the rocks and seams and realized I need to pick up a fly rod asap. Yes, very impulsive. Wasn't urban anglers - checked their website and ruled them out but begrudgingly adjusting my expectations. Really appreciate the advice and hopefully more to come. my first surf rod definitely shaped my casting style and expectations so look forward to pulling the trigger and going from there.
  14. Wasn't for the slot but at least (maybe) I'll see fewer mojo/bunker spoon caught cows reeled in by some asshat with $150 for a charter who's never invested more than a few hours learning how to catch their own fish?
  15. I'm sure this has been covered many times before so please bear with me. My initial search in this forum was overwhelming and I don't need many more fishing rabbit holes at this time (a 'newbies look here' fly fishing edition would be awesome). I never had much interest in stripers on a fly because I loved fishing fast current and deep water for bigger fish from shore so thought it was impractical. But this fall with all the small fish and a new home area with what I think are several perfect spots, I'd like to get back to fly fishing. In most of these spots 20-30" stripers are after small to medium bait relatively tight to steep rocky shore structure. Currently throwing slugo, jerkbait or paddle tail style baits on swim bait hooks or jig heads up to 3/4 oz focussing on eddies pockets and other seams around rocky outcrops. Also more than enough room for comfortable backcasts. Did a lot of freshwater fly fishing as a kid and remember casting well enough to catch some good fish with cheap sports authority combos. Hope it'll be like riding a bike! So what's an affordable but adequate rod reel and line pairing for casting medium baitfish patterns from river, inlet and possibly bay shorelines? Started reading about line styles and weights and would love some recommendations to get started here in slow to moderate current. Basically whats the fly equivalent of a 3-4000 BG/Spinfisher, 8-9' mod-fast medium Tica/mojo/airwave etc and 30# braid that I would recommend to someone getting started in these conditions? Something to get my feet wet but enough quality to enjoy and capability to handle bigger fish if necessary. Can I keep this under $300 or do I need to change my expectations? Sticker shock doesn't even begin to describe my reaction at a NYC fly shop over the weekend...