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  1. Caught the bug hard this spring. It was a long frustrating learning process but totally worth it for this 25". They've destroyed a bunch of my bass bug hooks, so I've been throwing the striper flies and ordered an assortment of heavy wire worm hooks. Now searching for for weedless, snagless fly designs. The slop busters and bendback siliclone style variations are top of my list, but would love any other suggestions!
  2. If youre staying under 10oz and 5 kn you shouldn't rip their heads off. Just a giant hole or clean tear out.
  3. Bigger, smaller all fish. True fisherman don't know how to text, use the internet or webinar. They're unrepresented in the comments. All the fish are starving.
  4. Or we could sign them up for a basic science class. Tom and Mike shouldn't be allowed to use the word.
  5. I'll take 2 diving swimmers. Yellow and white.
  6. I agree on the ECS SBS comparison. Haven’t seen or had my hands on the other SBS, but this looks like a solid mod-fast to me. Big variation amongst brands and lineups. Only way to get rid of semantics would be a CCS or simple pound test curve for all the blanks. It’s all relative until you put numbers on it. Glad to see NFC started to do this and wish others would to.
  7. 1 month bump!
  8. This was the biggest issue for me. I’ve chunked and live eeled with circles but where I fish rigged, slack to light current around heavy structure, I couldn’t figure out out how to give them enough time to turn and hook themselves.
  9. How about a demo day right out of the the shop or somewhere locally for all us NY and Jersey guys? Hoping the moderate is actually more parabolic and not just a softer tip.
  10. There is a ton confusion around this and I don’t want to add to it. My understanding of the March ASMFC circle hook update is that a jig is considered an artificial. Same with a tin so no circle hook required. I’m not sure how heavy the jig must be but I rarely use them unweighted. I tried circle hooked riggies late last fall with a worm weight in the head ballyhoo swivel style. There’s a long thread from November or December but my results were not good. I still had to add at least 1/2oz under the chin to keel a decent size eel. Figure I might as well lash it to a 1/2 jig head.
  11. Maybe I missed other iterations of this thread theme but always enjoyed fish on custom wood. After reading Ken's short confessional bit on spun deerhair American eel flatwings in Striper Moon, I knew I had to try it. 8" 5 feather on a 4/0 SL12s. Screen_Recording_20210415-224939_Photos_1.mp4
  12. Circle hooks should only be required for those with sand spikes, bells, buckets and boats.
  13. Sounds good. Just saw it was still available on the first page and missed his post. Thanks