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  1. I will in some places but it hasn't worked out well with micro barbs in surf on rocks.
  2. I usually add triangular sheet foam wings. I'll cut a notch in the base, tie em in reverse then wrapped the brush between the foam. It gives it a little support but most of spread/support is in stiffer material in the brush. Popper or cylinder slice would probably hold up better. I've just been lazy about thinking through spacing. I like they're easy to trim or rip out on the fly and get neurotic about hook gap. Also a big fan of Conomo/Tbone body tubing support to keep them sparse. My only requirement for the big stuff without the 10 or 11wt is it should be flatwing style "read a newspaper through it" sparse.
  3. Brushes with Squimpish or big fly fiber make it too easy. Almost dragon tail easy. I got 8 flies out of the Squimpish big fly brush and overdid a few. A few wraps of brush, maybe a wing or hollow for contrast, and head of choice. Easy peasy 5-10 minutes.
  4. A better example. Not as long but enjoyed this on a new 9wt titan long today. Foam in the head and no weight but a 6/0 owner spinnerbait hook.
  5. I wouldn't underestimate 12" squimpish on a 9 wt. Sedotti was overcoming the air restitant volume and drag of yak because yak was the only option. It works but I still hate the shock on a 11wt. With a slick straight fiber like squimpish the only weight necessary to overcome drag should be a hook fit for those terrorists. Add brush techniques and bit of predator style dub in the head and 12" full profile is surprisingly fun to cast. They won't push the same water as other options but David's brushes have been money when visual profile counts.
  6. For me a long leader is the only benefit for the FG. I've never had a problem with that connection going through guides. If the knot's not going through guides, I wouldn't waste my time with it. I'm not tying an FG while duck diving sets, but I haven't had to retie in the surf in a very long time. For spin and most rocks, 50# braid to at least 8' 60# big game with FG. I'll cut back and retie every few trips and can't remember the last time the FG failed me. My terminal knot always breaks before the FG around 40#. I'd rather tie on a new clip than a full leader.
  7. At this point we need a Jedi FG emoticon. Wrap standing around your pinking and thumb. Weave away. You'll be able to do it with eyes closed before you know it.
  8. I'm with Steve, but if you want that fly you have to go way down the tying rabbit hole to figure out what works for you in your current. No fly will turn without a jerk or overstrip strip (slack) but that doesn't mean they can't be fun to cast. Balanced bouyancy and head design goes a long way. Some turn from momentum others a tacking sail. 90% of the time I still swing them. For me and neutral fish, the turn makes the difference.
  9. Yes crazy if it was just built or you've never stripped a blank.
  10. How's that material holding up? I need a few more. Loved the velcro for average flies but could be annoying for bigger hooks. If I put a big hook in too deep it's a pita to rip out.
  11. Works for me. I’ll take them
  12. Mind waiting to see what happens with Hi Hook?
  13. Combo deal for the dark scale and junior troller?
  14. I’ll take both juniors or the second if the deal goes through with Hi Hook
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