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  1. It's about 18-20 feet deep or so( Lots of boats pass through as its a marina, so it should be relatively deep I'm just guessing) the current goes out moderately then when closer to low tide it starts ripping fast
  2. You are right, I should save the fight for the spring.
  3. So here is an image of what the area I fish looks like (This picture is taken at low tide). This also connects to a creek with sod banks (Top of the picture is the begging of the creek). The fish are feeding on peanut bunker ranging for 2 to 5 inches. They are mostly school bass and shad mixed in as well. In the middle is where all the water flows out into a channel then the jetty.
  4. Hi guys! I have some questions about what I've heard is one of the most versatile lures out there; The Buck tail. Now, I rarely use these and that's probably a bad thing as from videos on you tube, forums and articles they say they produce a lot and even catch some pretty nice sized bass! I've only used buck tails for fluke but want to try it for striped bass. In my Area, there are mostly bass in the 12-24 inch range (mostly school bass) but sometimes a 28 inch or bigger will appear. So my questions are; What size buck tails should I purchase? How should I fish these buck tails? and what are some other methods and tactics to use Buck tails? All help is very appreciated!!! Tight lines!
  5. I always do, and you are right, I see many people even including my friends who leave barbs on and rip the hook whether it be single hook or even treble and break the fishes mouth. It's a sad sight to see.
  6. Hello! I've got a few questions about fishing for striped bass during the winter months, as I REALLY don't wanna be playing video games indoors and would rather be catching fish! So here are my questions; Where do you fish for them? What lures to throw? What tactics should I use to find some fish (Doesn't matter if its big or small I'm just trying to get some fish!) And also I live in the Fairfield Area. Any information is very appreciated!!! Tight lines!
  7. Forgot about the CT forum, Thanks I think i'll post this there then
  8. Hey there! I've got a question about where to fish for striped bass(either big or small, I'm just trying to catch some fish!) in the winter months (December-March) and what to use to catch them (lures,tactics,etc.) I live in Ct. and also if there are some fellow Connecticut fisherman could you give me some recommendations as well? All help is very appreciated!!!
  9. Howdy! Fishing newbie here with another question, what are some good lures or lure colors for dirty/murky water? I'm targeting schoolie striped bass and bigger. There's a lot of rain coming my way down here in CT, but I just can't wait the two to three days of water clearing up after all this rain. That's probably just what I have to do to catch a few fish but I still really wanna try! The conditions are probably gonna be cloudy, breaks in between when its gonna rain in the day, I'm gonna fish in a creek and then the mouth that connects it to a channel and marina/harbor. I hate playing damn video games inside and would rather save it for the winter! All help is VERY appreciated!!! Tight lines!
  10. Greetings! Fishing newbie with another question, when is the right time or place(s) to target weakfish in Connecticut or another close by state? I'm mostly an inshore angler and I do not own a kayak or boat. I've wanted to catch this fish but heard it's quite rare to come across one. I heard they fight quite nice for their size and they certainly look awesome. Also, if you could recommend any baits/lures/etc. for them that would be amazing. All help is very appreciated! Tight lines!
  11. Hi there! Fishing newbie here with another question, Do swivels/fishing clips scare away your fish? especially striped bass? I know when you are using hard baits it doesn't really matter but sometimes I use a jig head and soft plastic and wonder if that scares away the fish. All help is appreciated!
  12. Yes, targeting fish in that size range not lure size
  13. Hello! fishing newbie back with another question, anybody know any ''good'' or working hard baits for Striped bass in the size range from 14-28 inches? Any of these hard baits could be top water, swimmers, poppers etc, trying to imitate a peanut bunker (small menhaden) or small baitfish. I'm just in need of some hard bait lures right now as an alternative to soft plastic baits. All recommendations and help is GREATLY appreciated!!!
  14. Hi! I'm a bit of a newbie and new to this site, I have one question about striped bass handling, whats THE way or other ways to hold a striped bass from the ranges of 10 inches to 25 inches, I mostly catch schoolie striped bass in my area. I try to prevent them from flopping on the ground, as they can injure themselves from articles I've read. I lip them sometimes or even place the fish on my fore arm to support them to take a quick picture, anything I'm doing wrong here? and what are good ways to handle and hold them properly? all help is very appreciated! Tight lines