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  1. Glad this all worked out for you. Again, not surprised about the support offered here, it is quite "the village". Be well!
  2. Skip both these battle/riggers style belts. The aluminum hardware on the buckles won't last half a season. Also skip them because they are BlackHawk. Check out RDR gear....
  3. Jacqui, Unsurprised by the offers from members on this site, 99% of SOL are good people. I'll throw my hat in the ring. I split my time between NYC and Eastern Long Island where I fish. Feel free to PM me if I can be of assistance.
  4. Tsunami Airwave Elite 9'6" , 3/4-3
  5. what kind of shape is the Shimano in? Can you tell me what bag is"new"?
  6. For us East Enders, it's usually pretty obvious. A quick walk down the beach and you'll find them washed up and still alive- thats when you bust out the diamond jig or sand eels jigs. We had an amazing sand eel bite starting at the end of September thru November.
  7. Lumens - "better to have them and not need them vs need them and not have them" - I carry a 1000lumen Fenix PD35 on my belt and a Fenix headlamp when out at night. The headlamp has multiple settings and I'm usually running the lowest when needed. I can't even begin to count the number of times "lighting up the night" has proved useful to find dropped items, navigate terrain etc. I'm all for the secrecy, better night vision and "not scaring fish", but I'm not sacrificing the ability to light things up if needed.
  8. I've placed 100's of orders from Amazon as a member since 2002. I have add only one major issue in all those years, and it was promptly handled via phone calls. Standard returns/exchanges are effortless online. That said, my wife often has issues where should doesn't fully "vet" the item listing and associated shipping ETA's - she still gets the item she was after, even if it takes longer than she thought it would.
  9. I've been spooling Power Pro (Green or Blue) 30/40lb for the last couple seasons with relatively good results. I did have issues with the 40lb spooling and wind knots on 5000 Shield, but I think that was more a function of the reel vs. the line.
  10. I don't look at boats I have no chance of acquiring. After 10years of owning my first boat (1999 Century 2201 CC) - I check classifieds on THT/Craigslist/Anglers Edge and my local dealers almost everyday. I've learned that when the right deal/boat comes along you have to act fast. Sometimes the best boats don't even last a day.
  11. Disclaimer: Tsunami fan. I beat the crap out of a pair of 5000's for 2 seasons. Landing sharks, bass, blues, fluke, and everything between. At the start of last season, the bails were so weak that I had to install the bail-less kits. At $110-$120/each, in my eyes thats a disposable real after 2 hard seasons of use. With the bail-less kits that don't lend themselves to being "rods for friends" but I do throw them on the roof rack every know and then as backups.
  12. The last 3 seasns I've done incredibly well with Keitech's Fat Swing Shad. I really like the profile/colors available. They fish perfectly for me on a 3/4 or 1oz jig head out front, the only down side is that they are on the soft side/not extremely durable.
  13. On my truck, the driver seat has vertical (up/down) adjustments, my passenger seat does not. I have seen companies that make seat "lift brackets" - Granted they probably are not DOT/NHTSA approved but they will give you anywhere from 1-2" of seat height. I certainly wouldn't chance the Admirals life (or any of my passengers) with such a modification.
  14. Got my PB this October....right place , right time.
  15. Most of the topwater stuff I throw has a flagged rear hook (Tsunami Talking Popper XS, Smack-It (all sizes) etc) I do find it interesting that Sebile suggest that if your targeting larger fish to remove the rear treble and simply place a trailer worm/tail or nothing at all.