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  1. I have a helix 5 and some ram mounts with 1” ball. I have an old town topwater pdl I thought use something like the h-rail with the ram ball and just extend that in front of the pedals without being in the way
  2. Hi guys, i just got a brand new kayak 2 weeks ago and dont want to commit to drill any holes or make anything permanent so I thought of using a ram clamp with an extension arm to hold my fish finder in front of the pedals without being in the way. After reading some reviews on amazon on the extension pole I noticed one guy saying that his fish finder kept falling. Does it really work?
  3. sorry for the newbie question so if i get one of those nocqua batteries is it enough?
  4. hi there guys, new to kayaks and fishing on the kayak, newbie question here, has anyone ever wire and power a fish finder with a portable charger? how long does it last on the water? what did you use to power it? i'm thinking buying a portable charger like those we use to quick charge cell phones, then use a male to male usb cable and use a battery tender terminal to hood to the fish finder. the helix drains 615 mA so if i get something like 20,000 mAh should be enough for a day for the ff and possibly charge cell phone/cameras * thanks all