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  1. Boat out of highlands reported this yesterday, not the surf but what a day.
  2. Out front ocean county, 7-11am. Nothing to show soaking clams. Couldn't get any fresh and had to opt for salted. I'm convinced it's a waste of time and money to get any thing but fresh to this point
  3. Out front ocean county, 4-830pm. Conditions were nice, couldn't connect on almost 2 miles of beach I covered. Did lock in on some nice holes for the next outtings though.
  4. Thank you! That's exactly them but they're normally covered with the soil in the area. Interesting
  5. Out front ocean county, 730-1130 soaking clams. Only one at 23" to show
  6. I know I should have gotten some pictures to help with the identification, but I will tomorrow if I snag anymore. Due to the coronavirus, I've been dabbling in new fishing spots. This one spot that's been productive, I've been returning to, I keep getting hook snags on these eggs I presume? The land I'm on is mussel beds and sedges, but the eggs are like these dime to quarter size mudballs. They get snagged sometimes on the retrieve. They have a relatively tough membrane underneath the muddy outside, and inside they have a very watery and gelatinous medley. I'll post pics as soon as I snag another one but it anyone knows what I'm talking about from my description, greatly appreciated.
  7. I was taught broader, and more pronounced bounces off the bottom from my old man. As the years have gone on, I have found better production with a quicker and lighter jigging on or just off the bottom. But it never hurts to change presentation.
  8. Gonna give it a shot anyways. I'll have a lot of free time this week, so planning on spending most of it on the water.
  9. Is it just me? Or when I'm making that mental note of like "alright a few more casts.." or a set number, after hours of no action, they strike. Incoming Tuesday morning looking good.
  10. Out back ocean county, 4-630pm, 3 bass around 24". Was weird they would only hit a pink paddle tail, I also threw white, a more natural olive color, and the rest of the bag. Really start putting things into perspective. Throw $200 in lures and the only thing they want is a $2 jig head and paddle tail
  11. I've been told sod banks in south Jersey especially in the Wildwoods are really productive, and also was told theyre a sucker for shrimp in these locations, but never gave it a shot.
  12. Out back ocean county, last 2 hours of outgoing tide. Had 2 on the glider VID_20200322_162326.mp4
  13. Out back ocean county, 10am-2pm. Conditions looked great, threw the bag, no luck. Might try the worm ball craze later
  14. I've gotten stopped by the island heights fishing Nazi lady before. She was actually quite nasty, told me I had to leave or buy a badge. I've also fished there plenty of times and have never been bothered. Could be doing nothing wrong, It feels like a legal gamble any time you enter that town, with their law enforcement.
  15. Double