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  1. Sorry for the delay in response. Would you be ok with $135? The last few I could find sold in similar condition went for around $130. Also do you have the box? Thanks.
  2. WTB Used or new Shimano Sustain/Stradic 2500,3000 or 3500. Looking for good working condition or new reel to be used for light inshore use (fluke, schoolies). Thanks for help.
  3. Ever since I heard from Andy about our loss of SIM I have taken solace in reading all the great memories of those who knew and loved Steve. I especially enjoyed laughing out loud multiple times to the details of his unique quirks and many escapades we all shared with him. As witty, intelligent, fun loving and caring of a human as I have ever met. As said by many his enduring love/respect for Donna was inspiring. I was fortunate to spend MANY hours with Steve during his annual spring & fall visits to his home waters of NJ. The good times fishing, eating, drinking and just BS'ing with Steve are only a few keystrokes away......thankfully because of the photographic memory he used during his epic Tales and Lies..... I re-read the 2013 T&L (happened to be the 1st I found...) and the great times all came back. His writing alone is the stuff of legends. I was one of many "sand Uber" drivers who looked forward to spending time with Steve fishing. Knowing the access my truck afforded him allowed him to enjoy fishing more often and in better locations will always make me smile. The conversations were epic and the range of topics were endless.....finding a few empties under your seat the next day was always a bonus. Even thought Steve often brought brutal weather, he seemed to bring me luck fishing. I always enjoyed putting Steve on fish during his trips and hope his positive karma will continue. Steve riding shotgun. In edition to all the good times in NJ Steve always enjoyed joining a group of us who have been going to RI to fish each Oct. for more than 12yrs. I think he looked forward to cooking for 7 hungry fisherman his famous fish stew as much as we enjoyed eating it. We'd pony up $10 a man and give it to Steve to go buy "whatever you need". He just loved walking into Champlin's Seafood Market in Jerusalem RI with cash in hand (the best kind....not his) to work over the staff. It was always great to see what would meet his standard of quality and value. The freshest clams, fish, shrimp, mussels, steamers,etc. were always prepared in an awesome brew. What a feast he would prepare all afternoon while he enjoyed his beloved Coors Extra Gold I will miss many things about Steve......his culinary skills especially. RI feasting w/ Rick, Mark, Nightstrikes and SIM I look forward to continuing to remember the positive times as I read the stories, posts & threads that will be linked to this post. A true SOL legend who will be missed by MANY !! RIP Steve.
  4. No not blunt......but not sure why you continue to push your theory that they are diving on non bunker/herring like bait. I searched and found the thread your referring to (Spotting sandeels tips and tricks. Started by adams54, October 27, 2019). Seems like most (if not all) of the people who posted in that thread seemed to disagree with you and agreed that in our local waters gannets generally dive on larger baits and at times big sand eels on the surface. They surmised gannets diving was not a good "tip or trick" as it related to spotting sand eels in the surf. Seems very similar to my hypothesis. In regards to "just trust the older generation" on this......I've spent more than 40 years in the surf and am still seeking answers from both the young and old. Thanks.
  5. Curious what else you may think the gannets are diving on? I have always thought of them diving on larger bait (bunker, herring, mullet, etc) based on the effort involved in the act of diving, swimming and taking flight again. Hard to believe they are doing all of that for small bait (spearing, rain fish, sand eels, etc). The one exception may be sand eels when they are pushed to the surface. Would imagine the birds are burning more calories from the act of the dive than they would be ingesting......that's not natures way.
  6. I'll take it Finchaser. PM coming. Thanks.
  7. Thanks WD....but gonna pass. Stay safe.
  8. Thanks WD. With no line and a few blemish's hoping $130 is acceptable? Looks like it should not have any performance concerns based on your "light use" description and general appearnce. Meeting in Atlantic County is not currently feasible. I would need it shipped. Let me know and if its a go I will pm you looking for PP info. Steven
  9. Please post some photos. Thanks.
  10. I’m looking for the previous model Stradic. New or used. Thanks.
  11. To clarify the BSC made the decision to change their Spring tournament to C&R almost 10 yrs ago. Voting to not run any public kill tournaments. That is when we converted our annual Spring Striped Bass Tournament to a C&R Tournament. What was voted on last night was to stop awarding plaques & prizes for the club only "IntraClub" tournament. We will maintain our length based "IntraClub" awards, but have decided to stop the more than 50yr tradition of a club only weight based tournament. Even thought the numbers of fish actually weighed in for this year long club event was minimal (less than 10), with the current stock being declared over-fished we thought it was the correct thing to do and symbolic of what all anglers need to consider when choosing to run or participate in kill tournaments. Hope that helps.
  12. This continues to be an issue with a very good company that make some great products. At 6'5"~260 there XXL does not work for me. I have several times over the years called and asked to speak with someone from product development on why they limit their size options. I used to get there catalog quarterly and would find 2 or 3 items I would consider but they never had any size over XXL on 95% of their products. They would maybe have 1 item in the whole catalog that they would produce in 3XL or 4Xl, this was just frustrating because when you called to ask why they would fall back on the single item they made in larger sizes. But that item always was a simple version without the details and options that we need. When you take into account the items generally run small, 3X or 4X are not sizes that would be used by only a few. Never made sense to me....
  13. I just think it is not "proportional" and is unfair to the users. We are talking a single egg has closed down for 35+ days access to an area that 1000's pay a significant fee to be able to use. I was not happy last year and am more disappointed this year. Just seems no common sense is being used......but that is to be expected.