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  1. This continues to be an issue with a very good company that make some great products. At 6'5"~260 there XXL does not work for me. I have several times over the years called and asked to speak with someone from product development on why they limit their size options. I used to get there catalog quarterly and would find 2 or 3 items I would consider but they never had any size over XXL on 95% of their products. They would maybe have 1 item in the whole catalog that they would produce in 3XL or 4Xl, this was just frustrating because when you called to ask why they would fall back on the single item they made in larger sizes. But that item always was a simple version without the details and options that we need. When you take into account the items generally run small, 3X or 4X are not sizes that would be used by only a few. Never made sense to me....
  2. I just think it is not "proportional" and is unfair to the users. We are talking a single egg has closed down for 35+ days access to an area that 1000's pay a significant fee to be able to use. I was not happy last year and am more disappointed this year. Just seems no common sense is being used......but that is to be expected.
  3. The beaches and structure will never be the same again. End of an era. What a waste.
  4. "Steve who?" "Oh.....Steve in Mass" ........ after a dozen years I still don't recognize your last name. Lol It was great talking with you yesterday. You sounded great and from what you said felt even better. Looking forward to seeing the Steve we know and love soon. Continued success with your recovery.
  5. My 99 Tahoe fit an 11' without issue. Sadly had to let my truck go this Fall due to rust issues. Out of 5 cars in my driveway during Sandy she was the only one that survived, but sitting in 30" of salt water for 36hrs eventually did her in. Currently have a 02 Suburban Z71 I plan to lift shortly. The only downside to the Tahoe/Suburban is the low and slanted stance. New tires and a level/lift kit makes it a much better beach vehicle. 1999 2002
  6. Thanks John O for the update and info. I was gonna call on his cell and will use the switchboard instead as instructed. Thanks to those who have stopped in......I'm sure Steve is grateful for the company.
  7. Your dead on Drew. It's like a free get out of jail card. What makes it harder is to try to "self police" while on the beach. Back in the day you could watch a guy, make sure he knew you were keeping an eye on him and usually shamed the guy into putting that short back. Not anymore. Almost impossible to know without making sure the guy is affixing the bonus tag. Many times this year small fish were carried off the beach that years ago I may have stopped by making sure the guy knew he was being watched and if necessary talked with. In extreme cases letting him know I was calling the local F&G officer. Maybe I am naive.....but i think some peer pressure on the beaches worked to some extent. No longer a viable option. It's just not worth it when I spoke up a couple times and was quickly told "it's my bonus fish. I have the tag in my truck or car...etc" A sad by product of this unnecessary program.
  8. Earlier this year the BSC voted to no longer participate in the intra-club tournaments. A lack of participation and dislike in format led to our decision. We proposed switching from lbs. to inches for these tournaments, allowing for a C&R option, but at the time their was not an interest in a format change among the other clubs. Hopefully in the future this can be considered...... NJSpinfisher thanks for the positive feedback. It's great that you received such a positive vibe from one of our members. We do run many interesting events that focus on youth education and common sense conservation well as quite a few fun fishing activities. Clubs are not for everyone, but if you like being among like minded fisherman, participate in fishing activities and give back in various ways to the fishing community consider joining one of the many fine clubs along our coast.
  9. I have caught MANY blues, bass and some fluke on the Mullnut. Great and versatile metal. In regards to the keeled sand eel.....a go to when the sand eels are around. From 2008 to 2011 when the sand eels where stupid hundreds of bass were taken on Jetty Ghost sand eel metals. More recently over the last few years in eastern LI where the sand eel run has continued they are very popular. A great product.
  10. The next few years should be interesting in northern Ocean county. Some residents in Bay Head are still fighting replenishment and at the same time the town has received DEP permits to rebuild there jetties to "like size" of when they were originally installed years ago. Over the years they have become scattered and much smaller.....they were never as large as many to the north, but it should be interesting to see them rebuilt and what effect they will have on the local coast. BH fighting the good fight !! Here is the text from a 8/12/16 article discussing the project..... Beach jetties a matter of safety, identity in Bay Head project Bay Head Preservation Alliance discusses replacement, funding By Kayla Marsh BAY HEAD — A recent public meeting on the Bay Head Preservation Alliance’s project to repair five groins along borough beaches saw numerous residents come out to support and ask questions regarding the importance of the project. The meeting was held Aug. 4 at the Sacred Heart Church Recreation Hall on Main Avenue. “It’s been a long road,” said resident Joseph Goryeb. “I think the fact that we’ve gotten to this point of being able to have the permits and the ability to do this is really awesome. “The fact that we’re talking about protection is very important, but it’s also important we talk about what is Bay Head without a beach. The social impact of our beaches being eroded would be immense. The project involves rebuilding five of the beach groins, or jetties, that extend into the ocean along the beach from Osborne Avenue to Chadwick Street to help prevent beach erosion. The groins are wooden structures that sustained damage during Superstorm Sandy. Carl Eckert, president of the alliance, said there are many reasons to move along with the project, including the simple fact that the groins in their current condition are a safety hazard. “The mission of the Bay Head Preservation Alliance is to develop and implement projects to provide coastal resilience and flood protection to the Bay Head borough,” he said. “A fully functioning groin field is the best solution to the problem and works the best. “Replenishment only lasts four to five years at most and we’re looking at something that, if we don’t do anything today, we’re going to have the same problem in a few years. So I think the best thing to do is address it now and solve the problem. “There’s a safety issue that exists here that we really can’t let this linger and we have to do something to get it repaired.” Other reasons he gave included the fact that replacing the groins would reduce sand erosion and the fact that groins absorb some of the energy of the waves, thus reducing potential damage. “I’m a surfer and when I saw this I thought it was a great opportunity,” said Adam Durran, a Point Pleasant Beach resident. “The jetties are really important to surfing because they hold the sand and make the waves break better. ... I probably spend more time in Bay Head than I do my own town, I spend money [here] so it’s an economic thing as well and it’s just very important that these jetties get fixed. “It will improve the surf and help the surf community and also help the economy because it is a big part of [living] here.” Work, Mr. Eckert said, is based on the permitting, which allows for the replacement of “in-kind” materials. This means the new groins will be replaced to the same height, width and dimensions as the originals. The alliance has already obtained the necessary state and federal permitting for the groin project and approximately $526,000 has already been contributed or pledged for the approximately $1.5 million project as of Aug. 4. “Bay Head is one of the few communities where [its] taken on [its] own coastal protection for a century,” said project engineer Andy Raichle. “Groins have been in place ... and the groin field has become substantially less effective over the last decade because they are not anything like they used to be and have big gaps where the timber sections have completely eroded. “The project would be competitively bid [and] a key to this project is that the beach really makes a difference in the cost ... the cost for the contractor, the labor ... they are going to need a lot of flexibility because they basically have a window of right after Labor Day and right before Memorial Day. “I would expect each groin takes about, depending on the level of difficulty, three weeks to finish.” Mr. Raichle said the lifespan of the groins could be anywhere between 20 and 30 years. “It is extraordinary that this project has been approved by the Army Corps of Engineers and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection,” said Council President D’Arcy Rohan-Green. “There are enormous hurdles to jump over and it truly has been a Herculean task.” George Schweickert, vice-president of fundraising for the Bay Head Preservation Alliance, said fundraising continues and can be a challenge in a beach community because many homeowners are not there year round. “It’s been our experience that locally-funded, homeowner-funded, storm-protection projects meet our needs better and are much faster than those that are government controlled,” he said. “We’ve sent out over 400 targeted letters, over 400 emails, flyers and an alert system call to those residents participating in the town’s emergency notification system.” Mr. Schweickert said three of the five groins proposed for repair are on BHIA property. “Independent studies have shown that an effective groin field provides significant protection from further beach erosion and major storm damage,” he said. “Science shows us that it has the best payoff and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to utilize the fall construction period.” Mr. Eckert said following the meeting he was pleased with the turnout. “The room seems very positive in terms of getting the groins repaired,” he said.
  11. Here is a partial text of an email I received today from authorities at IBSP updating the plover status and anticipated vehicle restrictions...... ............I apologize that no updates have been sent from Fish and Wildlife. The latest information I have is that the 1st egg hatched on 7/2. By the morning of 7/3 we had confirmation that 3 chicks hatched, and by late afternoon on 7/3 the 4th chick hatched. The last observation I am aware of on 7/5 confirmed 3 chicks survived. Since the last chick hatched 7/3, we anticipate an opening date for vehicle access on Monday 8/8. I expect an update later this afternoon and I will forward any information which differs from the 3 chicks. If you have any additional questions please let me know........... As I receive additional info I will share it here as I can.
  12. According to the scientist from the State who spoke at a "User Group" meeting I was invited to at IBSP that once the eggs hatch there is a 35 day period where Federal laws requires them to be protected against many factors including vehicle traffic. Unless they have proof that none of the 4 eggs hatch (which they will have based on daily monitoring and video surveillance) or that all of the chicks that successfully hatch are terminated (which is near impossible to expect them to obtain on all 4 chicks.......the chance they see a chick plover eaten by a fox/racoon etc. or find a dead plover chick is very low) the 35 day period will be in effect. A question to that effect was asked and we were basically told once the eggs hatch the 35 days closure is set. No option from the States point of view. In addition we asked and were told we would receive "weekly" updates of the status of the eggs, fledglings and the dates as they play out. If I receive any specifics that are of interest I will post them here.