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  2. thatd be me
  3. Yeh hopefully they all went hibernating already
  4. Whats a drive? Moving deer in one direction using a few guys?
  5. New in package. Green mac pattern with silver belly. 12 bux shipped.
  6. pm sent sold to bob, thanks.
  7. Hey now ken's got a girlfriend
  8. what did we have to gain before getting into each war? why did we step in in the first place? in both iraq and vietnam. the US doesn't get involved unless we stand to gain.
  9. Sorry, didnt mean to hijack the thread, lol I just figured everyone liked waves Yesterday was good too
  10. "BAGHDAD, Iraq - A roadside bomb in Fallujah killed 10 U.S. Marines and wounded 11 others, the U.S. military said Friday in the deadliest single attack against American forces in Iraq in nearly four months. Thursday's bomb struck a patrol from Regimental Combat Team 8 of the 2nd Marine Division, the Marine Corps said. The bomb was made from several large artillery shells, the Marines said. At least 2,120 members of the U.S. military have died since the beginning of the war in 2003, according to an Associated Press count." Iraq is not going well, people are still dying, and no we're not making progress. I did see 1.87 a gallon in asbury though. As to polls, I agree that they are a load of BS. You can poll x amount of people people and put it in the news. Now how you poll makes a huge difference. X people from the same town will differ than X people from around the country. Polls can be manipulated so that you find the resuls you are looking for.
  11. October had a few good days too
  12. I second snail smell, its not a fish, but it turns my stomach.
  13. I havent done anything special on teasers this year I take mine off lately. Which feels real weird. I always fish a teaser... but lately I been fishin sometimes with, sometimes without.
  14. Got some last night before sundown
  15. Spearfishing has been around for ages and ages. But as previously mentioned, you are targeting a specific fish. You keep what you catch, no bycatch. You have prolly killed more bass with a rod and reel than you would think. Prolly killed more fluke, sea bass, tog, weakfish, sea robbins, skates, ect. Fishing with rod and reel you could catch let's say 10 bass, and release them all. Maybe you gut hooked one and left it with the hook to rust out. That bass may die. Maybe you landed a big fish and didn't treat her properly, and when you let her go she died from exaustion. Swimming down and stalking a fish with a spear you may SEE 10 bass total... and you shoot one. One fish dead. 9 bass never even touched. It is a sport, and if you like to eat fish, its fun. I personally couldn't shoot a bass, they are just too cool lookin underwater. Just too nice of a fish. Just too fun to catch with a pole. And a bass that big is damn near scarey through goggles To assume these fish are being sold I think is generalizing a bit too much. Everything I spear I eat myself. (ever crave a fish sammich? best way to satisfy it) I'm not blood thursty or money driven. Like evrything else there are little pleasures in spearfishing that some haven't seen. I look at it as hunting. I couldn't shoot a big fuzzy animal personally, but I understand how others could. (I love being over for elk dinner ) Everyone looks at it through another part of the spectrum I suppose.
  16. I never speared a striper... not a fish I would enjoy bagging like that, but I will say I love spearfishing.... tog and fluke are fun here in NJ.. and that was a picture perfect shot that dude had.
  17. Haha 15 foot in jersey.... it was overhead... (bout 6 foot)
  18. I havent caught on my "really eely" yet (which is a great name haha) But I have been catching on those plugs (needles, swimmers) you sent me awhile ago. Thanks again! Oh actaully I been meaning to make a post about the fact that you can beat the crap out of these lures, smack em against rocks, and the epoxy is still intact, paint does not chip, nada. I'd eat one Top notch.
  19. Yeh I was on a 2 week stint with and was gettin pretty discouraged .... cept tonight I nailed a few goods ones and it put the biggest smile on my face to catch some fish. Haha. Nothing huge, out front. Water looked fishy and it felt great to get poured on. I watched 2 of 3 fish explode on my lure too. That's my favorite. Didn't see anyone else out
  20. Yesterday I stopped counting at 200 boats, there were plenty more to be counted too, lol
  21. I gotta ask- what is that thing?!? looks like a horse head, donkey, something like that....
  22. Do a search on the internet there is PLENTY of info...