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  1. woah thats cool
  2. Just treat that beach as any other. Look for cuts, a rip, pool, some sort of feature that might hold fish. Dont be afraid to move, cast and move, cast and move, cast cast cast, move. If theres fish they will be hungry probably, but they wont be looking for your lure, you gotta show it to them. You can fish night time, dusk and dawn. These will be your best chances for bass, and dawn doesn't mean being on the beach at 7am . Fluke will probably be around during the day, use a shiny metal lure and drag the bottom. They love shiny. Cast out, let it sink and then real in slowly making sure you are right near the bottom. Good luck, let us know how you do.
  3. the fluke are on the beach... so are the bass
  4. Fishing wouldn't have been better per say. I think you did well with the fluke, congrats. Looks like you found a nice spot, I'd file that one away.
  5. I'm gonna fish dusk tonight, then take a break and head back out late, or get up at the but crack tommorow. Ditto tommorow night as well. July 3 and 4 no way am I goin near the beach.
  6. that swimmer looks tasty, mmm. Wanna seperate it?
  7. Dubs, maybe I've missed it, but I haven't seen you post in awhile.
  8. Charlie its the same thing for me. my biggest two fish have went 30 and 33 inches this year. I fish dusk somethimes, but most of my fish have been caught from 10pm - 3am. They are all small and you really do gotta work to put together a 5 fish night. What I feel it has done for me though it boosted me up in the learning process and I am just excited that I am starting to put 2 and 2 together. All the big fish around on bunker I don't really care about, but I mean I still know next to nothing when it comes to bass fishing, its just my experience this spring.
  9. bigblue was it a black over purple darter with a length of flouro attached and a dropper loop with out a teaser, and a barrel swivel? richs where do you get that wind data? thanks. skunk last night and night before for me.
  10. In the past 5 years the fish I target have been bass, blues, weakfish, and fluke. My first "keeper sized" bass was 30 inches and I kept it because a family member wanted some bass to eat and hey this was my first "keeper" so I felt proud of myself, had to show it off and whatnot. Found out a few months later the bass was frozen and later thrown out, never eaten. Thats the only bass I've kept. I learned my lesson. I also kept a 12 pound blue fish that I didnt get on ice in time and it got rigamortous, so I had to toss it. I still feel guilty bout that, even if it is a bluefish. I WASTED a living thing. So I can't claim I'm more 'noble' a fisherman cuz I catch and release and only target fluke to keep. Every now and then I keep a small bluefish. But as most are saying, bass are just too pretty and too fun and I wouldnt keep them unless mortally wounded, they all get let go now. If anything, bass NEED to be let go now. Fluke, I have no ifs ands or buts about them. They are tasty and if they're legal I kill them, yum. Plus I like finding mantis shrimp in thier bellys. Hah.
  11. Haha I remember that... dont remeber who said it though... As to having a gaff on a jetty, I do not gaff a fish automatically, I've only gaffed two. And both I kept. As others stated I have a spot planned out for landing fish. But I do bring one out, for mine and the fish's safety.
  12. its always the year of the something. i had mentioned the marketability (sp?) of fishing.
  13. oh, and i've never seen so many fisherman in one night. they were every where, especially crowded on a bunch of jetty tips. everybody was using pencil poppers. fishing is a very marketable hobby huh? all that had to happen was for a few people to catch on pencils and now everybody uses them. good for the shop owners i guess. just food for thought.
  14. a mini bluefish and a mini striper.
  15. hey al, was that picture photoshopped at all? i'm not saying thats not you or the fish, I'm saying that its exposed nicely.
  16. one bass at around 25 inches.
  17. Are you serious?! Its a bluefish jaw? I invisioned like some kind of cool lizard.
  18. Anyone gonna venture out tonight? The weather is predicted to be riddled with T-Storms which sucks cuz I want to go. Its supposed to not stop raining till monday but the t-storms are supposed to clear out by 1am tomorrow or so. I woke up at 4am today and it was pouring and I used that as a good excuse to go back to bed , I really wish I didnt. Plugged the beach from about 10-11 with nada. I'll prolly punish myself tommorow morning and get soaked and skunked.
  19. I have the DVD of Gotham Fish Tales that I watched once. Will pack and ship to you for a bottle plug or darter.
  20. last night and this am. and got 2 little guys to 20 inches tonight Which is keepin my spirits up. Hey rich that was good
  21. My first day of w-o-r-k screwed me today huh? Ah well... I'm waiting for my first fish over 20# to be caught at night anyway Congrats.
  22. Darn to help out I need already to know of a bat "roost".. I would help but i dunno where they live or how to find out where...
  23. i agree with the crappy tides ahead... i'm awaiting the good ones
  24. man i gotta start findin this bait
  25. the other night and the same this am