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  1. How do you guys close off the tail hook loop thingy?? I tried and it came out crappy, so I made due with it and epoxy it to help out. But I have another lure that I painted very well, and I'd like the back loop to look great too? How do I close it properly and neatly?? Thanks.
  2. I do not do much fishin these days, and this stuff is just sitting around. If you are thinkin of gettin into pourin jigs, this is everything you need. The Lee pot is rusted as you can see in the picture. Last time I used it it was a bit leaky, and if you are not careful, could drip. It does work though. Whole lot is $100. If there is interest in splitting please post (no PMs) and will break it up. Hope this is ok with forum rules. I prefer meeting, but will ship for additional $15. I live in Monmouth County NJ. Hooks are Mustads: 34184D 6/0, 34185D 7/0, and 34184D, 8/0. The 6/0's and 7/0's have about 75 left in each box easy. The 8/0 are opened but never used, still 100 left. The mold is a Do It Hot Lips, 3/4, 1, and 1 1/2 oz. Might have some powder paint lying around to sweeten the deal....
  3. Hooks and net are gone. The mold and pot are left. Any takers?
  4. OK deal. Just wanted to give a fair shake. Please PM me your info. Thanks.
  5. Hooks gone to Big Fisch. Ships in the a.m. Not sure about the net's brand. JTR has dibbs on the net, I will wait for his response.
  6. Oops, haden't stopped in in awhile. Read the Forum Rules and made my best guess.... This is a Sub-forum? Yikes.... Net is prolly a 5' standing up. (10 foot spread?) Yours for $20 local pickup. Hooks gone for $30. Please PM me your location, local pick-up? Well I guess since I am splitting, mold is $25, and pot is $25.
  7. haha what a disguise! nice
  8. i didnt fish but i did go to the beach to have a look around. alof of bait. saw a guy kick and release 3 big blues today. i got annoyed after i watched him do it the second time so i got my camera and took pics of him doing it a third time, was gonna post it, but thats not my place... a word to the wise, you never know who is watching lol
  9. anyone see that dolphin washed up on the Long Branch beach this past summer. Its face was eaten off ....
  10. Anyone got a link to those bills, I would like to read them...
  11. My approach (past couple weeks), pack the canue, hit the shore line with a rubber worm, weighted or unweighted. I rapalas but only own like 2 and hardly ever use them. I'll bust out the zara spook and weedless frog for topwater, but the majority of my fishing is done with a worm lately, and if I'm bored I drag a topwater across.... I have a few crankbaits, they dont see much use... Maybe its just right now I am favoring worms, they are weedless, they have action, you can make them sink. I just can't stop using them, even though lately I haven't caught much over 2 pounds. Do you favor lures? In two weeks I might be stuck on top water...
  12. Anybody wacky rig thier worms? I don't because I love to keep em weedless. Nothing more dissapointing then really workin a worm with patience and then reeling it in to find strings of weeds hangin from it.
  13. looks like a plug porno thread
  14. I am selling my Canon 30D digital camera that I have treated like gold. It comes with all original software, wires, charger, and original box. I am also including the EF-S 17-55mm and EF 75-300mm III USM (both are Canon lenses) to sweeten the deal. Contact me with any questions, this deal will not last!! $1400 Included are some sample pictures I have taken with this camera... ... any and all questions welcome, thanks! Located in Monmouth County NJ. 1 2 3
  15. no way... Canon all the way, I'm gonna upgrade to the 40D
  16. This 72 gallon bowfront fish tank comes with fluval canister filter, 48 inch dual flouro light strip, stealth heater, glass tops, and oak stand. Pick up only, port or PM for any questions... in the pictures I included I point out a few scratches on the tank. They are not major and this tank does not leak, the scratches are barely visable, when the tank is empty, and not visable when its filled with water (tank is now empty). $300 located in Monmouth County NJ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  17. whoops, $300 in Monmouth County NJ
  18. nice bring back a few lunker pictures
  19. Yeah culprits are pretty durable... GULP worms rip after 1 fish, but mannnn do they catch!
  20. They eat dolpins, sharks hang around dolphin pods to eat babies, or the sick/slow... and I remeber a fisherman reported about 2 years ago watching a white half the size of his boat eat a dolphin 1.5 miles off the manasquan inlet.
  21. ohhh I see... yeah what about hook sets, does anyone wait a second or two before setting the hook, and if so why? I usually hit it right away, but lately they have been just grabbing them instead of really slammin them, I'm thinkin let the fish have it for a quick second...
  22. careful with that sunny, they can be a bit agressive towards the tetras and whatnot...
  23. why trim the legs?
  24. corn, not good for fish? I would imagine it would just pass right through them....