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  1. Haha, to each their own! Everything I do is based on efficiency. If I can get some knowledge before I do something, I do it! Nothing wrong with that folks! It applies to everything in life. If you don't know how to build a deck and would rather waste hours screwing it up than getting a head start doing some due diligence, that's on you. Same thing applies to fishing, I'm just perplexed people don't see this lol. Gotta put in the hours and Lord knows I've put in thousands but I commend OP for doing some due diligence and not going out like a blind squirrel!
  2. Well I extremely hard disagree. Why the hell would you not research and understand what gear you should use and how you should use it before going out? Absolutely nonsense argument. Experience is key but if you don't do some due diligence before going out, you're wasting valuable time. I've never iced fished. Should I just go to Bass pro and grab what I think I need and go where I think I should go, then hope for the best? Of course not. I'm definitely going to ask around, read up on things, talk to a guy or two at a time shop, and then go put my time in.
  3. That's the answer I'm looking for.
  4. It's appropriate to ask these questions rather than wasting hours and $$$ experimenting. We're living in the golden age of information and efficiency after all. There's a ton of videos on YouTube from Skinner. I've never done it and I don't understand how a fresh water eel doesn't immediately die in the salt, but whatever. It definitely catches monsters from what I've seen/read.
  5. monthly view goes back a year but that is it. I think September and October would be amazing fishing with a boat. I didn't realize how right place-right time albie fishing was until I paid attention to this site and actually tried finding them. I think this is less of an issue with a boat though. I usually start fishing opening day of trout. I don't know why I go trout fishing, I'm not good at it. I toss some power bait out and usually catch a couple, that's about it. I try to go out a few times but don't always. Really no point. If I'm going to soak some bait, I'm better off going in the big D with some blood worms.
  6. It was fairly seasonal in December. Mostly says in low-mid 40s. There were a couple of 50-60 degree days but they usually came with rain. But hey, glad you are happy. I'm relatively new to the surf so driving an hour to get skunked is all I've been able to do and all I've really known. I'm more of a fluke guy, almost never get skunked and it's warmer!
  7. I tend to like the Great Bay better to be honest. I never get any bi catches when fluking in Barnegat Light aside from trash fish. At least some decent eating sized blues come up in the Great Bay
  8. After this fall tensions are high and everyone is desperate for a fish, no worries!!!
  9. Lol I was just having some fun. It was -17 degree windchill LOL, I doubt anyone was fishing. Even the ice guys probably stayed in!!!
  10. Can you elaborate while the waters from the bridge up north to BL seem to not be fished? I've kayaked out there and just see boats cruising by. A million boats in the inlet and the light, and I assume north of that.
  11. I've only fished in Barngat Light. I'm curious what the rest of the bay holds. I never see any boats fishing south of BL, seems like just a pass through. I assume it's mostly muck
  12. Hearing some nice reports out front - go out and bang em boys!
  13. Lol, how big do these get? We rented a skiff some 5 years ago down from Randy and my boy caught one. We didn't know what the hell is was. Guy pulls up and says it's electric, thought he was joking. Wasn't big, maybe the size of a puffer fish I reckon
  14. Just got the word. They'll be running through this Monday.
  15. I hate gloves but I hate cold hands even more.
  16. Not really convinced on much here, especially after that document. What I am still interested about is the affect that COLOR of line has. Everyone knows fish can see braid. I've tried braid when trout fishing and it never works, it spooks em. But what about fish like fluke and stripers who are predators? Do they care about line color? Should we have different rods with different colors? I sat there one day on a boat with my brother who caught nothing all day. He takes my backup rod with yellow KK braid, immediately starts to catch. Coincidence? Did the line matter? I'm not sure!
  17. Kast King is like half the price.
  18. I still use cheap Kast King braid for salt and freshwater. Does anyone else? It's so much cheaper and it never breaks but the color wears off faster.
  19. Maybe it's just me but you're right about tight lines lol. I'd rather fish in 90 degrees versus 30 any day. Summer time bassin and flukin is my life.
  20. I hate when people say this lol. Even with this, you'll end up cold after a few hours outside. I make it a point to wear a stupid amount of layers when I went out on the tog boat and I still got cold. Bass fishing is tough in winter as well, fish are super lethargic. Biggest bass I caught last year though was in February FWIW. 70 degree day lol.
  21. 3 degree low Monday. Who will brave it for a monsta!!!!!!
  22. It's so damn cold right now, I have no interest in fishing!
  23. Bored boys and not much going on. Curious what your favorite conditions for fluke are. I don't have a boat yet so I don't really get to pick and choose exactly when I go. The whole reason I like fluking is because I love summer and that's when it is done. However, I have done well in the bay on rainy overcast days and have also caught during small craft advisories to my surprise. West is the best, two hours before/after tide, yada yada yada. What's your thoughts?
  24. Why did they used to?