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  1. Why did they used to?
  2. I tossed out some nightcrawlers in the river last cold snap. Not a damn thing. Spot has produced before. Who knows
  3. I don't want to make a thread for this because one person can answer it. When people use eels for stripers, are these just regular freshwater eels like out of the Delaware River??
  4. The Skinner method just refers to rapid jigging. I don't think I have the right kind of noodle pole to be doing it anyway. Regular jigging is just regular jigging.
  5. I get the idea that currents push bait and it's super valid but if you are in great bay away from the inlet, I don't really see how the theory applies there. Obviously if the boat isn't drifting you aren't catching which can happen during slack tide and no wind. There's still got to be some sort of effect that the tide has on the fishing even if not near the inlet or beach lip. I would guess fluke stack up near sod banks and other ledgers during out going as bait gets pushed away due to falling tide. When it goes slack I guess there's just less activity so they go dormant. Someone with more experience should chime in.
  6. 20 knot winds blowing from the West and tide going out led to impossibly fast drift. When the tide changed, we were catching. So sometimes tide against wind works I suppose.
  7. I have had no luck with the Skinner method and have actually noticed going slower works better.
  8. 3 percent sounds pitiful. Sounds like back bay fluke fishing
  9. You don't need a boat for many fish. Boating gives you more opportunity and opens up new areas obviously, and gives you that "open road" type feeling people enjoy with motorcycles.
  10. It seems like no matter the conditions, you can catch them. Probably what brings out every fair weather fisherman LOL
  11. Bored boys and not much going on. Curious what your favorite conditions for fluke are. I don't have a boat yet so I don't really get to pick and choose exactly when I go. The whole reason I like fluking is because I love summer and that's when it is done. However, I have done well in the bay on rainy overcast days and have also caught during small craft advisories to my surprise. West is the best, two hours before/after tide, yada yada yada. What's your thoughts?
  12. Hey all, Never fished outside of New Jersey before but we're going to Galveston late April. I know I want to get on a boat and go out in the gulf, but I want to bring a reel and buy a cheap rod I can leave behind and get some backwater fishing in, as I want to experience that since we may move to this area down the road. I imagine sea trout, reds, and flounder are in season? Looks like I need a license as well. Any general areas I should go to? Planning on just throwing out a 1/4 jig head or so with some gulp and seeing what happens. Any suggestions for a party boat too? I want to go out a ways. It looks like there's three choices and I want the middle one where you catch amberjack, grouper, etc. Thanks boys.
  13. South Carolina for sure. Probably North Carolina too I'd imagine. Could just say local and go on a tog boat unless you are really dead set on doing this from the beach.
  14. I'm a youngin', what was the fun they took away? Like some street racing kinda stuff? Nothing in life every seems as good as it once was. I like the weekend though, basically no teens and trash. People seem to go to sleep at a decent hour but the vibe is good. Beach fairly empty, car show itself is nice. We've been going for about 4 years in a row. Wildwood and much of the shore is unvisitable during the summer with the traffic and some of the clientele!
  15. LOL it's still FROZEN outside!!!! I usually consider the opening day of MLS the beginning of the weather starting to take a turn for the better, which is early March. Not really out of the clear until opening day of trout though.