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  1. We need an outboard that meets the following specs for our 16-ft aluminum dinghy weighing 250 lb. We want to troll on lakes and go sightseeing/crabbing in bays/lagoons, etc. Please can you help us select a reliable model -- 1. Max 10 hp power 2. Weight around 70 lbs or less 3. Can be stored on side 4. Quiet 5. Can be used for slow trolling quietly and without much vibration 6. Little to no stinky smoke 7. No more than $1,500
  2. I was fishing on a mostly empty Calif beach well away from surfers and swimmers, and my wife was sun tanning on the rocks about 200 ft away. Suddenly this very athletic, tall woman in a small swimsuit marched up to me and started scolding me for being a cruel person to fish. I politely tried to explain I follow fish release ethics, but she was right in my face and kept on invading my personal space. She even grabbed my arm a few times and I felt like her large, artificial bust was right in my face even when I took a step or two away. After about 2 min my Mrs had enough of this bikini PETA activist girl harassing her husband and ordered her to leave. She looked embarrassed and left.
  3. ZAFisher. Thanks for posting the pics and description. Now I understand. It would be easy to build a handful of these for my next trip. I'm guessing those two holes are drilled through and the two strands of wire are bent to shape.
  4. Won't the wires just fall out of the back of the lure. I'm probably not picturing what you have in mind.
  5. If I didn't already have a lot of 5 oz sinkers, wire, and super glue from other projects that would be a great way to save a lot of effort.
  6. So I used my drill press to drill a 3/16 hole at the bottom of a 5 oz bank sinker, and super glued sections of bailing wire in place. Voila! Easy.
  7. Good to know. I doubt these will bother thick-skinned rays and sharks all that much. I made my sputniks this weekend by drilling a hole in the bottom of 5 oz bank sinkers, cutting sections of galvanized wire (I had lots on hand), and super-gluing them in place as "Beachglass Guru" suggested.
  8. Some great ideas here :-)
  9. So I'd like to give slide-baiting from some piers a try. A lot of people use sputnik sinkers. I don't have any and they are $$$, but I have tons of somewhat flexible rebar iron tie wire from a DIY project. Has anyone converted 5-8 oz bank sinkers into sputniks by attaching a number of short wire sections to the sinker with tape, glue, etc.
  10. I've never seen these in the US
  11. I ended up buying the 10 ft Heavy model. It's rated for 30-65 line and 3-8 sinkers. I plan on using it with my Spinfisher and 500 yards of 65 lb braid for rays, leopard sharks, and soupfins. Hope I made the right choice!
  12. I've run into a slight issue with my Akios 757 and attaching the 100 lb shock leader to the 30 lb main line. The knot (I've tried surgeons, double-uni, and Alberto) rubs between the reel frame bars and the spool. (I have about 350 yards of MagnaThin 30 lb mono on the spool.) Would it be OK to tie in a 2 ft section of 80 lb braid between the mono mainline and the shock leader so that the knot is small profile? (I would be casting 8 'n bait with this.)
  13. Are any of the inshore (boat) spinning rods capable of casting about 65 yards? For example a 6 to 7 foot stick in the 30-60 lb line class. I'm flying for business and wondered if something like a Penn Mariner or Okuma travel Nomad could do double duty on a party boat and throwing bait/heavy lures on the beach in a pinch.
  14. What knot are you using from the mainline to the 100 lb mono? I presume you can't cast metal crimps through the guides without damaging the rings.
  15. Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I have an Akios 757 on a Penn Battalion 12ft rated for 25-50 lb line and 6-12 oz payload. I also have a Spinfisher 8500 LL loaded with 500 yards of 40 lb braid, and am saving up for a Carnage 2 rod 12 ft XH.