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  1. I will be traveling to the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area to visit a relative around Thanksgiving. I'd like to do some surf fishing in the area. Can you recommend any areas where pompano/blues/blacktips are abundant? Additionally, are there many affordable charters in the area? Thanks.
  2. You didn't say what kind of fishing you're doing, but I've fished with all three of those spinning reels and you won't see any noticeable difference in distance between them. Of the lot, the Slammer III is probably the best but costs around $250. If you don't need Dura Drag for long runs, I'd suggest the Spinfisher VI 3500 costing about $140.
  3. I love them. I've caught a number of species on purpose and as by-catch while angling for leopard sharks, including bats, thornbacks, butterflies, rounds, and guitar fish. They are very plentiful in Southern California and serve as a good food base for small great whites and sevengills. I've met a number of beachgoers who told me they've been stabbed by rays, but so far I've been lucky.
  4. Fire is a nightmare on aircraft and boats. I thought about that terrible tragedy with the dive boat off the Channel Islands.
  5. There is a beautiful marsh 10 minutes from my house. Developers and their corrupt minions in the state legislature have tried to destroy and turn into billions of dollars worth of tract housing and malls. Luckily, wildlife activists and ranchers have thwarted them so far. There are massive, easily caught carp, large mouth, bluegills, and catfish in that drainage. I accidentally ended up fishing a stream on a private ranch, thinking it was a public section, and had caught and released about a dozen huge carp before the landowner and her daughter came out on horseback to ask me why I was trespassing. I apologized and explained my fishing activity. She was a bit aggressive at first, but when she noticed I had collected trash to haul out she relaxed and must have realized I wasn't some slob who would dump beer cans and tangled line everywhere. I was given permission to fish there, and have been there several times over the past few years. The catches remain impressive.
  6. Second that opinion. It really likes 6-8 oz dinners and a big bait. You can really launch that payload without taxing the blank. Pairs up well with anything from a Fathom II 15 to a Daiwa Saltist 50.
  7. Hercules believe it or not. Fire line too.
  8. I like ZAFisher's and others' suggestions. There are other ways to measure distance too. When I cast at a local soccer field with old growth trees lining it. I use to Google maps distance tool. For example, sixth tree from the goal line is 100 yards away. For more precision, I walk a sports tape (bought it at HF for $10) measure out, setting out markers (old rags with a rock on top, for example) at 50, 75, 100, 125, and 150 yards, before casting. I like this video series but you will have to conceptualize thumbing the spool higher up (Saffers and Aussies like the low reel):
  9. I'm perfectly happy with Fire line too. Not one wind knot ever.
  10. I'm assuming you're using the same star drag model Penn Fathom as mine - FTH25N. At 50 to 60 yards you are not coming close the potential you could enjoy from that reel on an 11 to 12 ft surf rod. I second dropping to 50 - 65 lb braid, and using four brake pins at most. Spool tension should allow a tiny amount of sideways movement. Have you tried dropping down to a more manageable 5-and-bait rig? However, as is the case with nearly all of us, technique is the key to improvement needed here rather than radically fixing the existing kit. There are lots of casting videos on YouTube that can help. These videos helped me focus on loading up the rod, and delivering a smooth, powerful follow-through on the cast. You will hit 100 yards before you know it.
  11. I caught this fish on ultralight tackle (6 lb fc leader) in Calif. this month. Another angler insisted it was a croaker, but I've caught plenty of yellowfins and spotfins, and I'm convinced this was my first corbina. Your opinion?
  12. Correction. This should have stated "Item no longer available". Apologies.
  13. It's in essentially new condition having only been used once on a vacation and I bought it for $210. $100 reflects a well used Carnage. Thank you for your offer.
  14. I'm in Utah. I would ship the rod in a hard cardboard tube with bubble wrap, or anyone is welcome to pick it up in person. Heavy surf spinning rod. Model no. CARSFII3065S12. 12 ft 2 pc. Line rating 30-65 lb. Lure rating 4-8 oz. Specs product page: Please let me know if I can answer any other questions.