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  1. I have 3-4 days of vacation I can use towards a charter this summer. I've done a couple of the open party 1.5 and 2 day tuna charters here in San Diego and they are fun and reasonably affordable ($400-$600). I'm ready to try something different, somewhere else though. Two to three-day split-charter or open-boat for albies, stripers, sharks, tarpon, AJs, mahi, marlin, roosterfish, etc. on the East Coast, the Keys, Gulf, etc. Suggestions?
  2. I own the 8K version and have yet to run into this problem. However, I have far fewer hours on it than you. When/if I run into this issue, I'll be ready to tackle it so a big thanks!
  3. I replaced the weak rings with 8mm OD/6mm ID/1.1mm wire/80lb ones, and the thin metal 1/0 factory trebles with Mustad Kaiju 3/0 4X singles. Should hold up much better and seems nicely balanced. Hook on tail points upward and the other hook downward.
  4. I would like to replace the rubbish trebles on my SP Minnows with Mustad Kaiju inline singles. What size do you recommend?
  5. You will regret your decision. Get the MXL MC Star or Gen. 2 MXL MC instead if you like Avets and want to target small sharks, rays, and drum in the surf. I have a lever one-speed Gen. 2 MXL MC and love it. It's about the same size as the Fathom 25 but magged and beautifully machined.
  6. That's a controversial one but I met a fellow who taught me one way to prepare them properly. Bleed and ice them right away and then put them over the coals. A lot of locals in the Fairest of all Capes also make a nice fish curry from bluefish. All things considered, I prefer breaded white fish meat such as halibut or rock cod though.
  7. The Okuma Nomad 10ft, 4pc travel rod is a good medium to medium heavy-ish rod. I've got mine paired with a Spheros 8K SWA /40# braid and it does nicely with 3-n-bait or 1 to 3oz lures. Its successor is the Voyager, which is a great rod that sells for around $200. Okuma also makes a travel version of the SST, which is rated for 3/4 to 1 1/2oz lures and 10-25# line (a bit light for bigger bass or jigging but fine for blues and schoolies). You would be well served by the 3pc Tsunami travel rod, which retails for around $80.
  8. Hercules 8 strand is cheap and not so bad. A lot of friends seem to like Reaction Tackle X8 too.
  9. Wow. That looks like a really sturdy sand spike. And if the mutants from "Humanoids from the Deep" emerged from the surf while you were fishing, you could put them down in short order with this exotic weapon. No chance of a bad sequel with this bad boy at your disposal.
  10. I love conventionals more than spinners. They are more fun to cast and hold more line for their weight/size. However, a big spinner with a powerhouse drag has its place. You'll find me using a big spinner for heaving hefty shark baits at night, casting heavy lures with a popping rod, and retrieving vertical jigs on charters.
  11. Tackle Direct was selling the Slammer III 8500 for $225 (a bargain). I returned it and paid the difference for an IV though ($350) and I really prefer the IV - the drag has much better range and the minimum drag flaw was corrected. It feels a little smoother and lighter too. There's some kit that I truly love and the Slammer IV is one of them.
  12. St. Croix always seems nice but overpriced to me. If it were me I'd go with the a Carnage III rod or the well-liked Mojo.
  13. Different experience here. I've got the Spheros SW-A 8K and it was very smooth from the very start and remains so several months later. I'd try to contact Shimano customer service if the problem persists.
  14. Thanks, right now I'm using those ones from Bass Pro with the thin aluminum 4' posts and green/red/blue plastic tops. Not bad but not great either.
  15. Well it doesn't sound like there's an easy way around the stiff min. drag issue on the Slammer III 8500 so I took it back to the store and paid the extra $110 for the Slammer IV. The IV fixes that drag issue and has better seals. I'll probably find some excuse to buy a Saragosa someday too. Tackle acquisition is a disease.