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  1. No shore fishing inside Manuel Antonio reserve. I only had two hours to fish off a beach outside the reserve. I hooked a nice crevalle jack on a 3 oz. SP minnow in the surf. In Quepos, I went on a charter from Pez Vela marina, where we caught 15 dorado and 4 sailfish over the course of 8 hours. PM me if you want to know more about the charter captain, etc.
  2. Interesting. The two I own have stood up to a good deal of use. I purchased them in 2019 though. Quality control is a funny business.
  3. I really like my Rampage boat rods, but I've been unable to find the 6'6" 30-80 lb conventional models anywhere. Are they being discontinued?
  4. Due to airline travel practicalities, max 6 ft.
  5. I'm in the mood to get a new tuna rod for my new Makaira 16 loaded with 100# braid. I already have an Okuma Cedros A jigging rod rated at 65-150# (great rod that had no trouble pulling big gag groupers off the bottom) but I'm open to ideas. I'll be mostly doing live bait sinker rigs and knife jigs on the west coast from group boats.
  6. True. That's why I won't be giving up my 14K ever.
  7. We all buy too much tackle. The 8K is a bit small for my needs. I also have the 14K and love it because of its good drag, smooth gears, and IPX8 sealing. Excellent condition, barely used. I take great care of my gear. Asking for $135 including shipping with the continental U.S. Spooled with roughly 300 yards of Reaction Tackle 8-strand, 50 lb, white braid. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Great thoughts there. Great info. Except for using small conventionals such as the Squall 15 for calico and bonitos, I've never been any good at casting live bait. A clear bubble float helps. However, I started hooking live bait near the a. fin instead of the nose, and those little fish will happily swim away from the boat for me.
  9. I have a couple of rigs I can take on Calif. party boats: 1. 40-60# rod, Avet MXL G2 MC (not raptor), 450 yards 65 lb braid (excellent YT outfit) 2. 80-130# jigging rod, Slammer IV spinner, 400 yards 80 lb braid 3. 100-150# rod, Daiwa Seagate 50H*, 400 yards 80 lb braid I want to replace the Seagate (drag/frame not up to 80#-100# class tackle) with something that can handle bigger tuna that seem to be showing up on boats, and that's where the Mak 16/20 or even VISX16 are entering my thoughts.
  10. Is the Okuma Solterra any good quality and performance wise?
  11. I'd like to buy a Makaira 16 or 20 for trips on open/party/cattle charter boats in Calif. I'll be using this rig for fly lining sardines, drops, and nighttime vertical jigging at the rail all day/night. Is the Mak 20 too heavy for my purpose. Would the 16 be a better bet? If anyone has a pic of the 16 and 20 together that would be awesome.
  12. My perception of the danger is distorted by living near a white shark hotspot as a youngster. The commercial fishermen nearby commonly spotted white sharks in excess of 6 meters. A family friend was attacked in her teens, losing her arm and suffering deep wounds around her upper torso. A tourist was consumed whole by a 5-6 m shark a few km from my home, Every year a couple of attacks took place. Statistically, the threat is low compared to other things though. Buy yourself one of those Kevlar-lined shark wetsuits if you are worried. They cost about $1,000, but that's a lot better than a $20,000 ER bill. Still, I wouldn't push my luck in sharky areas like Santa Cruz, Calif., and Chatham, Mass.
  13. The carbon drag on the 14K is smooth and strong enough for stripers, drums, bluefish, roosters, etc.
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