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  1. I'm very impressed with my Okuma Nomad 1004. The Triumph Travel Surf 10 ft I tried functioned less like a single blank than the Okuma with the different ferrule system. The Nomad's Fuji K guides are a bit nicer than those on the Triumph. The Nomad can be found for $150 online and the Triumph is about $220.
  2. I suspect they are surf scoters
  3. Bit of an old thread but it's nice to share info. For the money, I really like my Okuma Nomad 10 ft, 4-piece travel surf spinning rod ($150). It is paired with a Penn Affinity 7000 or Penn Pursuit 2-6000 spinning reel and 20 lb braid. The Nomad's Fuji K guides are super nice and the ferrule system works well. The St. Croix Triumph seemed nice too but a bit overpriced for what it is at $250, and the Daiwa Ardito though an exciting concept seemed to get lackluster reviews on Amazon (keeping an open mind on this one though). I'm a bit irked there is no casting/conventional version of the Okuma Nomad travel surf rod (yet?). The best option for me was the Santiam 11ft 4-piece conventional surfcasting rod, which I've paired up with a Penn Fathom 15 spooled with 15 lb mono line (for now, going to 50 lb braid later). The rod blank action (medium-fast) is good and the guides are what you'd expect on $120 rod. The pieces fit together nicely and the reel seat is awesome. I was a bit discouraged by the 15" X-tape lower grip at first. However, a couple of dozen practice casts with it restored my confidence. And at $120, there just aren't any other better travel surf casting rods out there as far as I could find on Amazon/Walmart.
  4. OK. My Santiam surf casting 11 ft 4-piece arrived today and I got to try it out with a Penn Fathom 15 loaded with 17 lb mono. My review follows: Summary: At around $120, this rod offers oodles of performance and quality, and I'm very happy with my purchase overall. Pros. The rod is light -- under 14 oz -- and it has a lot of casting power and backbone for an 11-footer. It pairs up comfortably with the Fathom 15. The Fathom 25N I owned would have been a mismatch. I could see others really liking it with a Penn Squall 15/Mag 525, Daiwa Seagate 20, Penn 160L, Avet SX, and comparable conventional reels. The four sections fit and separate perfectly (perhaps the most precisely of all my travel rods, incl. the Okuma Nomad and Fenwick Eagle) and the rod performs well. The guides on the rod are fine for the price, but I still prefer the angled Fuji ones like those on the Nomad. The Santiam's reel seat is extremely nice quality. The blanks' glossy blue color is pretty even though I'm more partial to the glossy midnight blue on the Nomad and generally prefer charcoal black. The travel tube and fabric insert impressed me with their quality and ease of use. Cons. I immediately understood the issue C.A. had with the handle. The shortness of the lower half could be uncomfortable for casters who are used to a longer handle such as those on the Okuma Longitude II 9-footer and the Salt Striker 12-footer. The length of the lower grip was not a deal-breaker for me on a casting rod, but it would be unacceptable on a spinning rod. It was the thinness of the grip that bothered me at first and I had fears about being able to leverage the rod over in casts. The grips felt too skinny to me. By contrast, my Okuma Nomad Surf Travel 10 ft spinning rod feels just right in the hands. Ultimately, the initial ergonomic issues with the grip didn't preclude me from becoming comfortable with the rod within 20 casts, and getting good casting distances with a 3 oz weight.
  5. Thanks, C.A. The 15" you describe sounds a little cramped. We'll have to see when it arrives. I'll report on it.
  6. Good feedback. The photo seems to show an adequate amount of handle space in the sales image. Were you using another or older model?
  7. I just bought the 11 ft 4-piece surf casting model. I'll follow up with a report after I've had a chance to try it out on a few outings.
  8. I can spool my new Penn Fathom 15 with 40 lb braid or 15 lb mono. I will be casting 3-5 oz bait rigs on a Santiam 11 ft surf rod, and boat fishing with a 7 ft Sturdy Stik rod. I don't expect to catch anything heavier than smaller sharks/rays, drums, stripers, salmon, lings, and yellowtail. Which do you recommend? Maybe I need two spools? Mono from the beach, braid from the boat? Your suggestions are invited.
  9. I purchased the Penn Affinity II 7000 recently and I think it's a very nice reel for the price. I paid about $130. It has that nice 45 mm tall Long Cast spool and the slow oscillating line wrap (in common with the Conflict II LC and Spinfisher V/VI LC), which help casting distance. The drag functions very evenly and the mechanism functions very smoothly. I'll be spooling this with 30 lb braided line, and its low 20 oz weight matches my 10' or 12' surf spinning rods (1-4 oz lures) as circumstances dictate. I love the Spinfisher VI-6500, but since it is almost twice the price and 4.5 oz more in weight, the Affinity was a better choice for me.
  10. Well my Fathom 25N arrived today, and it's a lot lighter and more compact than the 500 Jigmaster I used as a youth/teen. Overall it seems very nicely made. However, I exchanged the 25N for the Fathom 15 after all. (I was very torn between the Squall 15 and the Fathom 15, but the all metal construction just felt right to me.) The heaviest things I'm ever likely to fish for are leopard sharks, banjoes, yellowtail, striper, and small tuna, and it should balance better with the Nomad 10 ft surf rod.
  11. I plan on using a Fathom 25N with my 10 ft Nomad (1 - 4 oz spinning) travel surf rod. Are you happy with the casting performance of the Fathom 25N. Are you using 2 oz lures?
  12. I would be grateful if you could pm them to me.
  13. Great advice so far everyone. It sounds like the best approach is a mixture: (1) improve my casting technique, (2) possibly bump up from a 9' ft rod to a 12' instead of a 10' -- I'm considering the 4-pc travel Santiam 12 ft surf rod -- only 16 oz, unlike the beastly heavy 2 pc Salt Striker 12 ft my uncle gave me paired to an equally bulky Okuma 8000 reel weighing 29 oz, and (3) it couldn't hurt to pair it with an Emcast Plus Surf 5000A tall spool and 30 lb braid, right? Buying a pricey reel like an Avet MXL MC or Daiwa Millionaire would seem to yield the least return on investment here, and take too long to master on short trips.
  14. I travel to the USA west coast on business a couple of times a year. Airline policy limits me to a 10 ft four piece travel rod (1-4 oz spinning) and I have been throwing a 2 oz sinker/lure on a Penn Pursuit. Now I want to cast as far as possible out into the surf. Which of the following reels is best for me: Daiwa Emcast 5000A Plus Surf, AG Blue Yonder, Penn Squall 30, Daiwa Millionaire, Spinfisher VI-LC 6500, or other ideas. I want to get out to the leopard sharks, shovelnoses, and whatever else lies beyond the lame 75 yard casts I'm currently making.