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  1. I wish my brother had collected gold bricks instead of fly fishing tackle, but I know the rods, reels, horseshoe floats, waders, boots and a garage full of other gear, to him, was as precious as gold. .
  2. Thanks reelfire and saltfisherman - I've gone to eBay but most of what they had there appeared to be posted by retailers, and not individuals. The prices seem vary dramatically and but I will take your suggestion to setup an "alert" for them. The info I got from the manufacturers, what little was available for older rods (I think) is that they are not in production any longer but are/were highly rated at the time, about 8 years ago. And yes I have all the tubes and they are inside the manufacture socks. This is good information that I can take with me to a couple of tackle shops nearby.
  3. Thanks man!
  4. Hello again, Brian, I apologize if I violated any rules and thanks for considering my "newbie" status. Let me be clear, I'm only seeking information about these rods ie; what I should ask or expect for them given what I wrote. I've done some research online and that's where I found Stripers Online and thought it seemed like a source of knowledgeable information. So again,sorry if I"effed -up" and hope I'm "off the hook" for my rookie post. There are several bait and tackle shops nearby that buy and sell gear on consignment or buy directly for resale. I just would like a little info that I can take with me so I'm not to be taken myself with low ball offers - not that anyone would do such a thing. I'd be happy if/when I do sell the gear, to post the results so others might use my experience as a the future. Thanks again.
  5. Hello folks, This may be an odd question and not one that I had expected to be asking. My brother was the angler in the family, and an avid one at that. Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly this summer and I'm now face with selling many of his belongs, much of which is outdoor gear, fishing rods and tackle etc. The extent of my fishing knowledge extends to what Dennis taught me. I have 5 rods and a couple of reels I need some advice on. I have 3 new Sage rods, in 2 St. Croix rods all in tubes and the St. Croix in Travel Tubes, that I I'd like to sell and donate the funds to charity in his name but have no idea what to ask for these rods. Sage rods are: 2 each Model XP 490-4 Graphite IIIe Line 4 9' 0" ft. 1 each Model XP 990-4 Graphite IIIe Line 9 9' 0" ft. 1 St. Croix TideMaster Model TS70MF3 (All New and have been in storage for some time.) 1 St. Croix Ben Doer Surf System SS8m 2pc Graphite Rod with a PENN SS 055 reel on this. (Used by in excellent condition rod and reel w/tube). I apologize for the long message but wanted to give as much information as possible and hope that someone can do the same. Thanks in advance for any help. Maybe I'll keep one for myself and learn how to surf fish in Dennis' honor. Thanks all.