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  1. Jigmaster. Made in USA model. Cheap and easy to find, fix, and will last about 2 years longer than a rock with minimal care.
  2. Mass kills Blue trapping....who's next?? Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page. April 16, 2021 DMF Prohibits Trap Fishing for Blue Crabs The Division of Marine Fisheries has filed new regulations to prohibit fishing with trap gear for blue crabs and the retention of blue crabs by trap gear. Blue crabs are commonly found in the state’s southern estuarine habitats, which are often shared with diamondback terrapins. Diamondback terrapins are listed as a threatened under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act. Given the overlap of these species’ habitat, traps fished for blue crabs may incidentally catch and drown these protected turtles. To prevent this from occurring, the use of trap gear in the blue crab fishery is now prohibited. Fishermen may continue to fish for blue crabs using actively tended fishing gear such as dip nets, collapsible traps, and trot lines. A state issued recreational lobster and crabbing permit is not required to take blue crabs with these active fishing methods. The blue crab possession limit is 25-crabs per person per calendar day. The minimum shell size is 5-inches and this is measured laterally across the shell from tip-to-tip across the posterior-most, longest spines. For more information please visit our website:
  3. Strong onshore winds will have gulls floating just at the surf line looking for crabs and. the like pushed up on the beach. Tasty, just like seal.
  4. Supply chain is still a mess from the 19, the dealers are getting killed. An outboard injector took me 6 months early last year.
  5. No longer produced to my knowledge, but If you can find them, pork rinds were the go to for the Buzzard's Bay, Vineyard Sound guides back in the day. They show up at yard sales and in old Craigslist tackle boxes. These were trollers mostly, but some were cast on heavier jigs than the OP mentioned. I keep mine in the safe, cash goes in the desk drawer.
  6. Long funnel eel traps take greens really well. The New Bedford lobster trap place, Ketcham Supply sells greenie traps, pick up or online.
  7. Royal Polaris (RP) knot aka John Collins knot, check it out on youtube
  8. Try Mystic parts in NJ, they have a site, pretty much everything Penn available there
  9. There is a listing on the SoCo Mass Craigs List in New Bedford with a bunch of Penn Greenie's and Z model spinning rigs for lighter money, if you're cool with the older stuff. Those old made in the USA Penn's have proven to be mostly bulletproof.
  10. O'Brian in his Tycoon book stated the company quit on the #5 (5 inches) as it was too expensive to produce which is why production ceased at only a few hundred units. A rare bird indeed.
  11. Great old reels proven that they were built to last for generations, still have one from the 60's, looks like crap, slays fish.
  12. Yes the anti reverse disengagement lever to put the reel in "knuckle buster" mode on some 349's 49's and the squidders. Converts between knuckle buster and anti reverse engaged. I still fish 49's for bass in New England and grouper in FL, I usually tie off the convertable lever with some twine to a cross post locking the reel in anti reverse mode so my guests don't get themselves in trouble. The 49's are like skinny 114H's for a dime a dozen. 349's are stronger upgrades from the 49.
  13. There are plenty of storage yards in the Kings Bay area rather than the 3x a week tow from mid state. Rack storage too. There is a small yard in Ozello that may be perfect for you, they launch from your trailer.
  14. Have the Masterbuilt as well, cheap to get into, when it croaks I may upgrade but a good starter, I like it! Plenty of smoker books and online info/recipes to get you started.
  15. Check Craigs, There is a bunch in New Bedford for short money at Ketcham Supply, the lobster trap place.