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    Dad went to Cuttyhunk for a weeks vacation in 62, never left, ended up being a guide there for 20 yrs, doomed me to the ocean for work and play as a child
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  1. Post on alantani dot com a reel fix it site, there are guys with the old parts to get it done.
  2. Bushings cast better and are strong enough for 110 targets, I don't know of a replacement kit to change to bearings. It's not broken
  3. Jigmaster would be perfect for you.
  4. More Apple stock comes to mind
  5. When, with an unfamiliar reel, you get to the spring loaded parts do the work with the reel and your paws in a big clear freezer bag. It's amazing how fast they can launch into low earth orbit, never to be seen again.
  6. Walking the rounded boulders on the Cuttyhunk beaches has left me with a few kneecap permascars. I used to bounce better in the old days, not so much in the golden years. Mostly work off the boat these days, or sandy beaches and piers now that I've retired from the slippery granite.
  7. Most any star drag made in the USA Penn classic, Senators, Jiggy's, Squidders Greenies, Z's etc etc. Easy to find and fix. cheap to buy. Most have already delivered a generation or more of service and are now just almost broken in. Trout to tuna. One of my old 49's for trolling is pre 1950 (no part numbers) 3 1/2 to 1 ratio faster than the Specials, updated to 5 stack carbontex, like a skinny 114H for a dime a dozen.
  8. As long as it holds an edge I'm smiling
  9. Surfcast, My old man ran a 6 pack 20 years for stripers and felt the same as you, when hooked on a single you got em. Here's a hook guide that may help. VMC HOOK REPLACEMENT GUIDE.pdf
  10. Thanks Erm, will do.
  11. Try soaking it in brine, I had some petrified ones but can't remember if I soaked em or not, maybe thats still on the up north to do list. Gotta love the golden years. Old Josh bottles suck with the meal caps that rot out, move em all to tight, all plastic containers. Once they're brined they last forever.
  12. Jigmaster. Made in USA model. Cheap and easy to find, fix, and will last about 2 years longer than a rock with minimal care.
  13. Mass kills Blue trapping....who's next?? Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page. April 16, 2021 DMF Prohibits Trap Fishing for Blue Crabs The Division of Marine Fisheries has filed new regulations to prohibit fishing with trap gear for blue crabs and the retention of blue crabs by trap gear. Blue crabs are commonly found in the state’s southern estuarine habitats, which are often shared with diamondback terrapins. Diamondback terrapins are listed as a threatened under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act. Given the overlap of these species’ habitat, traps fished for blue crabs may incidentally catch and drown these protected turtles. To prevent this from occurring, the use of trap gear in the blue crab fishery is now prohibited. Fishermen may continue to fish for blue crabs using actively tended fishing gear such as dip nets, collapsible traps, and trot lines. A state issued recreational lobster and crabbing permit is not required to take blue crabs with these active fishing methods. The blue crab possession limit is 25-crabs per person per calendar day. The minimum shell size is 5-inches and this is measured laterally across the shell from tip-to-tip across the posterior-most, longest spines. For more information please visit our website:
  14. Strong onshore winds will have gulls floating just at the surf line looking for crabs and. the like pushed up on the beach. Tasty, just like seal.