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    Dad went to Cuttyhunk for a weeks vacation in 62, never left, ended up being a guide there for 20 yrs, doomed me to the ocean for work and play as a child
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  1. Fishing regs translation Poor year.................overfishing Good Year...............Regulators are geniuses This year lots of rabbits, next year more foxes Normal ebb and flow of nature must be ignored, bad for bureaucrats
  2. This was the assembly site last summer in New Bedford last summer. My pal with many years in the marine construction biz estimated the big crane as a 3000 tonner, and had never seen on so big. The one on the right is no midget either. Next to the building on the right are the modular mast units that are vertically assembled in New Bedford prior to deployment.
  3. Here are a few Big Daddies from the 70's after "RAJA" Ray Jarry and assoc on Long Island acquired the Goo Goo line
  4. Look up "Stripertime" on youtube a short from 1956 Capt Coot Hall
  5. Look up "Stripertime" on youtube a short from 1956 Capt Coot Hall
  6. I made a right angle "knife" by hammering a 5D box nail down to a flat point, then bending the tip to a right angle to get inside the main gear hole so I could work it under the bottom drag washer. penetrating oil helps too.
  7. I posted Kencor schematics on AlanTani.com a repair site, all kencor factory parts were lost years ago after they folded. The folks at the site may be you best bet for replacements or work arounds
  8. Rags, small scraper & elbow grease, wd40, sonic cleaner from Harbor Freight
  9. I've watched your individual acquisitions, but have never seen "the pile" before. Real estate is down a little, you're gonna need a bigger house
  10. What he ^^ says, but I'd say generations!!
  11. Old style tailplate bearing I'd say older maybe 70's, hard to tell no serials on the old Senators. Tough reel easy to fix and lots of parts. If it has 3 drag washers upgrade to a 5 stack kit. Will last for generations, a good 30 lb class rig.
  12. Post on alantani dot com a reel fix it site, there are guys with the old parts to get it done.
  13. Bushings cast better and are strong enough for 110 targets, I don't know of a replacement kit to change to bearings. It's not broken
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