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  1. You going to fish wire? Alum spool NG for that, have a few I can do for under 100, general cosmetic conditions will affect price, all are good mechanically, can get you a half frame and a Newell foot with a Newell clamp thanks Bob
  2. Thank you Robert, the rods have, as I'm sure you are aware, flown away to Connecticut, and everyone is smiling. A few hours well spent for us digging through my boxes of trash and making the deal. I have orders to continue patrolling Woonsocket and scoop up any stragglers I may encounter. Thanks again. Tight Lines, Bob
  3. Have a few old Murats and looking for an idea of the value range. 12'2pc conventional and a few spinners both honey and black all in pretty good shape with a few busted guides on some. Thank You, Bob
  4. We dont allow post like this. Please read the rules pinned at the top of the forum. Thanks!
  5. How about 80 for the lot shipped to Mass? Thanks, Bob
  6. How about a deal at 60? Thank You
  7. Home made tackle, 14g SS wire spreaders (dredges)) 5 short spinning surgie's, they mostly liked black on Saturday. Telling you where and how are very different Idaho's.
  8. Those are a tough find, with a limited market, put 'em on ebay.
  9. I don't think they've been used for 25 years in wood, all vinyl clad wire now. There were a few trinket guys selling them along route 1 on Maine a few years ago.
  10. Last Saturday was a good day for stripers west of Cuttyhunk at the Sow and Pigs Reef fishing on the old vintage Blackfin with vintage tackle
  11. Mystic Parts in NJ is always a good Penn source
  12. i've owned both Penn and Ocean City JC's
  13. Contact 1 badf350 on alantani dot com you may have more than you think there.
  14. No idea about multi, and I am in a different state, good luck.
  15. Platform makes sense, the idea I think is for someone not to be stepping out unwittingly into an abyss. I got called for it in Mass, three steps down into a garage, had to reverse the door to swing in away from the stairs. For a rental I'd take the storm door money for a better main thermal door.