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  1. Galvan grip 10, excellent used condition, silver color with blue accents. $400 shipping and paypal included.
  2. Offer withdrawn.
  3. Majority sweet. A few outings per year in the salt it I am lucky. I'm considering the light weight version primarily.
  4. I've had Danners in the past for hunting and they held up well. Just not sure how that translates to wading boots though... I'll be curious to hear how these hold up over time.
  5. I can do that. PM me PayPal info and I'll settle up. Thanks!
  6. Anyone here swallowed the substantial cost and picked up one of the new Patagonia/Danner wading boots? I'm getting tired of replacing my boots every year or two, and these sound interesting. I'd like to know if they are going to live up to the hype before dropping that kind of money though... Anyone have any experience with them?
  7. I'll be following this for guidance on a trip upcoming next fall. Thanks for the insight!
  8. Respectfully offer $350 shipped to MN for the sage one 6 weight.
  9. I'll take it at $50 shipped. PM me PayPal info.
  10. Still available?
  11. I'll pass. Good luck with the sale.
  12. Respectfully offer $175 shipped to MN for the rod only, no line.
  13. Here's the link to sales thread when I purchased it. There are a few comments in there about it's abilities.
  14. It will definitely throw 450 grains. No problem. I believe it has enough backbone to handle the fight as well.
  15. I've got a 9' sage RPL+ in a nominal 10 weight designation. I would consider it a true 11 weight. It prefers an 11-12 weight line. I picked it up here for a back up but haven't used it. Good used condition. I'll let it go for what I've got into it. $200 shipped conus. If you are interested, I can provide pictures.