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  1. 90 minutes + near the mouth of the Smith River, California 1969. 80lb+ stingray hooked and landed on Shakespeare push button reel/Wonderod/8lb line. I was 14 yrs old.
  2. Our inshore fisheries are absolutely renewable resources. There are many valid reasons for a fisheries decline ... mismanagement, over-fishing, climate change, etc but the number one contributor to their decline is natural habitat degradation. Historical spawning grounds, bays, rivers, their tributaries, marshes, estuaries have been dammed up, silted in, dumped on, built over, polluted with industrial chemicals, fecal waste, fertilizer, pesticide run-off, food chain disruption or collapse, etc. etc. etc. The list is endless. Imagine what the striper population might look like if their habitat of today was unspoiled as it was a hundred years ago. I watched and lived a similar scenario on the west coast with the King and Coho salmon. Compared to the 60s and 70s, those fish are just about completely gone, mostly because of natural habitat degradation. If you believe my opinion to be misguided ... think of it in these terms ... An outside force moves in to our city, knocks down half of our homes, tears up the streets and highways, poisons our drinking water and kills off much of our food sources. How long do you think humans would continue to thrive and reproduce?
  3. I'm guessing no chance it will come apart.
  4. Bump in hopes of finding this rod
  5. Nice condition only. Must be willing to ship. Please post details and photos. Thanks.
  6. Having spent a fair amount of time fishing the beaches in California though I've never fished for west coast stripers, it seems like you really need two outfits. Something along the lines of a light, 1/2oz- 1.5oz to 2oz, 9' to 10' rod w/3k-4k reel for the surf perch/halibut and maybe a heavier, 1-3 or 3.5, 10' to 11' rod w/5.5k-6k reel for casting larger, heavier baits for stripers. You didn't say what type and size lures you normally throw but I'm assuming there is a big disparity in weight between baits for surf perch versus stripers . I live near the gulf now and am currently using an 8'6" berkley steelhead rod with curado 300ej baitcasting outfit for 3/4-1oz spoons that works okay. I wish I had gone to a 10'-10'-6" rod instead of the 8'-6"
  7. Did you ever get to Galveston to try out the new gear? Interested in hearing how it worked out for you. I live in Houston and usually fish the surf at Matagorda. I'm doing something similar to you for lure casting and have decided to go with a 10'-6" St. Croix steelhead casting rod paired to a low-profile Shimano 300 baitcaster.
  8. Please give us an update once you've finished it and had a chance to take her out on the town. I'm very interested in what you think of its performance.
  9. Is it the 3sc96hf2 blank that you'll be using? Are you setting this up with a surf rod handle or more similar to the salmon/steelhead rods?
  10. Sorry, no advice but I'll be following this thread with interest as well. Wanting to build or have built, something very similar to toss 1oz-1.5oz spoons except it would be set up for a bait casting reel.
  11. A slot limit here in Texas on Redfish has helped the overall population immensely, especially those of trophy sized fish. Daily Redfish limit = 3, 20-28 inches = legal size. Up to 2 fish 28" or larger per annual license period may be tagged and kept. All others are released. These regs may be common to other states as well.