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  1. Is it the 3sc96hf2 blank that you'll be using? Are you setting this up with a surf rod handle or more similar to the salmon/steelhead rods?
  2. Sorry, no advice but I'll be following this thread with interest as well. Wanting to build or have built, something very similar to toss 1oz-1.5oz spoons except it would be set up for a bait casting reel.
  3. A slot limit here in Texas on Redfish has helped the overall population immensely, especially those of trophy sized fish. Daily Redfish limit = 3, 20-28 inches = legal size. Up to 2 fish 28" or larger per annual license period may be tagged and kept. All others are released. These regs may be common to other states as well.
  4. We're just the opposite. The only time I use spinning equipment is for bait fishing or if I casting very light lures under an eighth oz. Other than that, its bait casters all the way. I didn't know there was a long distance forum. Have to hunt it down. Thanks again.
  5. So far, no luck other than ordering direct from the UK. Trying to work out shipping right now. Hopefully we can get it all settled. Thanks again for the suggestion.
  6. This may have been said already but if it hasn't, after you are done with the boat for the day, turn off the fuel petcock or disconnect the fuel line and run the motor at idle until it stalls.
  7. A combined buy might work for you guys on the east coast. Payments including shipping could be made individually through paypal. He sounds like he's more than willing to work with potential US buyers.
  8. Here are copies of the emails I received from Ian Scadding at AFAW in the UK ... On 10/9/2018 at 1:10 AM, "Ian Scadding" <> wrote: Hi Karl, We can ship to the USA, but the costs are large due to the nature of what we make: logistics companies love small brown boxes, ours are long and thin and there costs the same to ship as about a dozen normal boxes. BUT, given that the Estuary rod is only 11’ its not quite as bad as sending a 14’ rod! Rod = £199.99 Shipping = £ 75 Total = £274.99 or about $350.00 USD Its more than we would like, but given a rod is a rod, there not that much we can do. However, what we have found is that if you have access to a UPS account, you can get it COLLECTED far cheaper than we can ship it. Same package, same journey, but its cheaper it YOU book it! Might be worth looking into? Kind regards Ian & Jules ===================================================== On 9 Oct 2018, at 15:03, karl guillory <> wrote: Wow, ship costs are high but thanks for the UPS tip. Is the rod one piece or two? =============================================================== Morning Karl, Trust me when i say the actual cost to us is over three times that! However, for the price we quoted we could send 10-12 rods!!! Its the volumetric size of a box of rods, not the weight. So one rod or a dozen, same price! Kind regards Ian & Jules
  9. Sudsy ... I believe I read an older post about you using the Lexa 300 on your Estuary rod. How has that worked out for you? I had considered an Akios 656 csm I think the model is but have moved towards the Daiwa.
  10. In my experience as a commercial salmon troller (hook and line) on the west coast in the 70s, due to a change in regulations as stipulated by the Pacific Fisheries Management Council (PFMC) we were required to transition to barbless (minimum crushed flat barb) during specific months due to silver (Coho) salmon being the dominant species that populated the waters I fished. At the time, the populations of Coho salmon were on the decline and the gear change regulations were put in place to help preserve the dwindling population. Based on my experience, I believe fish caught with a barbless hook sustained far less trauma than those taken with a standard barbed hook. In the case of undersized fish being caught fish which would be released, barbed hook caught fish almost always required the fish be brought into the boat before release. Many were thrown back in the water dead. Normally those taken with barbless hook required only a shake at the back of the boat and they were free and on their way. How that translates into survival rates, I can only assume those experiencing less trauma had a better chance of survival. Without question, I caught less fish using barbless hooks. The reg change to barbless hooks for commercial trollers was VERY unpopular with the fishing crowd but continued until commercial salmon fishing was finally closed all together.
  11. Thanks for the info. I traded email with Steve yesterday and he no longer imports the AFAW line.
  12. Thanks for that Lou. I had already checked with him and he no longer carries the AFAW line.
  13. Great catch and nicely written story. I got bombed by a small tarpon on the Texas gulf coast a couple of years ago while wade fishing for specs. Maybe 40-50 lb fish. 3 violent cartwheels clicked off right in front of me, spit the hardware and was gone. Most exciting 3 seconds of my life. I'm assuming you'll be back at the same spot given the first first opportunity. Don't forget to update us.
  14. Right now, due to my lack of US dealer info, I'm exchanging emails with Ian Scadding of AFAW in the UK. Ship costs are high, especially for just one rod so I'm trying to come up with a better option. A question for you AFAW 11' Estuary 1-3oz rod users ... Will 1.5oz be sufficient to load the rod? Is 100 yards a doable cast if paired with Daiwa 300 typeHD reel w/20lb braid and 1.5oz spoon/lead head swimbait?
  15. Its a stringer. I wade fish on the Texas gulf coast usually in water at least waist deep out to the second, sometimes third sand bar. It can be a long walk or swim back in depending upon the tide. We don't have outrageous waves and tides like the East coast.