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  1. Thanks guys, I haven't been doing anything but scrolling through those forums in amazement.
  2. Yea I'm gonna use it as a paper weight. I'd rather buy a new 50 to fish and be able to look at it everyday.
  3. Thank you so much guys, I'm truly appreciating all the advice.
  4. You're absolutely right it is, long day. Thanks, I will work up to it and try there!
  5. I want to pretense this with "THIS IS NOT A BUYING ADD". I collect SS show specials and other rare ones . I use eBay, FB and other forums on the internet. Could anyone tell me the best place they have found to find rare quality plugs from non-sketchy people?
  6. What would you guys consider the best real to "learn on"? Don't mind the price but want an easily usable, non complicated reel to help me build my technique.
  7. 4.9lb largemouth on a tiny stick bit dropped between pads. Thanks for the help, any other techniques?
  8. I agree, me either. I wouldn't of bought it, I won it.
  9. I'm spending a few days at my house on ******* Lake in ******* PA. Its a small "lake" really a pond with 15ft of Lilly pads surrounding the entire boarder. I have never really fished it but got some advice from locals about using frogs and chatter baits in and near the pads. Still no luck on either. I have only caught 2 small mouth bass on a 1.5" stick bait in open water. Any suggestions on how to work these that I won't find on YouTube. Thanks
  10. Just got my special edition Liberty Penn International. Anyone else gonna let it just sit on their shelf?
  11. What are your favorite ways to prepare sea robin?
  12. What a great year for tuna. Blue/yellow fin and big eye galore!!
  13. Other than the type of water you are fishing, what are the pros and cons of each?
  14. VSX 200 or 10K Gossa on a Lami GSB. Don't dunk the VS but it still gets splashed.