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  1. I am looking to buy used korkers casttrax in an XL. Would prefer to be in decent shape, not looking for anything too busted up. lmk!
  2. This game definitely means a lot in terms of the playoff race. If the dawgs lose this one, the Florida UGA game is going to be a very important one. Need Fromm to have a good game through the air.
  3. Nothing worse than when your fishing your spot and someone decides to swim down the beach right in your cast line.
  4. Lived in Hartford, CT for 4 years. Sirens were the city's anthem...
  5. UGA vs LSU thoughts?
  6. I'm in.
  7. About 12 years ago I was trolling for tuna 25 miles out of Moriches when we saw an enormous splash behind the boat. Did a quick turn around to find 2 ~16 ft. great whites cruising just below the surface. One of the most insane sights ever. Of course we were "6 miles short of the tuna" but still a great day on the water.
  8. thank you. I am in the market will definitely check these out!
  9. Need an interview panel of Trump, Kanye and Jesse Watters. Would be one hell of a trio haha
  10. Saquon is one of the rawest talents in a rookie we have seen in a very long time. Guy is a beast.
  11. Along with Skinner, check out Rich from FishAholic Fishing on youtube. Great videos that are easy to follow and learn from. More of a vlog style so its not just clips of hookups. Tons of commentary.
  12. was in islamorada in July, looking to switch things up.
  13. Amazing thread. Thank you to all who contributed and provided a newbie like me with such vital knowledge and information.
  14. I know their is an article about a dead tarpon found floating in Shinnecock Bay in 2016. Very interesting to find out that a DEC biologist saw one blowing up on crabs in the GSB!
  15. I am going to be booking a trip to Florida in January and am having a difficult time deciding on a location. Am very interested in the Sanibel/Captiva area but with the red tide concerns and cooler temps experienced last winter in Florida I am not sure what to do. I am new to the group but love going to Florida for vacations. As for January, I am open to any and all suggestions. Thank you in advance!