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  1. Thresher, Mako, and Porbeagle steaks are delicious!! You do not want to eat a Blue shark..
  2. I'm building up a few Rainshadow SWS70M that should be in that ballpark, but I think they will end up closer to 1-3oz.
  3. seconds!
  4. Seconds on 100 series power knob if it falls through!
  5. Works well for me, just mix it even!
  6. I'd pick up a few 1-1.25oz swimmers and 2-2.5oz dannys or pikies!
  7. Offer $18
  8. Haven't seen the PM yet but I do want it! Will be away from PC tnt so if I dont see this afternoon I'll pay tmrw AM.
  9. I'll take it
  10. I'll offer $17 shipped to 01860 if that works for you?
  11. How tall are the tubes?
  12. I'll take em!
  13. Last winter I built a couple Rodgeeks travel blanks and they been great. I also built a Mudhole MHX travel blank that is great as well. 6' and under 3 piece seems to work but over that you're better off with a 4 piece for sure. All depends how you plan on traveling with them.
  14. Very true, you would want longer for party boat, or somtimes to go around big sets of outboards. My rods are built for fishing on a CC.