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  1. When I fly fish I'm usually in a small boat (14-16ft)
  2. I forgot to mention that I always shorten my leader! When tossing big flies I'll go as short as 4ft of 20/25lb flouro or mono between the fly line and fly.. no need for tapered leaders here.
  3. I wrapped a Rodgeeks 9' 4-8lb Light action salmon blank last winder and used it to fish lures under 1oz and the smaller size cotton cordell pencil popper. Caught a 40" on it which was a riot but setting the hook at any distance was way to much work even with 15lb braid. I'm going to build the 8'6" 6-12lb version of the blank this winter and think it will be perfect for estuaries and early season surf casting off the sand. I too like to go as light as possible but when you start missing fish because you don't have the UMPH to set the hook, it gets old!
  4. I stopped flyfishing at night several years ago : ) All of these were during the day! The key for me is finding big fish actively feeding on big bait. You could certainly pull a slob bass off a flat with a crab fly in the right environment!
  5. I wasn't aware of this, good to know! I'll amend my post
  6. I've caught several 40"+ bass on the fly over the years and the ticket has been big flies, as big as you can cast. I've gone as far as tying 10" 12/0 herring/pogie imitations using Farrar fibers or reverse tied bucktail. I've caught most of them in shallower water (sub 8') and use a heavy shooting head (10wt with 450gr) to shoot them out fast with minimal back casts and one hand strip pretty much as fast as you can with a couple random pauses. The big ones seem to be smart and if you give them too long to look at it, they will nose it and turn away at the last minute! Biggest thing is you can't catch big fish if big fish aren't present!
  7. If you were going to do it I'd get the FK vs the Ci4 as that would be too light to balance it out. I think a 5K would feel better on the rod.
  8. I fish 6' L and ML rods for bass, especially smallies with small jigheads/plastics. I've used an UL in the past and it's just too hard to set the hook any distance out, even with braid.
  9. Last winter I wrapped (3) SWS70M striper rods which mainly used for slow trolling pogies and mackerel this summer, and they performed phenomenally! There doesn't seem to be any downside!
  10. Congrats! That's quite a feat! Tarpon is on the short list for me, hopefull over the next few years!
  11. Beautiful area! I was out there in March but didn't make it over the border to the Owyhee, hopefully this year!
  12. Like others suggested it depends on the situation but the few times I've needed them, it's been nothing or $20 if they went out of their way.
  13. White, Olive/White, Chartuse/White
  14. While not SUPER easy to cast, I'v found big reverse bucktail deceivers (8/0-10/0) are easier than those tied with Farrar fibers, etc. They seem to cut the wind much better, even though the Farrar flies hold less water. The key for me is not over doing the layers and material while still getting a "full" enough body which is the hard part!
  15. I've had great luck with the Korkers wading boots that have the interchangeable soles, I really like the BOA lacing system as well.