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  1. Missed the post about it being a spinning rod, ignore my acid wrap sizing advice!
  2. What size reel do you plan on putting on it? I just built a Blackhole Challenger 731H spiral wrapped and using a Fuji LC12M as the first guide, to KW12, and then KW10's to tip. My first thought is that you don't need a 25 size first guide and should be starting with a KW20 or 16, or using a Fuji LC16M if you want more height to clear the grip under load, especially if it's a more parabolic blank.
  3. GetBit has been shipping faster than Mudhole recently. I ordered some guides from Mudhole last Tuesday and the ETA is this Thursday.
  4. Sorry for delay, that works. I'll send you pm with info.
  5. I have a herring Deep that i'd sell for $130 shipped. Same color as one above but will take pics tnt if you're interested
  6. I ended up selling to someone I know locally.
  7. Where are you located? I'm in Merrimac, MA. I'd do $60 shipped via paypal or $45 cash if local.
  8. I’ve thrown it a once or twice but it looks new.
  9. I have a new white headbanger dredge darter I’d sell $160 shipped or $140 cash if you’re local to Merrimac, MA
  10. $160 shipped
  11. I have a new white mikes headbanger dredge darter that I’d sell.
  12. I have a mackerel single hook model, I'll dig out tnt.
  13. $210 and you've got a deal
  14. Closing, sold.