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  1. I'll take the following jigheads, let me know the total and I'll send Paypal. Thanks! WHITE 5x 3/4 @ .90 ea 5x 1oz @ 1.00 ea 5x 1.5oz @ 1.15 ea Chartuse 3x 3/4 3x 1oz 3x 1.5oz Redwine 2x 3/4oz 2x 1oz 2x 1.5oz
  2. Would you sell just the white jigheads without bucktail (I like to tie my own)? If so what would the price be for: 5x 3/4 5x 1oz 5x 1.5oz
  3. Nope!
  4. $175 shipped (lower 48) via paypal!
  5. Mine is a brand new current model from this past summer, I just have too many Ultralights, only reason I'm selling.
  6. I have a St Croix Premier 7' UL 2 piece trout rod that's brand new in plastic (I broke last one and sent in for new replacement from St Croix) that I'd sell for $50+whatever shipping costs. I'm located in MA. Mike
  7. After learning about no bail I will rescind my offer GLWS
  8. Offer $360 shipped
  9. Awesome thanks for all the input, looks like I'll stick with what I've already ordered! Mike
  10. Offer $425 shipped!
  11. I'm building a Rodgeeks salmon blank C2SS86MHF2 as a light surf rod to toss 1/2-1oz plugs. I'm planning on KLH guides and was planning on using: 25H/12H/8M/7L/KT6 Thoughts? Wondering if I should go 25/16/10/7L/KT6? Thanks! Mike
  12. (2) Diawa Sealine 17 reels on Okuma Kokanee 7ft Light action downrigger trolling rods in excellent condition. Reels spooled with 10lb flourocarbon. $115 per combo. 2) Diawa Sealine 27 reels on Okuma 8" 6" 2 piece ML trolling rods. Reels spooled with 8 colors of Suffix Performance 12lb leadcore. $100 per combo. Setups only used 5-6 times in freshwater trolling on Lake Winnipisaukee. Great set ups for trolling for land locked salmon and lake trout. Selling because we sold boat. Prefer to meet in person somewhere in Northeast MA or Southern NH but will ship on buyers dime.