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  1. If you have to give your builder guide placement there's something wrong.. I like Fuji KLH to KB or KT guides on lighter surf rods, they are single foot.
  2. Send PM with paypal and I'll take care if it now Thanks!
  3. I'll take it
  4. Do you ever come down to the Merrimac, MA/Newburyport area? I'd grab that Black label for $24 if you did.
  5. I'll take some pics tonight
  6. Any interest in a VR50 used twice in excellent condition+cash or plugs?
  7. Only other new-ish plug I have is a new Blueback herring Slim Surfster but it has hook pointers from before I got it, so it's not 100%.
  8. Any interest in a Med Slim Custom Porgy for the Deep?
  9. Are the river herring's a Slim Med and Giant Deep?
  10. Great rod but IMO doesn't have the backbone to throw wind resistant (metal lips) over 2oz unless you want to lob them. That said, awesome rod for throwing 1/2-1.5oz. Throws an SP extremely well. I have a VSX150 and balances perfectly.
  11. Century SS1025 is a great stick at 8'6" if you're only looking to throw up to 2oz. Better in the 1-1.5oz range.
  12. ODM Gensis 9ft and Blackhole Suzuki are solid blanks for .75-2.5oz plugs
  13. How about $240 shipped and I'll cover fees for the 6K spooled with yellow ppro? PM me paypal info and I'll pay asap. My current okuma baitrunner pretty much died this morning. Also do you know what pound PP is on reel? I'll take either way just curious. Thanks!
  14. I'll take the 6000 with Hi vis Yellow for $225 if you'll ship or meet halfway, don't have any plans to go into the city for the next few weeks unfortunately
  15. That works for me pending pickup location - I'm in Merrimac, MA. Do you ever travel to the North Shore? Feel free to send PM.