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  1. Ok. This has gone on quite long. How about using the power of the penn to contact others who can help.
  2. I have read through most of this 26 page thread. Many and most of what I read have good points. Maybe semantic. I think we, all fishermen, have a duty to protect what we enjoy and or make a livelihood from. No matter what the consequences in those protections. I recreational fish avidly as well as most of my friends. I have commercial fished. I have bought sea food at a retailer. I frequent charter and open boats. I would not like to see any of these aspects of my life suffer but ultimately there will be some sufferring. I do my part and hope others follow suit. When I take people out on my boat or charter a boat I instill limits lower than mandated and sizes above. Makes for better sport with friends on any given day and makes me feel as if I am saving at least one of my sons son... If you spend enough time out there you see a lot from the conservative who enjoys a snapshot and clean release to the poacher who makes an illegal living off the bounty that should be shared by all and the people in between. Stay educated on the topic, keep people posted, work together, accept responcibility and hope we can get these fish back on track... "If you have one foot in tomorrow and one foot in yesterday you will miss out on today" Someone on TV.
  3. Porgy Paul... That is what most people use, the rebar grapple. As I stated earlier in the thread those grapples destroy the wrecks over time. Add in the storm surge and normal break down and we will lose a lot of quality bottom fishery real estate. Most rubble and wreck areas have a good amount of sand around them. That sand holds Danforth anchors well and it is easy to retrieve the anchor when it is time to go home...a time that always comes too soon. An old-timer who showed me a few things used concrete blocks. If it was not too rough. Rarely get stuck but if they did he doubled the line through an eye. Leave the block and retrieve the line. No harm no foul. Tight lines, fair winds and calm seas
  4. SeaZen All good. I bet what you have will work fine. Just might need to change to 50 lb braid and and 80 lb top shot. We use the big stuff since we are already targeting tuna. When tuna is slow and the conditions are good we tile or search the buoys for Mahi-mahi or move on. I do love my saltiest 4/0. It has the toque, capacity and the speed if needed. It has hauled up 2 pound jigs and feisty tuna. I have a ton of sash weights from installing windows. There are many in the walls of homes that have had the windows upgraded too, just waiting to be repurposed. Remember that tile all float after about 200 feet due to swim bladder swelling. If it pops off on the way up scan the horizon and get that tasty fish before the birds do. Good luck in your choices, let us know what you decided... Tight lines, calm seas and fair winds. Big Vin
  5. b4loran; I am not a commercial guy in any sense, so no offense taken. Yes ground gear does destroy a lot of sea floor and rod and reel commercial guys have my utmost respect. I try to keep this part of my life, fishing, positive just like the information many people look to here. So any negative comments put me off. People need to make a living. Some ways are better than others. I am no judge there. I believe through education and involvement in our fisheries we will slowly see the erosion of the bad aspects of our industry. Lets keep on topic. keep a positive attitude unless truly warranted and plan the next time to wet a few lines. Tight lines calm seas and fair winds Side note, did anyone read about the passing of the new Modern Fish act? The recreational fisherman has a voice new topic read up.
  6. Hey JoeyZac Sounds like we do the same type of fishing. I think what a lot of people forget is the carry over from fishing to fishing. You do not need a rod and reel set up for each individual fish. It would be nice though. My Sea Bass set up also does Porgy, Striper, Cod... The rod I mentioned earlier is also big Bass, Black fish, Tuna, etc. I just swap out reels if too big or too small I have not used the Avet LX yet but they get great raves. I stick with Penn due to availability and parts access. Truth is there are a lot of "Daves" out there if you shop around. There are a lot of quality rod and reel set ups people just need to take stock of what they already have. Then move forward. Some people also think if you fish hard and well you are raping some how... Please don't let the few post reflect me and my fishing. I have left many forums due to ignorant posts and the related BS that follows. Tight Lines calm seas and fair winds
  7. Nope. Just a well equipped fishing boat. We mostly target tuna. On slow days we target what we can.
  8. On my buddies rod and reel boat he uses either the bandit reel, its hydraulic, and several Penn 80 internationals 2 speeds filled with braid. There is a country mile on those. When fishing for fun I use my extra heavy Trevala and a 4/0 Diawa Saltist star drag. It has plenty of speed and torque. Or a Penn 50 2 speed packed with braid and a top shot of mono. What most have not said was that you only need to get the tiles up a couple hundred feet then it is keep up. Swim bladders swell and the fish heads for the clouds. Good luck and enjoy...
  9. My only issue with the grapples is that they, over time, break up the wreck. Some of which are very small to begin with. I have used them and they get you on the piece. Do some practice with double anchors in the bay on a week day, less boat traffic. Place a mark on your GPS and try to center on it. It will be worth it. Good luck and tight lines.
  10. Im for the up current with two anchors then you can drift back and adjust. The anchors remain in sand or mud in most cases in the Long Island south shore and NY bight area. Retrieving is usually hassle free and you don't mess up the structure down below. Add some cleats around the boat so you can tie off and get the best angle for the guys you plan to put on the big scup, biscuits and chinners. That GPS spot thing is cool too. Noisy though when fishing next to one in a slight chop the prop comes out of water.
  11. Im a little late to this but yes I love to look at boats too. New used big small, well not too small. Im usually looking for the perfect boat to one day retire on...I have some time though. When I bought the boat I have now, 1973 25' Stamas Americana, my wife asked when was I looking for a boat. I told her when was I not. I now look at a lot of 35 to 38 down east lobster style.
  12. I fish with several different Trevalas. From porgy to Tuna. Love these bait cast style, actually a jigging rod, so much my buddies have drank the cool aid too. I paired mine with Diawa Saltists 30H and 40 H. Bullet resistant, nothing is bullet proof, and tough. Never repaired rod. Clean drags from time to time. Biggest on medium action was 48 pound striper and on the extra heavy was a 10-12 pound Taug. Need to try the spinners.
  13. I try to avoid terminal tackle. Braid to short leader with Albright. Short leader to drail. The a 4-6 foot leader of flouro carbon from weight to a 5/0-7/0 circle hook. I like mono or flouro before drail since braid does not like to rub rocks too much. Just check mono after each drift for abrasion. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  14. All good advice. My two cents... cooler waters lacking blue fish. Outgoing tide in the inlets and along beach. I use a drail, in line sinker, not a 3 way. Cost a bit more but a lot less hang ups. Tight lines.