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  1. Nice! They like the white one
  2. I’ll take 2 white one bunker please
  3. Can you take pics of the guide setup on the 10’ arra please,... any rash or dings in the blank?
  4. Not allowed to sell here I was just sayin I was gonna sell them soon... but I'll have my wife post them later and see what happens... Good luck otherwise, I'm sure you'll do fine in your experiment...
  5. Was gonna post these at some point I have a bunch that I’ll never get around to using ....Small, medium and large ...they aren’t that hard to cast if you have an understanding of conventional casting ... Guys tend to loosen the bearing too much ... I also have a brand new 540 Harnell for you if you want to go old school jetty jumping' ...
  6. No idea if it’s a 1201m or L ? The blank is grey right ... I live in montclair I may be interested but I’d have to see it in person ...
  7. I have one of those, from what I learned recently they aren’t that rare and they also made it in the larger size as well...
  8. Used or new let me know
  9. Used or new let me know
  10. Hey Ben, Thanks so much for your help. Yes, I was incorrect thinking those parts touched, thanks for the clarification. Anyway, I removed the main shaft seal entirely, cleaned and removed a bit of old brownish grease from all the parts, lubed everything lightly, AND once I reassembled the squeak is gone .... Honestly, I'm really impressed with this reel, it's easy to work on, and considering the type of fishing we do it's held up to some rough circumstances.... All the best and then some ..... Charlie
  11. Hey Ben, K's my other half it's her reel but I do the dirty work Yes, I Iubed that area. The squeak seems to be coming from part 11 1489425 (bushing) and Part 21 1489451(Bearing retainer). They meet metal to metal which I found odd, so I looked at the schematic to see if maybe a part was left off when it was assembled, but from what I see it's just how it's designed I guess..I added some grease and it squeaks less, but if you can add a better idea here I'm all ears. Thanks for your time Charlie
  12. Wooden rebel with a plastic lip ... yes wood... I think it was just something my dad gave me to fill my first bag and shut me up ... I got to use the better stuff later on
  13. What I did notice is that you don’t need to squeeze hard to cut with the cutters ... I’m ham fisted sometimes so try to be conscience not to squeeze the piss out of them
  14. They twisted slightly and the tips didn’t meet exactly anymore, we’re talking a few millimeters , not enough to be an issue but i figured since they were under warranty and they were a brand new product at the time they should know about it so I contacted them and they sent me a new pair once I sent mine back ... and by new pair, I mean a new sheath and pliers ... How I did it, not sure honestly I didn’t do anything super abusive, but I put them to through the paces for sure...
  15. I’ve used these for a season and a half and I’m extremely happy with them...I fish hard and I’m really tough on my gear so a lesser quality product would be toast by now ... also the first pair I had bent slightly so I sent them back and they sent me a new pair ... they have a lifetime warranty ... for the money they’re worth every penny ...