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  1. The bag is hers and so’s that blank ... most of those plugs....not so much
  2. So true ...Sadly they could probably reboot their surf line and fix the uncool factor in a short period of time ... The names not dead it’s just sleeping
  3. Sure no problem pm coming
  4. 45 for the reel $5 to ship $2 for the fee ....$52 to your door?
  5. I have one ... it’s in good shape ...mechanically sound ... zoom in on the pic there’s some pitting but it’s clean and not abused...
  6. Figured Cap’n bill and Found this pic online
  7. There’s one for sale here in this thread ...
  8. Sounds good done pm coming
  9. Okie let’s give polak first shot here ...only fair like you mentioned ...but I’m interested in all three of those beachmasters ...if you don’t sell them before this settles maybee we can work something out ....
  10. Okie no problem sounds good
  11. I’m open if you need these... post picks of $ 35 worth of plugs because you’d be shipping on your end so I’ll cut 5 off pick some stuff used is fine, beachmaster metal lip or RM, also newish gibbbs 2 oz or 2 3/4 pencils 4 7in new unloaded redfins would work
  12. Hey all, Picked these up as a backup last year and don’t need them paid $50 plus tax for the studs and tool would like to get $40 shipped for them... I’m also open to trade for plugs to someone who needs these...some items I’d be interested in would be large redfins, new jetty caster buck tails 1 1/2 oz and up, metal lips, etc ... thanks charlie
  13. I started using flags much more this year...for me it was to get rid of the back Hook on bigger plugs with two belly hooks . That tail hook tends to end up in the gill plate of fish more often than not ... I use bucktail with a bit of flash and dress the flags with as much hair as a standard dresssed siwash ...
  14. For corrosion green or white I use toothpaste and an old toothbrush (or a paper towel depending on how gentle I feel I need to be on a particular area ... I’ve had great success cleaning guide feet and reel parts this way seems to be the safest option to me in most instances because I tend to overthink and overclean things ...anyway As long as the spot your talking about isn’t in casting range on the spool and being constantly rubbed I can’t see why you couldn’t brush a thin coat of five min epoxy on it to cover it up or even a few coats of Permagloss because it goes on so thin ....I know it’s not intended for that use but i dripped some recently on a metal rod wrapping stand and I couldn’t scratch it off with my nail...also nail polish will degrade overtime so I’d stay away from that ...just few thoughts
  15. Pedestrian blue? Lol