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  1. I’ll take it pm me your PayPal and we’ll get this thing done thanks for the pics looks good
  2. Okie I’ll take it ....I’ll paypal you and pm you In the next few hours I’m at work and have some stuff to do....thanks ...also keeping this thread open cause I need another one for the wife
  3. Yeah sure post a few pics when you get a chance
  4. Hey sir I’m interested but not for the price you were looking for in the other thread I’d have to replace the tubes I have a bit of ocd .... but shoot me a number and let’s see if we can make it work
  5. +1 here I’m really happy with x9
  6. Been looking for one for a bit figured I’d see what came up ....Thanks
  7. I/We’ve been logging a lot of hours on the road again this season and it’s seemed people have been driving more aggressive across the board Safe out there in the wee hours peeps
  8. I’ll take em both
  9. Yup! Perfect ...thanks
  10. Phil how much you want for that Rm Danny you had up to toss in here with the shipment? If that’s allowed ...
  11. You got it no worries I’ll take em sir pm coming
  12. 60 for lot 1 and 3 ?
  13. Go for it you’ll like em
  14. Yes they are broken send them to me ASAP to dispose of but seriously they do float and dig in current can also tune them up to fish in flat water as well if you want it to swim a foot or two down ....
  15. Been looking for that goo goo eyes size all I tend to see are the bigger ones it