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  1. @KSantangelo
  2. Loctight blue....a little dab on each spike will do ya
  3. Been looking at the new 2020 catalog for blanks and noticed the Gsb1221mh 10’2 is rated 6-12 is that accurate ? As normal I’m thinking it’s probably on the high side on both ends ....3 or 4 -10 maybe ...any one know anything about this blank ....lot of GSB blank options now though and the new night shift 11’ seems interesting AF...
  4. You know the more I look at that rod with the Luxor the more I think it was broken at some point and repaired with just a tip because it only has three large guides and it’s short for that size reel ....the other rod has 5 guides that go down in size cone of flight... the hardware on the brown rod is super cool though
  5. You can cut the tail in steaks and braise it with shrimp and clams etc’ll look like osso Bucco ...the fresher you prepare it the better it’ll be, they go south quick much like skate does
  6. Congrats! I’d keep that rod as a keepsake
  7. We've been marking stuff more this year ...I’ve seen the light
  8. I cracked the weight loose in a one of mine last week medium-slow current it rises to the top sideways when retrieved and doesn’t work properly at all ....drilled a hole to scope out a way to glue the weight back in place but the weight is broken in a few pieces and figuring a way to glue them back in the proper position is impossible ....I thought about loading it full with bb’s cause I have a Ton so Phil’s mention of adding epoxy to that mix makes sense’s only one right now on my end , but I’d like to figure a solid solution as well because I know it’s gonna happen again and again over time
  9. I put cut hooks on my BM’s but on a single belly hook you can get away with it ... on front I’d put 4/0 cut hook or 3/0 with a splitring ...5/0 dressed siwash or better yet a flag cause one hook is sufficient in my opinion ...also I live on Seymour st by the WellMont, so drop the green one off if you get bored with it
  10. It’s for both of us ....somewhat
  11. Yeah Under spooled you can add mono backing under to bring it up to the lip
  12. this video explains fast action etc
  13. Is it a new rod? Like are you new at casting fast action .l tend to overpower fast action so I use my 1201m for plugs and a fast action for jigs
  14. I wanted to see how far the line is from the spool lip if it’s like a 1/2 inch it will impeade your cast ...also magic swimmers don’t cast great because of the 2 joints regardless of weight ....5 oz stick shads cast better ....but you should be able to bury a 3oz ss popper so something’s off ...
  15. Pic of reel with line?