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  1. I think you’re right, based on the single belly hook placement ...
  2. Seconds grrrr lol nice grab been lookin for these
  3. Will try that for sure
  4. Needlefish for me as well ...
  5. Is that a green BM straight eely behind the blue jointed?
  6. If it makes you feel any better We’ve been skunked at night out that way the past 4 trips we’ve taken and it’s an 1 1/2 hour drive each way I got one LI Bass this fall and 2 shad wife zilch she thinks it’s her lol
  7. After a season in hell with my 5k diawa saltist I wouldn’t recommend a mag sealed reel to someone unless they fish bait , back bays, inlets, or light surf conditions ... like scooby said maintence is a bear..and I say the magseal is a PITFA that should have been aborted because for lack of a better word it’s DUMB ....I’d also never buy a diawa reel ever again for a number of reasons I won’t bore you with right now ....think I’m done ✅ oh yeah sand ... they’ll hold up if you hold them up...
  8. I’m still waiting on one...
  9. I’d toss the biggest plug/topwater swimmer in my bag with a teaser up front .. big splash landing from the plug draws attention to something chasing the teaser ...
  10. Call me crazy but I imagine the shape of the clip has more to do with TA’s patent than action ...but I’m interested in checking them out because the gap on these seems to be a bit larger and may work well/better to clip on the large fat eye siwash hooks or buck tails
  11. All of this is makes a lot of sense...I had to fix/adjust the line roller on my saltist this morning after yesterday’s trip it wasn’t working correctly I’d check that ...
  12. I’ll take the olive BM Danny for 20 please PP you when I get out of work once I got confirmation it’s mine thanks
  13. Meatsuckers??? Ohhh .....gonna wear these next time out then ...
  14. Pic? you sure it’s a Lamiglas not a fenwick also MB stands for mooch bait
  15. Hey Dan... recieved the eel tins thanks again sir! Rigged 2 today looking foward to tossing them ... All the best, charlie