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  1. For sure thanks ... this was more for home and traveling storage...
  2. Those heads are killer wish I could pour lead here in the apartment but I don’t want to kill my neighbors ...Cept maybe the guy upstairs ...
  3. I’ve been stocking up ...on everything lol ...yeah it’s a sickness my friend...
  4. This is more like what Im looking for thanks for the heads up...
  5. Exactly what I’m hoping to avoid ...and most likely excatly what will happen regardless of how organized I think I can be
  6. Hey all, was just wondering how any of you store all of your softbaits ...swimshads, sluggo’s etc ....we do a lot of traveling during the season so I’m thinking of getting a large softbait binder to keep things as neat as possible ...any ideas would be appreciated ....
  7. Heard told your spooks catch well ... no idea how to attain a few though just sayin
  8. Rhode Island tackle shops (saltwater edg- sells them online ....I think saltys does as well
  9. Same here issues with a swivel banging the tip here and there ..if it goes through I just slip it out no big deal ....I don’t like casting a knot through guides at all, swivels all the way for me ...
  10. What are thinking about/looking for trade wise?
  11. They had 1 prototype it was a beast that seemed like it could tow a truck, nice looking black blank ...had what I think are RV guides ....the one I saw was a heavy action rod ....rep said they are working on getting them out so I guess it’s true....
  12. 39 years oldish ....nice find ...I’m a savage I’d fish it ...
  13. The bag is hers and so’s that blank ... most of those plugs....not so much
  14. So true ...Sadly they could probably reboot their surf line and fix the uncool factor in a short period of time ... The names not dead it’s just sleeping
  15. Sure no problem pm coming