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  1. Thanks for the info lureman & Ksong.
  2. Ksong, Are you still planning on making the black hole usa surf 2 11' regular? If so, how will this rod differ in action and power than the east coast special 11' 2-6oz?
  3. I use a vsx 250 on my custom build 11' (2-6oz).
  4. For daytime color vision (known as photopic vision) the most visible wavelength is 555 nm, which comes out to a color part-way between green and yellow. For night vision (known as scotopic vision) the most visible wavelength is 505 nm, which most people see as halfway between green and blue-green. i believe block island green works so well because its the easiest color to see.
  5. I find it much better to fish for an hour or two under the correct set of conditions than fish all night. Knowing when and why fish show up is key. It takes many years of fishing an area before this knowledge is achieved, but once obtained you will find that you will out fish your younger self and save many hours trying.
  6. Ok. Thanks for the knowledge Redhawk!
  7. Redhawk19, This past year i built a black hole east coast special 11' 2-6oz. I like the rod better than the gsb for throwing large plugs and rigged eels, it also will throw 1oz although not the rod i would choose for that weight. Im worried the nex 1 2-6oz. Will be almost the same rod as the black hole. Do you have experience with both these blanks? If so, how do they differ? Thanks
  8. Has anyone fished the odm nex 1 11' 3/4-4oz? Can you give some feedback on the rod? How moderate is it, how durable? Can you please compair it to a gsb 1321m. Im interested in building this rod. What im looking for is a rod thatvis similar to the gsb 1321m but more sensitive and lighter. Any info would greatly help. Thanks
  9. For distance yes. But a fast action rod will throw the bait off the hook much easier.
  10. Any possibility you might develop the Striped Bass Special Moderate in 11'6"?
  11. Thanks
  12. Fishy, which odm nex 1 do you have? I've been thinking about getting the 11' 3/4-4oz.
  13. Also, in theory, i think Circle hooks will work? Im just a little shy about trying them like that.
  14. Wouldn't a regular rigged eel with two siwash hooks be considered more of a lure? I fish mine like a lure, not like bait!