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  1. I have the night fishing permit. Didn’t realize you needed one for the lots.
  2. No night permit needed for the lots - but anything further than field 2 requires one - occasionally they do block the lot entrance though.
  3. If it makes you feel better there were already hundreds of people spread miles down the beach. Also FYI you’d need off-road access there to access the beach which is only available via fishing or surfing permit so your typical traveling fisherman can’t legally fish there anyway. I see your point. I just think sometimes it’s overblown. It’s a big ocean
  4. Dont sweat it, alot of jerkoffs in the long island form. Thats why I never share info or post in it. Alot armchair quarterbacks who barely fish and bitch.


    Tight Lines..





  5. Just curious, and I do appreciate the feedback.... But public beachfronts are considered spot burns on this forum? How would this be any different than the weekly reports that are produced for Robert Moses public on the internet.
  6. Lol what’s with all the hate on this forum. Someone asked for an update and I summarized my morning. If Robert Moses field 2 is a spot burn that’s hilarious. There are miles of south shore ocean front with similar structure. Point noted to not post here going forward
  7. Just got back from RM field 2. Entrance to demo and backside closed so had no choice but to drag myself down to the beach. Wasn’t the only one...about 50 guys lined up. Majority of them using diamond jigs with green tails. Waves and sweep were bad...the guys with heavier jigs were pulling up some monster bass looked to be 15lbs +. Lighter jigs such as my own we’re getting caught in the sweep and was hard to keep the line taught. They are here...when the surf dies down looks like first light is the time and ocean front is the place. GL all
  8. I didnt know this was a specific under the lighthouse question .... but it would work perfectly fine surf fishing off of ditch plains. Limited in your choices if you're trying to stick to an under $400 budget.
  9. I use a 10’6” Penn Bat. Medium action casting rod with a 5500 Daiwa BG reel. Most economical combo altogether at like ~$225. spiderwire 30lb Braid hi vis yellow (25 bucks for 300 yards) plus a 50lb flouro leader attached with a barrel swivel and a tactical clip to the lure. All in well under budget and awesome. I truly believe the Daiwa BG reels are unbelievable and reliable. I own 6 of them for different types of fishing. Super smooth and cheaper than everything in the price range
  10. I’m not disagreeing with you though. Simply saying that for a lot of lure guys, the benefit is the time and ease. I know guys who catch monsters off of bridges in Long Beach on clams. Not saying you can’t be successful on’s just different depending on whether you’re searching for mega bass or trying to bend a rod
  11. While I don’t disagree with Kyles post...I will say that guys who fish lures like myself have a completely different style and interest than bait guys. I fish bait sometimes but it’s more of a full day messy process. The reason I’m into lure fishing is because I can fish 10 locations quick and clean and it’s more mobile. It’s also more simple for short duration fishing (I.e. before work). Additionally, If you match the lure with the baitfish ...i.e. a large daiwa minnow in this case reeled slowly or a soft bail shad should in theory put yourself in a situation to catch a monster striper. No exact science to it....I just enjoy the action of “fishing” rather than just soaking a line all day.
  12. Are they edible? Any good recipes out there? I’m catching 20 a day would love to have something else to do with them besides throw back/chunk bait
  13. Exactly my point on the size! Would take a massive striper to eat these things. Some of the shad I’m catching are fighting like small cocktail blues and are coming in in the 2 pound range. Bizzarro world, at least for what I’m used to. I purposely switched to daiwa minnows to try to outsize them in terms of bait and still couldn’t cast without catching one !
  14. Has anyone noticed a strange abundance of shad this year? I have been fishing for 10 years so by no means do I have a ton of experience but I’ve been catching shad for months off of the ocean beaches on diamond jigs which I would have always imagined to be too big to catch them on. They also seem aggressive. With that many baitfish around it’s surprising to me that not much else is happening currently. Just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts.
  15. Bluestripe Jack