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  1. 6’3 conventional model. Spiral wrapped. Rated PE2-4, 100-200g Fished once and washed down. $120 picked up queens/Nassau
  2. Great for fluke up to 4oz bucktails with a slower jigging action. Or slow pitch jigging seabass with Daiwa sk jigs or gypsea nomads (60-80g)
  3. New model Cast a few times. Mint. 15lb jbraid spooled. Discounted $210 shipped $200 picked up Queens/Nassau
  4. Thanks. I’ll accept $200 picked up. Price does not figure in the line and I’ve no interested in removing it.
  5. Bump
  6. New. Never spooled or fished. $160 shipped $150 picked up queens/Nassau
  7. I do. DM me.
  8. 6:3:31 ratio. Fished three times. Jigging world power handle. 15lb Berkeley x9 braid. Mint. $100 shipped
  9. Sorry, only cash
  10. Brand new. Never fished. Spooled with 20lb jbraid. Discounted. $700 picked up Queens/Nassau $715 shipped
  11. Brand new. Genuine Daiwa part. Ordered through hedgehog studios. Daiwa Certate LT 4000cxh spool. Interchangeable with the Certate 4000dc spool. Both reels use the same body and rotor. $170 shipped. $160 pick up queens/Nassau
  12. Used once at the pier. No fish fought. 7’ MH model. $80 picked up Queens/Nassau
  13. Brand new. Updated model. Improved clutch. 6:3:1 ratio. Right hand. Filled with 15lb jbraid grand. $240 shipped $230 picked up Queens/Nassau
  14. Thank you but no, prefer a local deal
  15. This wouldn’t be that rod
  16. Fluke. Seabass. Schoolie bass.