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  1. Brand new. Updated model. Improved clutch. 6:3:1 ratio. Right hand. Filled with 15lb jbraid grand. $240 shipped $230 picked up Queens/Nassau
  2. Brand new. Genuine Daiwa part. Ordered through hedgehog studios. Daiwa Certate LT 4000cxh spool. Interchangeable with the Certate 4000dc spool. Both reels use the same body and rotor. $170 shipped. $160 pick up queens/Nassau
  3. Thank you but no, prefer a local deal
  4. This wouldn’t be that rod
  5. Fluke. Seabass. Schoolie bass.
  6. Thank you only looking for the S&S John skinner bucktails
  7. Sorry I dont surfcast so I don't need plugs. But if you've got $80 worth of Gulp grubs white/chartreuse or $80 worth of white/chartreuse 2oz john skinner bucktails I'd be game
  8. Used once at the pier. No fish fought. 7’ MH model. $80 picked up Queens/Nassau
  9. 6’8 heavy model Brand new. Awesome fluke/bass rod. $100 picked up Queens/Nassau