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  1. $320 shipped. Someone take this gorgeous reel.
  2. I had that rod. Best suited to be used with 10 or 15lb test and no more than 4oz bucktails. Guys at Jigging world use it with 10lb test and 2oz bucktails.
  3. Price dropped to $45
  4. Charter special appears to have it this way
  5. Kil, Always wanted to know. Why did you guys design the rod with the reel seat hood/locking mechanism placed by where your thumb and index fingers normally hold the rod? Normally it’s flipped on a spinning rod, making it more comfortable because those fingers would be resting on cork or foam.
  6. Fished for a few drifts. Rated 20-40lb. XH model. $50 picked up Queens/Nassau
  7. *

  8. Open to trade for a new right handed quantum accurist or daiwa saltist back bay
  9. Friend decided they wanted a tern instead. Available. Feel free to make a fair offer. Has to go.