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  1. Feel free to make an offer. They are now off the car and ready to be picked up
  2. Make an offer, let me know. Would love to get this done monday morning.
  3. Brand new. Never fished. 5.1 ratio with clicker. Spooled with 30lb jbraid. Slight factory imperfection, there’s a bit of blue paint missing from a part of two letters. This is minor and can be seen in the photos. And for full disclosure, the reel has been registered. $390 shipped
  4. Looking for a monday morning meet up to be picked up. Let me know.
  5. This is the info I have from the original order. And I think this is the info from the site. If that helps.
  6. Currently mounted on a Mazda 6 sedan. 5 lugs. Can be seen above in the photo.
  7. Hey folks. I know it’s not a car forum. But my lease is ending and I’m taking off my snows on Monday. They won’t be used on the next car so they are for sale. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 225/55/17 with steel 17 inch rims. Mused for two seasons. 7 month’s total. Between 8-10k miles on them. Ton of tread and life left on them. Pick up a deal for next year. $350 picked up in Oceanside. Preferably next Monday morning.
  8. The previous saltiga was manufactured in japan. But i guess it’s cheaper for them to manufacture in Korea. At first it bothered me to pay that much for a reel not made in the US or Japan, but spend some time with it and you get over it quick. Ive seen the break down of the new saltiga. The side plate comes off with the handle plate when you unscrew it for the quick change spool. That in itself is a very good design feature. But that side plate is also made of metal. It’s plastic on the Saltist, Trinidad, and Oce Jigger. That in my book is a plus, but not a huge thing. The Saltiga is also much smoother than the Trini. It’s available in the 5.1 which makes it great for fluke and blackfish. And it’s internals are better protected. One thing to take into consideration, the Trinidad was designed way back in 2011? The current Saltiga had time to be updated and made better, and released in 2015. Check Daiwa’s site. They will give you local shops that can service that mag sealed bearing. It’s just the one. The other bearings are crbb. Here on Long Island, Trophy can service them.
  9. I’m saying it’s not the next best thing, it’s the best thing.
  10. Having owned a lot of these, I will say that the Saltiga is not the next best thing. It’s far away better than all of them. Including the trini. Including my B.V-300. In build, in protection, and even smoothness. And it’s a whopping two ounces more than the Hybrid. Not a huge difference when using an 8 ounce rod. It is made in Korea but you wouldn’t know it until looking. It’s is very much japan’s finest.
  11. In honesty I didn’t know of the issue and I haven’t heard of updates made to it. In terms of sealing and protection against the elements, it’s no Saltiga. Not even a Saltist. And I am happy that it has the two year free service because I have the feeling it will go in a few times. That being said, when it’s in tip top shape, it is a powerful awesome reel.