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  2. I am strictly using a conventional reel from party boats/ smaller 6 man charter boats.
  3. Sadly that’s actually how I learned to rig. Flipping on the clicker and disengaging. First time I tried to rig, and didn’t know to do it with the clicker I made a huge mess and debated selling the reel Noobs.
  4. Have a saltiga 15. Have a trini 12. Only want to keep one. Love the saltiga for the low gear. The trini has a clicker. I primarily fluke and blackfish. But I do some striped bass as well (so far have only diamond jigged). Is it possible to chunk without a bait clicker? Or does it just totally defeat the point of leaving the reel disengaged so the bass can run with it?
  5. Sold
  6. Thank you but I'm firm. 20lb jbraid 8x
  7. But who pays full price anyhow? There are always deals to be had. And for deep water fluke it is worth it compared to some mid level conventional reels.
  8. For sale is a Daiwa Saltist back bay 4000. Used once at the pier to cast a few times. Spooled with 20lb braid. Jigging world power knob has been put on the reel. I do not have the original knob. Box is included. $165 shipped
  9. I personally still feel the Tranx 300 is the cream of the crop in this class of reels. 5.8 and strong gearing. Solid clutch. And also the most comfortably shaped reel for fluking IMHO.
  10. @ksong You mentioned that you were going to reinforce the 701l for tog jigging. Has this been done? Can you get away using 2-3oz jigs using the 7'3M spinner for tog while still having enough rigidity to maneuver a striped bass on a party boat when tossing shads or diamond jigs?
  11. Still available. $225
  12. Again, I think this is in terms of the parts business. I do think they have the stock (and probably are required to) for warranty purposes. Otherwise they need to replace equipment with new equipment if they don't have the parts. So I wouldn't stop buying Daiwa because they make great products.
  13. I think this extends to Daiwa in general. I called looking for a spare saltiga star drag handle and they are on back order. They have no idea when they will be available and told me it could be up to a year. I called around some authorized service/parts dealers for them. None available. I honestly think it's done on purpose. I think they want to keep the parts at a minimum and funnel all the service requests to them.