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  1. Just to avoid my own confusion, the dwindling population in NY is only related to winter flounder, correct? This isn't effecting summer flounder/fluke?
  2. For sale, brand new, never fished or spooled. Low gear, Tranx 300a. $240 local pick up Queens/Nassau $250 shipped
  3. I find the 15's out of stock a lot, I regret selling mine. Want it back. You got 330 on the 10?? Their specs dont even claim that with japanese braid. I like the torium a lot. I just wish that like the saltist, they made it in a low gear. The 16 with the long handle is very nice, with a ton of drag, but it's too heavy. Would be nice to see that in the 14.
  4. The JDM Saltiga 10 from jigging world is a great deal. And I'd already have picked it up if not for the difference in line capacity between the 10 and 15. Rationally even though 600 feet of 30lb braid should be more than enough for normal black fishing, something in the back of the head screams I need 900.
  5. If people never collected anything we'd never have museums. You spent the money? Yours to use however you wish.
  6. My guess is because it would cut into their saltiga sales? I liked that levelwind saltist. Only issues with it were its weight (3 ounces more than a tekota, and 6.1 where the tekota was 4.7). But a very well made reel. My first conventional.
  7. Scooby did a great tear down video on this reel earlier this year. Then I found out they had a P (5.1 ratio) version. I picked up a 15P for my dad as he doesn't fish much and at $225 (no tax, free shipping, ebay bucks), I figured it was a perfect buy. Hasn't been fished yet, but looking it over, I have to say this is one very well made reel. No it doesn't have 10 bearings. But it has 4 CRBB's and that's more than enough. At least I know the bearings I have are corrosion resistant. 17 pounds of drag is more than enough and even the star drag itself feels comparable to the saltiga. It's very smooth. It's not heavy at all but it feels solid. I was so impressed, I purchased the 20 size for my wreck rod. Figured I didn't need to spend $400 for my least used set up. That all being said, I think for the money it's a better value than a trini, ocea jigger, or saltiga (not to say I wont/dont own them and like having super nice reels).. No, it doesn't have the same amount of refinement, smoothness, high level of gearing, protection and so on and so forth... But it's just a really good reel at a really fair price and you barely hear anything about them. Would've thought the toggers in the North East would have been all over them.
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  10. Any opinions?
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  12. Bump. Will also consider selling. $315 shipped.
  13. Payment received. Thread locked.
  14. Kil, Respectfully, I’d need an unbiased view here. I got a chance to take a look at the charter specials last week. The 6’8 compares most with a Phenix M1 inshore. And the 7’3 MH felt different than both the challenger and dark knight. Have you handled the rod or are you talking in terms of where it’s priced and marketed?