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  1. Still searching
  2. *

  3. Can you meet me half way at 175
  4. Thank you but I don't surf fish. Just looking for cash unless you've got a brand new or mint saltist BG 20H lying around
  5. Make an offer
  6. Lightly used. A few love marks from throat boat on the spool lip and scratch guard. Please see photos. Mechanically 10/10. 5:8 gear ratio. Fresh spool of 20lb diamond braid. No box. 10.5 oz and tons of power. $240 shipped OBO
  7. Previous deals fell through. Relishing. Brand new. Never fished. Handle knob bushings swapped for bearings. Smoother. Spooled with a full 300yrd spool of 30lb jbraid. $240 shipped
  8. Knock knock. Any BG’s home?
  9. Basically new. Has been fished for an hour for herring off the pier. Clean and blemish free. Spooled with 20lb moi moi diamond braid. Upgraded to RCS Eva knob with bearings (no bushings). Box included. $260 shipped
  10. Let’s go hoarders. Willing to pony up for a NIB or minty one.
  11. Any out there? Maybe a fresh unused JDM 10 5:1?
  12. Still looking