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  1. River smallmouth bass for sure in my opinion.
  2. For what it's worth i haven't received the payment yet for the black one. If for some reason it falls through its yours.
  3. You got it. $29 to your door. Thanks!!
  4. The black is all thats left. Its yours if you want it.
  5. Done deal. Thanks!!
  6. PayPal is Thanks!!
  7. $20 for the lot now.
  8. PayPal goods and services
  9. 1 black/white 1.5 oz 2 pink/white 1.5 oz
  10. $58 to your door.
  11. It's all yours. $100 will do just fine.
  12. Sounds good man. I am this close >< to wrapping it for myself. It will fill a hole in my arsenal. I'll go fish anytime. Let's get it done.
  13. No worries. That is my PayPal address. The G&S stand for goods and services. Its a category in PayPal that protects the buyer. Some sellers will request friends and family to save on a PayPal fee but there is zero protection for the buyer. You could send that money to me and I won't send the items and there is nothing you could do about it. Friends and family is solely for people you see and trust. Not some random person selling you something on the internet.
  14. Yessir!! Done deal!!