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  1. Hi Billy...yeah it's been quite a while. I still lurk around and check things out from time to time. I had my boys had the blanks at the tip to see how they flex. I did that and pressed them up against the ceiling to see how they bend as compared to blanks that I have that are similar in size and labeled.
  2. A while back I bought 3 rod blanks from a Mud Hole "grab bag" sale. The 3 blanks are 6', 6'8" and 7'. The problem is the rods weren't labeled so I have no idea what the power, action and lure rating is on any of them. Is there a fairly accurate way to find out these ratings? Thanks.
  3. It's funny you say that. That is exactly what it is. I went right to the source for some guidance. It did seem like a lot to me. Years ago I asked a question on here about the stripper guide and I think the advice was to use a size 20. I'm figuring on using a 3000 size reel with braid. I'll have to do some experimentation.
  4. I have a Rainshadow IP904 that I am getting ready to wrap as a spinner. I'm looking for Fuji single foot guides and was thinking of the LV series. I think I have the spacing and size right. From tip: 1st - 4.5" #6 2nd - 9.25" #6 3rd - 14.25" #6 4th - 20" #7 5th - 26" #8 6th - 33" #10 7th - 42" #16 8th - 54" #25 I'd also like to know if anyone has spacing from either the stripper guide or to the butt end of the blank? Thanks for your help.
  5. 2 fish for me and 5 fish for my buddy plus some hook ups and misses in 3 hours of fishing. Close to my best bass and definitely my best crappie ever.
  6. Haha..thats a great pic. I've been around. Went to Korea twice. I'm up to 4 kids and changed careers. What's up KML? fellow initial username user.
  7. Haha...that was a long time ago. Flukin with BLM. Good times. I havent been back, I guess it pissed him off.
  8. post isn't right either. What's up bud?