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  1. Well, I finally caught my first Striper, and at this time of year no less. Thanks to many for the tips, suggestions and encouragement. The weather has been nice last couple days so I ventured out actually going for some Carp, then decided to cast some soft bait before I quit for the day and BOOM. Now that I have a freshwater license I can venture inside the dams on Charles and Mystic. This guy came from the Mystic River and was probably keeper size.. He looked healthy as could be and I let him go as the hook was an easy dislodge fortunately right at the tip of the lip. I can't wait to catch these in the spring from beautiful beaches. I've discovered that is my favorite type of fishing with the sights and sounds, and at moments the world to myself.. Best in 2019
  2. Well this is encouraging information, but I'm not sure how adept I will be targeting conditions and patterns having only pulled in a handful of baby bonis so far. I'm more of a day vs. night guy, but any tips on what to be looking for would be appreciated. I am literally downtown which limits somewhat, but I have started taking drives to Medford, South Boston. Ideally, I'd find success right here in the city with more insight and experience. Thanks
  3. Do Flounder stick around in Boston Harbor over the winter or do they skidaddle also? On another note, a passerby told me she saw big catfish being caught near museum of science. The area she was pointing to was on the salt water/brackish side. Is that possible? That's a very nice area with the park(s) and inlets. I tried casting underneath the Zakim bridge with no luck.
  4. Who can explain the Charles River Locks system to me? I've been down there a few times, usually still water kind of boring, hate fishing from the bridge. But then I wandered by and the spillway (lock) was open with wicked flowing water. You could cast and let the current take your lure way out then reel it in. I got some bites and saw a guy pull in 3 or 4 small stripers. Is there a time, schedule for when these waters flow? Thanks for the info. It's all new to me.... PS: Made it out to Assembly Row. A few people still working it. I got nothing, saw nothing, but decent looking spot.
  5. Ok, I found Schrafft's Pier. Once I realized you could blow by the 'gate keeper' with just a slow down and a smile I was good. Actually a very large spread of waterfront. Spent about an hour with a Rapula lure and did not get a nibble, but will keep it in mind for spring and beyond. Waiting for my bike to get fixed and then will try inside the Charles river locks. Only been dabbling under the bridge by the CONVERSE building and haven't gotten squat there. Forget fishing from the bridge for me, too high. I have some fish finder rigs I may try on a warm sunny day when I can relax and re-tie my swivel and slide sinker after I get hung up and lose more line. I actually think I am near the end of my spool. I will have to learn to spool a reel, perhaps a good winter pastime.
  6. I could not find the place by the SCHRAFFS Center. I found the spot behind Assembly Row. It said you needed a parking sticker but the auto tote parking kiosk was turned off. It is OK to park there for free? It looked desolate. Today is 10/12/18. How many more days to still catch stuff inside Harbor or the inlets?
  7. I haven't caught any in several days thinking they had skedaddled. Bottom fishing was a disaster getting snagged up and losing lots of line and rigs. In my fresh water life I would use a bobber to avoid this garbage. I assume that is not recommended for Harbor fishing. When you say sinker and a hook, do I just toss it and let it sit on bottom? Or do I reel it in? I appreciate the feedback. Going to get some fishfinder rigs..
  8. These 'juvenile bonitos' seem to love the 4" Rapala slash lure. I am noticing best time is 'any' so long as not dead high, or dead low. Perhaps just antidotal but between tides I nearly always catch at least one. This has been a blast, but all this casting and bouncing up and down on the floating docks is causing me some balance issues / dizziness. It is now mid-October. I want to switch gears and do some bottom fishing with sinker, live or fake bait cast out 60-80 feet from harbor walk. This way I can sit there and relax and wait for the fish to come to me, while I enjoy the sites, sounds, and respond to work emails How should I go about this and what might I catch in October? Should I use a flounder rig, other, fake sand worms or shrimp, or just a hook, sinker and live bait? Should I use small hooks and go for little stuff, or big hooks, and what bait? Frozen?
  9. Thanks for info. I have many more lures and rigs now in my arsenal. I've returned 4 days to same spot I caught the 'juvenile bonito', and have not had a nibble since. For locals, what spots can walk or I ride my bike to from the North End to cast out without hassles? If I head towards the dam can I fish from ground level rather than bridge? (Not sure I have enough line left after all the tangles) How about other side of dam in Charles River inside the locks? Would any fish over there strike these salt water lures I am using? What adjustments should I make if viable in October? It seems harbor fishing is all timing right? In my first 30 casts I caught something, and I am thinking I have a distorted sense of expectations
  10. I am not understanding 'snagged bait'? How does that happen? I am only using lures right now until I educate myself. Sorry, if silly questions..
  11. Here it is. So what be this shiny surprise? PS: First time attempting an attachment. Hope this works...
  12. Thanks. I stopped by Walmart today after ordering my first couple lures from Amazon, and Walmart was cheaper. I picked up the Deadly Dick 2, Kastmaster Single Bucktail hook. They had the SP minnows lots of Rapala's I had success with my first time out. I saw a ripple on the surface 15 feet from dock and cast out my Rapala and immediately hooked a small Mackerel 8-9". What is this? "white rubber paddle tails on 3/8 or 1/2 oz., lead head jig hooks? Are those fake bait you put the hook through yourself? One more stupid question. When I was casting from dock a duck popped up over on the other side, one of those diving ducks who submerge for long time and pop back up. Could those go for fishing lures or bait? What a 'freaking disaster' that would be. Do you need to scout for those suckers?
  13. Hey Folks, I made my first post below intending to attach to this Topic. I have some follow-up. Thanks again for helping. My first time out had it's highs and lows. I was relieved to get a couple dozen casts out, and the new Rod/Reel combo seemed to be behaving. The 4" lure was casting fine with only a swivel. But then things went south. I went to cast and everything locked up. I looked down to see a snarled hell on earth. Somehow the line got underneath then inside the spinning reel. It was hopeless. I packed it up and went home to see if I could magically detangle. Forget it! I opened the reel, saw a snarled jungle, so I just cut it out and re-rigged. I went back out to the dock to see if my Re-Rod would cast since I wasn't sure I put the stinking thing back together correctly. Surprisingly, it was working. Suddenly, I saw a ripple disturbance to my left and quickly flung out my Rapala X-RAP Extreme Action Slashbait and immediately saw a shiny flash reflect near the surface, felt a tug, and I pulled in something. Holy Crap! First time out and I scored. Not sure what the Hell I caught but from pics it looks like a small Mackerel to me (7-8"). The two triple hooks from the lure were tricky to dislodge. I was lucky I did not get punctured or bitten as I was woefully ill equipped. Some paper towels and a rusty needle nose got the bloody flesh free. I forgot how relaxing fishing can be So now with a spring in my step I made a few more casts, and the same bloody thing happened again. Rinse and Repeat. I GOOGLED up and realize I was not flipping the bail by hand which is a no-no, and my right hand crank and casting technique causes a delay negotiating the 'switch-a-roo' allowing extra line to spin out increasing chances of mischief. I flipped back to left hand crank, right hand cast as I think that was the problem, but I will have to experiment and practice to see. What an exhilarating morning., My next question will be when I catch small bait fish like Porgy or whatever I got, how do I use that in a quick turnaround as live bait? Cheers
  14. I thought that was where I was posting this as I clicked "START NEW TOPIC" from that Forum. I am still a little lost even seeing where this thread lives. I don't know if I can move Topic, or link or reference, but the Boston Harbor forum was what inspired me to sign up. Glad most of the same people saw this nonetheless.
  15. Mercy, I don't think I have told a joke in my entire adult life. I guess that's because I am so naturally funny, hilarious, a true cutup for sure. Rather than appropriating someone else's humor, hopefully over time my quips and quick wit will add some levity to the otherwise hard hitting fishing Q&A banter. Stay tuned and thanks Gents for the warm welcome and helpful suggestions. I will share my first experience from the dock shortly. "Pssss! I caught me something"