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  1. Hello, If anyone could point me in the right direction. I'll be staying right on York Beach mid September. Doing some research it looks like surf casting a possibility, and options in the York Harbor/River. I will have a car and can go a little North or South, but love the idea of casting right around my Hotel location walking the beach. Without divulging specific spots, what fish should I target, what should I use for lures/bait, and where should I be sure to hit? Also, is there a good bait/tackle shop I can chat and pick up the right type of bait for local conditions? PM me if you want to get into details. I only visit ME once a year so I will not be crowding anyone's regular spots
  2. Thanks for feedback. These are the actual oars that fit this boat. It does not look to me like a pin through the oar, but a regular clamp might work? I am hoping 1/2" diameter, 2" pin, standard oar locks on Ebay and Amazon will work, then I can pick up oars once confimed. Does this sound like a plan?
  3. Hello, Could someone please advise me. I was given this Kayak and may or may not use it much, but I need oars. We measured the opening and the diameter of the hole is 1/2". This is a Eastern European Kayak so unclear if non standard fittings? As you can see the hole is not a see through (open) hole, it only goes down so deep, so it seems questionable if standard out of the box locks and oars will work and not fly off when rowing? Maybe that concern is unfounded? Should I buy some inexpensive oar lock first and see if they secure in, then pickup some modestly priced lightweight 6' oars. What type of Oar Lock would you recommend (size and brand) or other suggestions for finding a suitable rowing system for this? I am new to Kayaking and this will be my first time on one if I can find some stinking oars and locks that will work with this baby : I have posted appropriately a WTB request for oars in the BUY/SELL/TRADE forum, but I wanted to post the technical question here. I am trying to follow the rules and guidelines as best I can. Thanks
  4. WANTED: Two 6' in length with oar locks for European Inflatible Kayak 14'. Unclear if standard oar locks will fit. Below is style I am seeking. I can provide more details of situation. Meet in Boston area, or Westerly RI area.
  5. Its been the story of my entire summer. The water until recently has been very clear and I can watch the Stripers follow my lure right up until I pull it out of the water. Often multiple gawkers single retrieve, too countless to mention. They are curious but will not take. I did find modest success tossing into a breaking school in July the jointed minnow (bomber) which got me a few, still pretty sad considering the frantic feeding going on. Maybe try one of those Bombers or jointed similar. I am also looking for the magic lure/bait to bring some of these Taunter's in. I feel your pain. No catches in 3 weeks, last catches were in CT. May take a stab at Mackerel w/Sabiki to switch things up. Keep plugging.
  6. I have had success w/Buck Tail (w/teasers high low) for Fluke, but I understand Stripers also will hit Buck Tail. Any tips or techniques for a guy who has no boat and will be casting from shore the Inner Boston Harbor and River Mouths. I also venture to Winthrop and Quincy for Surf Casting if it could work there, no success yet. I do place the Gulp mullet and/or pork grind to the end of the Buck tail for fluke. Unclear if that is helpful for stripers. Should I let sink to bottom and jig, or is a different technique for Stripers? Thanks Much.
  7. I have fished it off and on all season (HOGY Squid) with no bites. I fish mostly inner harbor, but did try it off well known Pier where everyone was using squid as bait, or were actually squidding and pulling them in (squid) left and right. Gave it a good 30-40 minutes with squat to show for it. Maybe I don't know how to use it. If anyone has best retrieve recommendations, let me know. Swim it low / middle / high? A general question: Do squid imitators work in river mouths of Boston Harbor, or do the squid stay out in open waters more?
  8. Just got word from sailors of tons of dead fish and stench in harbor, up by Charles River Locks. Sounded like Pogies from the size he was describing. Anyone know what the deal was? Last week harbor turned rust orange color and I could not fish my normal spots. I wonder where that flowed in from, but was thinking the E. Boston harbor construction sites? Curious if any toxic tide came in, not an expert. Previous week schoolies jumping like crazy every morning up near the bridge, easy pickings once you found the right lure to temp.
  9. The only reason I tuned into the program. He seemed to be 'one of us' average guys, so that means he had to go To each their own, but all voices should be heard! I hope he finds a new home, and I will wander over to wherever he resurfaces. .
  10. Has anyone fished Spectacle Island? It would be on foot from shore so thinking reasonably close to where ferry drops you off. I would like to picnic there with my girl on my birthday coming up, and cast like a madman anywhere I can. PM me if you've been there and have suggestions or alternatives using Boston Harbor cruises/ferry lines. Thanks
  11. Could you advise on how to fish these, casting from Shore Boston Harbor and/or local beaches. I have a few and they float right to the top unless extremely slow retrieve, or let sink for what seems forever before starting retrieve. Swim action is impressive even when slow. Yet to catch anything on these but the twitch medium fast retrieve on SP or Rapala's are getting it done, but nothing on these yet. I don't want to give up on them as I am probably doing something wrong. Thanks
  12. Well, all systems go for my first fishing adventure in Jersey. I will go to Live Bait shop mentioned to get reports and see what has been hitting. I have not used LIVE bait yet and will want to dabble a little. My plan of attack is as follows. Any words of wisdom welcome. Thanks to those who PM'd me with excellent info. Surf Casting mostly from beach using... High Low 1.5 oz. Bucktail Jig (white) with pork grind and/or mullet trailer (yellow/chartreus) with a simple bucktail teaser sitting high. High Low 1 - 2 oz. Gags/Hogy/Goture Soft bait with Gulp mullet sitting high. Standard 3-Way w/ 5/0 6/0 hook w/live bait the guy at the bait shop tells me to use, sinker dragging along the sandy bottom SP Minnows 5", Rapala's 4-5" casted as far as I can. Old favorite Kastmaster single hook w/Bucktail teaser (variety of sizes 3/4 to 2 oz.) I may try to find these inshore areas and try out my new Gags Casting Eggs w/soft paddle tails. These baby's fly... Thanks in advance and have a great weekend. Fishing has heated up here in New England. Caught nearly 10 schoolies so far.
  13. I'm going to border area RI/CT Coast this weekend to visit family, and was thinking of tossing some Gulp Peeler Crab 2" 5CM Crab I picked up recently off some of those jetty breach-ways, or maybe just casting from shore, Never targeted Tog before. Any tips or techniques would be appreciated. I'm talking vaguely the Westerly, Charlestown, Stonington, Mystic areas. Nice catches above ++ Hat's off.. Thanks
  14. Yeah !! Been waiting for this. From a beginner my observations are they are in the river mouths, outgoing tides 2-3 hours post high tide, and chasing soft rubber paddle tails, sunset/amber colors doing the trick. Maybe I have just been lucky with these conditions, but happy to share some unexpected early catches. Go get em…
  15. Wow, thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. What a wealth of information. I may take days to get through these threads but what I have read so far is incredibly informative. Should come in handy when hit the Jersey shores in a few weeks.