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  1. Hi all, I am looking at getting a new rod that I can use in the backbays for stripers. I am debating between a 7ft Medium Fast St. Croix Legend Tournament Inshore 3/8-3/4oz or ODM DNA 8ft 3/8-2 oz. Anyone have any experience with these rods? Would pair with a 3000 Stradic loaded up with 20lb suffix 832
  2. Seems like the 10’ has been the popular choice. Anyone pick up the 11’?
  3. I should’ve specified it was referring to the blanks… 10.6 is light
  4. @Water Dog nice to hear the 6000 Gosa balanced out well with the 10ft. Should be expecting mine on Friday. @Chrishockey the previous version of the 10’ genesis was rated 3/4-4 if you were really set on picking up one of these.. however the new 11’ also sounds nice
  5. @Water Dog let me know what you think paired with that 6000. Things are liiiigghhht
  6. Also from gwcustoms... 10' weighs 5.75oz, 11' 7oz, 11' (1-6) 8.75oz
  7. Looks like they are shipping the rods as of today!
  8. I have a pre-order for the 11' 3/4-4 but have been going back and forth between that and the 10' 1/2-3.5 to pair up with a 6000 Saragosa. @Water Dog have you had any previous experience with the old models and your 6000 Saragosa?
  9. I’m looking to add the new genesis to my line up with and pair it with a 6000 Saragosa for striped bass (plugs, spoons, bucktails) in the west coast. My question for those who own/owned the genesis or any of the other odm surf rods… would you match up the reel with the 10 ft or 11ft? 10ft is rated 1/2-3.5oz and 11ft is rated 3/4-4 with the new 2021 models. Thanks in advance.
  10. What rod did you end up going with and how do you like it? Did you eventually pair with a Stradic?
  11. Looking at the g loomis e6x inshore rods. Trying to decide between these two to pair up with a Shimano Stradic 2500 to fish stripers: 8ft heavy moderate fast 3/8-1oz or 7ft medium heavy fast action 1/4-5/8oz. Any advice is appreciated.
  12. Just picked up one of these rods based of your recommendation. Would you recommend it for stripers? Swimbaits, Kastmaster, sp minnows, etc? I've used MH Fast action rods before so don't really know what to expect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.