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  1. Very sweet Kevin, looks like she's rigged and ready !! good luck and enjoy man.. Tommy
  2. Newell P235F new in box 325$ shipped and ins. Newell P338J new in box. 365$ shipped and ins. Accurate Boss 197 magnum new in box this is a left hand retrieve with 2 extra handles.. 500$ shipped and ins. Thanks for looking folks Tommy
  3. Sorry Webfoot.. I thought my permits were good till the end of the month.. They expired end of June.. Stinks.. Thanks anyway.. Tommy
  4. Trij sights or Meps ? Color please? . Thanks, mags? Mag loader? Thanks, Tommy
  5. Thanks Matt, stuff I haven’t seen in 20 yrs.. lol .. nuts!! We are all nuts!!!!
  6. Oops , sorry guys my bad, I thought that was S ty .. My apologies .. Same company I guess.. Gotcha..
  7. Hi Salt, did you try (we don't promote or discuss them here) by chance? I get my hardware from those folks.. Good luck .. Tommy
  8. Hi Web, what gen is the 27 ? I'm a 40 guy ... Had 26 and 27 yrs ago .. I'm a hk guy myself.. P2000 n sk .. Ect ... where are you located?
  9. Hi MARITIMER , hope all is well .. these are some of the Gary Hulls I dug up .. Looking for any Leftys ? If interested give a shout.. Thanks and have a good day .. Tommy..
  10. Hi MARITIMER , I will take a look today.. I am assuming that's the only color you are looking for? Thanks, Tommy
  11. I did come across some big O’s in the pile.. I’ll send some pics .. lefty’s or just G2’s ? Thanks .. Tommy ..
  12. Found one .. unfortunately it’s the only one out of all the ones that’s in the worst shape.. stinks , sorry man , you collect it or fishing it? No oxidation just rough shape..
  13. Cool Mike, I am sure out of thousands here , we can put something together for her.. ..
  14. Hi MARITIMER , I will take a look today.. I am assuming that's the only color you are looking for? Thanks, Tommy
  15. Hi Danny , live got 2 old school newells nib .. A 338 and a 235 let me know if they might be suitable for your needs.. Thanks, Tommy