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  1. I can only lug 1 rod if I’m walking the beach. I can fish an intermediate with a gurgler to get it to float or a clouser to sink it more. It’s never perfect but it’s always simple.
  2. Perfect! (I was using the Seaguar and liking it.)
  3. Would anyone use this rod for baitfishing?
  4. Hi Cary, Roger your advice on Flouro sinking (vs. Mono "sinking" more slowly) but for times when faster sinking leader is desireable, do you have a brand reommendation that offers best stiffness for butt, mid-section and tippet? Many thanks in advance, Jake
  5. Thanks for the "how-to"!
  6. yeah - I actually left mine that way with a perfection loop on the (small) end. I don't usually like loop to loop leader connections but thought I might be experimenting some more and who knows....might leave it that way. Have you ever tried tippet rings in the salt?
  7. Thanks Cary, Really appreciate your effort to clarify all these fundamentals. I’ve been using sinking lines with short straight leaders for so long I’d forgotten about turnover completely. This year however I’m fishing shallower with floating lines and the hinging with storebought 12, 16 and even 20lb leaders was noticeable. I just bought some stiff 50lb butt material and tied to your 60, 30, 10 formula to throw a 4 inch deceiver. Unrolled beautifully. Thanks again for the remedial lesson.
  8. Best idea since the new Guinness glasses came out……
  9. Haven't tried RIO but liked the OPST "Lazar" line.
  10. Appreciate your insight on the half heavy lines and grain weights of 1st 30ft as compared to the whole head. (Now if we can just get manufacturers to put that info on the box!)
  11. Many Thanks........appreciate the feedback. I'll definitely start with a 9 and I guess I won't be afraid to try the 350 grain sinking head either.
  12. Anyone here ever fish a GL3 rated as "8/9"? There are so many overweight lines on the market now that I'm curious what line you might have liked best......a "9" or an "8"? I'm assuming I'll go with a floater and an intermediate. (Already have a range of sinkers.) Thanks in advance, Jake
  13. what kind of rifle do they recommend? (and does it need a bayonet?)
  14. If you only had one rod I’d recommend a 9wt but since you already have the 8wt for light days there’s no need to compromise……get a 10wt with a reel that balances it well and you’ll have the best of both worlds.
  15. Yeah so last night I released a 20" schoolie and had to get my fly line off the rocks and grass and back on the reel or in my stripping basket so I hand tossed my popper into the water to get it clear of the tangle.......yup, you guessed it.......another bass took it and ran. My advice? Just take'em any way you can.