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  1. 6 pages of posts to find out that size is in fact important? Brilliant!
  2. I apologize for cluttering up this thread......I'd seen comments above that big fish took small as well as large and thought there was interest both ways.
  3. I'm no expert so I guess I got the right line............also interesting that I saw no negative feedback until AFTER I posted that I bought the OBS. (I guess Murphy must have been a flyfisherman )
  4. sorta like when them shaped skis first showed up?
  5. at the risk of confusing the issue with biggest bass ever (40" if you call that big) took a sparse #6 clouser
  6. Given your credentials as an instructor I can only assume it's my inferior casting technique that made the line I lawn cast so appealing to me.
  7. I have an older reel marked "Orvis Saltwater Fly Reel". It appears to be a Pflueger 577 or 578 made for Orvis. I haven't found much information online so I'm wondering if these are truly "rare" and what the value might be? (Condition is very lightly used.) Any and all feedback appreciated as usual.
  8. Can anyone tell me how much the Pflueger 577 reels weigh?
  9. I bet you used the Medalists on your Fisher
  10. Great Post - Pfleugers and Greenies forever.
  11. many thanks to all - bought one today...…… far lawn casting was impressive
  12. As a follow-up...…...just loaded a new Echo Base reel with 100yds 30# Micron and a Rio Outbound Short Intermediate 8WF line and the last few turns finally jammed the spool. Removed approximately 30yds and there is just enough room (maybe 3/16th gap to spare - max). I'm guessing my 1495-1/2 Pfleugers take about double that with the same line. Both reels cost about $35 (Echo new and Pfleuger used).
  13. do you smoke'em? (or are you a catch&release alewife guy?)
  14. So it was June and I'd been catching good fish all week in the evenings but always timing it so I'd be at a certain shallow reef just as the rip set-up downtide. The trick was to get close enough to drop the anchor on top of the ledge itself without getting sucked up onto it in the back-eddy. Of course the 9 foot oar could push the Westpointer back into the flow but it was slick if you didn't have to untie the oar because the old sweep did double duty as a horizontal rod rack under the side deck......I just lashed the 2 rods on top of the oar with some seine twine and a slippery hitch to keep them from jumping around on the choppy run downriver. After that the fishing was a sure thing - just sling the fly over the transom and work it back in the current. The only challenge was getting the snake fly down past the schoolies. Easiest thing was to grab the 7/8 weight with the sink tip line that was tied on top of the 10 weight but to get the 30"+ bass you had to untie both rods to get to that 10 weight with a 400 grain fast sinking head. Other than that it had been like clockwork all week but by Friday night I just had to show somebody so I begged my wife to come along. She wasn't interested in fishing....I promised sunsets.....she wasn't interested.....I begged her because I knew no one would ever believe my stories if I didn't have her as my witness. Finally she gave in for a short boat ride and NO fishing except just one bass to show her how incredible the week had been and how crazy this spot was. Of course I grabbed the 7/8 weight right on top to be quick about it but she wasn't impressed by the 26 incher caught on the first cast (yawn - "can we go home now?"). Resigning myself that I'd promised only "one fish" I pulled the anchor line back too fast and wound up drifting up over the reef in that back eddy. Bending over quickly to untie the 10 weight to reach the oar beneath it so I could fend us off, I suddenly had my most brilliant idea ever. Instead of untying the oar I just got the 10 weight free and threw a quick cast back at the rip (snake fly was already tied on as always). Sure enough I hooked up immediately on a bigger fish and just stepped aft to put a nice bend in the rod and to let the fish tow the 20 foot Westpointer backwards off the reef. My wife only complained that I'd promised "ONE fish" while I made excuses that I only hooked it so it could help us avoid running aground. She remained so un-impressed that I just had to call my out-of-state striper fishing buddy to tell him the story of how I was now using fish as beasts of burden. He said something rude and hung up.
  15. First striper on a fly was taken in self-defense on Atkins Bay.......had a WALL of bass that looked 20 yards wide and 5 inches high for all the continuous and overlapping splashes coming straight at the boat and not enough water to lower the Evinrude to escape. Slapped a "Jakes Snake" fly down with my 9 weight and held on while the onslaught passed thru then started putting line back on the Pfleuger. Can't even remember the size but back then we called a 2 foot fish a schoolie so I'm guessing it was closer to 30".