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  1. Thanks titleguy - can anyone tell me if a TFO Pro II 10wt will throw the 400gr?
  2. Sounds like the 10wt is a good idea...…..thanks to all for the advice.
  3. yeah - I'm talking fast sinking heads here......on the June
  4. Hey Guys (n' Gals), Need some specific Monomoy Rips late June and wonder if I need to step up to a 10wt and 400gr or more? (Can do a nice job with my 9wt TFO and 300gr if the squid are on top but will I need more weight to get down if they're deeper and the tide is running?) Thanks in advance.
  5. I got interested in the Echo Base because I heard Steve Rajeff designed it to be a true match for it's line weight rating. It's only a medium fast action but I like it because is easy to cast for hours on end and if you wanted a little faster you could underline it with a heavy 7 line. (It'll also save you about $200)
  6. just buy Paddys or Powers
  7. wake me up when they start talking about Henry Sinclair...….
  8. Uppermans
  9. Bingo - Correct answer! (And you are right that I don't care but the guy with the large arbor might not be so happy at that point.)
  10. yes "axle"
  11. exactly
  12. they won't re-read this thread until they get spooled with a large arbor reel......
  13. not see any Valentines at all on CL at the moment …… so still looking if anyone has a Model 95
  14. will check it out......many thanks for the tip!
  15. My apology for not being specific …….. I'd meant MECHANICAL advantage. Reel weight of course would have to balance the rod. In the case of the Pfleuger Medalist the original instructions explain how to add birdshot inside the arbor for ballast.