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  1. Didn't want to go to 20# Micron on my 577 so I tried 30# blackspot last night and it took 140 yards plus a 100ft RIO General Purpose Saltwater line (the coldwater option).
  2. ……..and if I remember correctly Lee Wulff used ice fishing line for backing on a single action reel and caught a 140lb sailfish.
  3. Caught my biggest bass ever (40") on a 1495-1/2 full of greenspot and a 7/8wt Fisher……...what I also like is that they have 25lb...………… and yeah - I saw the spool that time!
  4. Sorry I didn't thank you sooner - you made my decision.......reel arrived by mail yesterday. I love that the frame is a 1495 and it balances fine on my 4oz 8wt. Many thinks for your timely feedback! Best, Jake
  5. 6 pages of posts to find out that size is in fact important? Brilliant!
  6. I apologize for cluttering up this thread......I'd seen comments above that big fish took small as well as large and thought there was interest both ways.
  7. I'm no expert so I guess I got the right line............also interesting that I saw no negative feedback until AFTER I posted that I bought the OBS. (I guess Murphy must have been a flyfisherman )
  8. sorta like when them shaped skis first showed up?
  9. at the risk of confusing the issue with biggest bass ever (40" if you call that big) took a sparse #6 clouser
  10. Given your credentials as an instructor I can only assume it's my inferior casting technique that made the line I lawn cast so appealing to me.
  11. I have an older reel marked "Orvis Saltwater Fly Reel". It appears to be a Pflueger 577 or 578 made for Orvis. I haven't found much information online so I'm wondering if these are truly "rare" and what the value might be? (Condition is very lightly used.) Any and all feedback appreciated as usual.
  12. Can anyone tell me how much the Pflueger 577 reels weigh?
  13. I bet you used the Medalists on your Fisher
  14. Great Post - Pfleugers and Greenies forever.
  15. many thanks to all - bought one today...…… far lawn casting was impressive