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  1. Seller Image The Saltwater Fisherman's Favorite Four Rodman, O. H. P.
  2. OK Guys...….Don't sugar coat it. Give it to us straight!
  3. Jeezum! Just found a brand new 1495-1/2 Medalist to go on my brand new FL102 Fenwick 7wt. Now all I need is a (new) Cortland 333 Rocket Taper floater (yeah the green one). Spring fever's hitting early and hard this year.
  4. OK …… ANY of the above will work great but you DON'T need all of them! Just pick a couple and go fishing. I'll only mention my favorite because nobody else did and it's wicked classic - red and white bucktail streamer.
  5. Hey Guys I found a nice old (new) blank. I'll delete this WTB post if I can figure out how.
  6. New please (sorry I shoulda said)
  7. 10 to 12 feet or anything in between. Expecting 1 piece but would consider 2 piece. Looking for new old stock in New England area for local pick-up.
  8. This is a tough call...…...I tried fishing one of the RI breachways last fall and everyone I spoke to was friendly and happy to let my pick my spot. I'll admit it wasn't crowded but these gentleman (young and old) were genuinely friendly and enjoyed chatting and sharing technique and tackle tips. I've driven 3 hours to fish a specific pool and then moved over to make room for an 11 year old when I saw he was casting a sweet line. When he didn't hook up I gave him the right fly and I felt pretty good when the lad started hooking brookies. I've also been crowded by people who didn't know or didn't care they were fishing too close. I just kept casting until they figured it out. I always try to make fishing a positive experience for everyone if possible but I agree that 1st come 1st serve is the rule except for some places like salmon rivers where rotations are very traditional and sometimes quite rigid. For comparison - I've seen similar issues regarding access below high water mark for duck hunting. I saw my cousin pick up a guides decoys that were set in front of his blind (on cousins deeded land.) My brother wasn't so polite...…...he asked once and then started blasting the decoys with his 3"mags. (if this seems extreme consider that the bottom there was oyster bed that he actually DOES pay taxes on!) I would always like to recommend avoiding violence...…..but I may have a different answer if the bite is on and you cast across my line. Hope this helps.....bottom line is it's situational in my opinion.
  9. Looking for double ring chrome plated brass seat with and inside diameter of 13/16" and an outside diameter of 7/8". Will need to be at least 4-3/4" long.
  10. Thanks for sending pic...….I'm thinking I'll look for a more traditional grip.....
  11. confirmed
  12. Thanks guys...….researching both rods now.
  13. Any experience with the Gold Cup rods from Bass Pro in 12wt?
  14. built 3 boat out of a basement shop and don't miss the experience
  15. Looking for an inexpensive 12wt for a trip to West Palm.......probably won't be going back so I don't want to go top of the line but don't want a club I can't cast either. Interested in your recommendations too even if you don't actually have a rod to sell.